Sleeping to Dream

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - No More Lonely Nights

Submitted: February 09, 2012

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Submitted: February 09, 2012



I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. What a dream! I got ready for school as usual, and got to school at the usual time. Again, getting to class early. Perfect! If no one's here, I can write the note and put it on his desk without anyone seeing!

I pulled out a piece of loose leaf paper, ripped in in half, then in half again so I had a quarter of the paper, and wrote in my neatest writing, "No More Lonely Nights! ?". I walked across the classroom quickly, in case anyone walked in, then realized something. What if someone got here before he did and read the note? I quickly went to Mr Harrison's desk and got a little strip of Scotch tape. Then I went back to Stephens desk. I taped the note to the front of the underside of the desk, right where he could see if, but it wouldn't be too obvious to anyone else in the class, considering none of the other students are very observant anyway. My hands were shaking, I was so excited and nervous!

I was making my way back to my desk when someone walked in. 

"Oh, hi Mr Harrison." I said in my usual 'teacher greeting' voice. The usual passive but still respectful, somewhat happy sounding tone.

"Morning, Emily!" he replied with a smile. He was a really nice teacher, somewhat oblivious at times, but still smart. He also liked to talk about current events before we even started class, considering it was first period and some of the kids in my class were actually somewhat conversationalists. There was almost always a funny topic at least once a week in Harrison's Bio 20 class. Not to mention, Mr. Harrison himself gets off topic a lot of the time. He once told the class about a time when he went way up to Northern Canada and taught teenagers who's families didn't even have running water. Not because they were poor, but because they were so far North that the ground was mostly rock, so they had to pipelines. 

I sat back down at my desk and pulled my Zune out of my pocket. Just as I was about to play the song Got To Get You Into My Life by The Beatles, Mr Harrison spoke again.

"Miss Alsythe, (my last name)" he began, "have you by any chance spoken to the transfer student, Stephen?"

"I thought he was an exchange student, sir, not a transfer student.." my heart rate quickened. Someone is asking my about him? "and, not really. We've spoken a few words.."

"Oh, you're right. He's an exchange student. My bad." he answered, completely casually.

"Why do you ask?" I questionned, trying to figure out why he would need to ask me this.

He had a thoughtful and somewhat concerned expression on his face when he said, "Well, I just wanted to make sure he's comfortable here. You know, coming to a different country halfway across the world... It's gotta be a little uncomfortable, don't you think?"

"Yeah I guess-" The bell cut me off. A tidal wave of students came in the door. I looked at Mr Harrison and shrugged. He gave me the normal knowing look as if to say "here we go.. just another day of school." 

"THERE HE IS!"My mind went blank for a sec. My heart went nuts and my stomach felt like I had just swallowed about 50 live butterflies whole. He sat down at his desk, and all the popular guys and chicks said hi and whatever else. Mr Harrison went up to the front of the class and started greeting the class and then began to remind everyone what the homework from last night had been. Most of the class groaned, then some kid named Max at the front of the class put his hand up to give Mr Harrison a topic of current events to start the usual morning conversation. I tried not to make it obvious that I was still looking back at Stephen every few seconds to see if he'd found the note. Why didn't he read it yet?

Michelle walked in then, fashionably late, as per usual. Mr Harrison was too busy to even notice. He was already talking about the next election. He loved politics. See, not only was he the Biology teacher, but he was also the Social Studies teacher. Go figure.

Michelle sat in her usual spot right behind me, smiling at me as she walked by, but staying quiet while Mr Harrison was talking. 

I looked over at Stephen quickly again, only to find him with a huge smile on his face. My God, his smile was beautiful! I could tell he'd been trying to hide it, but he was just too happy. He had a small piece of paper in his hands... my note! He found it!

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