Falling on an airplane

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Amber davidson gets on an airplane to head away from her dreary little town in pacola oklahoma to hit the bahamas and see new sights...but thats not the only sight she sees. sitting next to her on the plane was the most handsome boy she had ever seen named daniel...and on the airplane she feels herself falling....for him. soon, though, amber finds herself in a dangerous situation when the plane gets hijacked and people get hurt. daniel tries to defend people and gets shot. amber then finds that she has the ability to heal people. the hijackers see her as valuable goods and put her in the cargo hold...will amber find a way to get away from these people? or will she be kidnapped and taken away never to see anyone she loves ever again....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Falling on an airplane

Submitted: July 24, 2014

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Submitted: July 24, 2014




There i was, falling...falling from so high in the sky...i waspickingup speed, i could hearthewind whistle past my ears and i hearda voice calling out my name...i looked up and saw ahand that appeared out of nowwhere a mans hand. I looked up at him but i couldnt make out the features of his face. "hey wewill besafe, i knowwewill,because yourhere.." I looked athim in confusion because im here? what does thatmean? weare falling to our deaths and you said it was okay...The ground was approaching, on the ground was a blazing fire andseveral bodies where scattered about. I closed my eyes and awaited the sickening crunch of my body hitting the ground before the life went out of me. 

"I...im not dead?" I opened my eyes and sat up in bed. "Oh...yeah, it was that dream again...I seriously need to get out of this place im getting repetitive nightmares..." I mumbled to my self asi slipped out of my canopy bed with my light blue comforter and white sheer curtains. It was only 8:00 and i was supposed to be up at 8:30 for my flight to the bahamas.I nededto relieve some of my stress ...I had just turned nineteen last week and Igot these tickets for summer vacation..." thank goodness I passedthose exams.." I went and got ready for my flight figuring when i lefti would grab an apple or bagel or something...I walked intothe bathroom and looked in the mrror I was sort-of tallwith a slim but not quite skinny figure I had shoulder length light brown hair with caramel streaks and I was always sweeping my bangs from my green eyes. I grabbed my outfit I had chosen thenight before in my exitement and slipped out of my black shorst and white tank top pj's. When I was done dressing I took a good long hard look at myself and approved . I looked bahama-ready. Iwas wearing a strapless short white sundress with a neon greentank top underneath it with a pair ofsilver sandals with littlewhite fakeflowers on them. Ithen proceeded to scrape up my hair into a high pony tail, sweep on some mascara, add a touch of gloss, and I was ready. Time to go catch my flight! ithought happily. Too badI had no idea then what I know now...That flight wasabout to changemy life....forever.



( First story and i winged it! hope yall like!) 

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