Chapter 1: Mingled

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter One Home Town Glory~Adele~ Griffin's P. O.V

I woke to a pair of cold brown hands tracing deceptively soft patterns on my skin; twisting chain links from the hollow of my throat, stopping only at the elastic of my boxers. It literally takes every ounce of control to push down the growl that'd rissen in my throat( and the lump growing in my shorts).

\"What's a'matter, Izzy?\" She purrs,\" Don't you like me anymore?\"

That voice used to turn me on, now it just bores me to distraction. I stare at her for a long minute, take in the milky brown skin, darker brown hair, body like you'd never believe, eyes that are just as deceptively soft as her touch.\" First of all, Carmen, my name is GRIFFIN, not GRIZZIN or any of the other nickname that pops up in the pretty little head of yours, and second, Yes, I like you just fine, but I'd appreciate it if you'd REMOVE your hand, get off my bed and get out off my room.\"

There's a pause before she finally registers what I'm saying, juts out her bottom lip and clings to me . \"Up, off, out. Now, Carmen.\"

In one swift, unusually catlike, movement she's standing half in half out of my bedroom,\" the guys were just wondering if you were ever gonna get your lazy ass up so we can get to school before tenth period is over and the last bell rings. Today.\" With that she turns on her heel, the stiletto heal grinding into the floorboards, most likely leaving a scratch, and dissapearing, something Carmen Alesia Gomez is especially good at. After two years of on-and off shags and waking up to find the once warm space beside me cold and empty: I should know.

It seems like years before I can shake off the feeling of unease that started rolling around in the pit of my stomach since the moment she left the room and start getting ready. I skip the shower and pull on the black Levi's I wore last week, my combats and a T-Shirt. Something's gonna happen today, my Wolf, He feels it, I feel it. What? Only Luna knows...


It's forever before I finally decide on what I'm going to wear, not that it matters, really, but Meg thinks I should 'DressTo Impress' or some insane six year old shiv like that. I do it though, but only to make her happy, her smile, is without doubt, the only thing that keeps me going. The only reason I bother to wake up in the morning.

\"Well?!\" Her little voice finally snatched my from my personal thoughts, and with a weary sigh I Plastered a smile on my face, threw open my bathroom door and sang ,\" Tadaaaaa!\" wrap my arms around her narrow waist and swing over my head the way dad used to do, it's not the same, I know, but she squeals in delight anyway until we both fall onto my bed in a fit of giggles. But with one glance at the alarm clack and I realize we're later than I'd planned.

\"Okay,\" I popped up stood in front of her and posed like the models she loved to watch on Americas' Next Top Model, and Project Runway \" r think, Ms. Heidi, do we have a winner?\" She takes her time examining me, stubby little fingers pulling at the fabric of my ruffled minnie, eyeing my fishnets, circling behind to make sure not a hair is out place. Well?\"

\" The green cardigan was an interesting touch, so were white streaks. I like it... Get the J.S. booties and those dangly black earrings you got in New York... Good, now go look in the mirror.\"

I do as she says,stare into the full body mirror that hangs on my bedroom door, and marvel at how my six year old baby sister is better at dressing me than I am. My jet black hair, now with stark white highlight extensions, has been piled into a careless bun on top of my head,my eyes look almost round thanks to the eyeliner and mascara she had me apply at least a dozen times before I got it right, small, but full, mouth painted red, a hint of blush at my cheeks. Unlike the usual all- black piece I put together most of the time, she's got me in black four inch Jessica Sympson stilletoe booties that make my legs look endless, the ruffled minnie that makes my hips look bigger than they are and a short green cardigan over a lacey black camisole.

\" I know right ?You look hot!\"

\"Yeah, Meg, you're right. I look amazing.\"

Submitted: February 10, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Sarah Hull. All rights reserved.


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Sarah Hull

My first story YICKERZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!&!!&¡¡!¡!!!!!!!

Fri, February 10th, 2012 10:45pm


good story, but you can put a new piece of dialogue on a new line that would make it less confusing
but keep up the good work!

Fri, February 10th, 2012 11:19pm

Sarah Hull

Yaya, my first comment! Eerekay, cud you be more specific? The more critiques the better!!!

Fri, February 10th, 2012 11:43pm

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