Chapter 1: JBL

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Let me paint you a mental picture… it was 2099, I was twelve going on thirteen,I was born on December 4th 2087, my name is Avery Kaysobi( kay-so-by) I was listening to music on my “Ready for anything” JBL speaker… JBL had come such a long way since 2017… I knew because I did a history project about that year! My JBL speaker was blasting “Legand” a song by Jala West! Jala West is Kanye West’s grand daughter! She was the biggest singer in the world at that time!


 My brother Sammy rang my bedroom door’s doorbell. He rang the bell over and over again until I finally opened the door with a push of a small heart shaped button.

 What do you want Sammy I muttered. He smiled as big as he could… I could see his green electronically made teeth, Sammy was born with no teeth so the orthodontist gave him new high tech dentures so that he wouldn’t be embarrassed! He kept his big green smile for as long as he could. When he stopped he rubbed his cheeks in pain. That must be sore to smile that long i said with a giggly voice. “Yea, but thats ok” his shy eight year old voice let out. Anyway I’m betting that you want something from me because you came to me smiling the biggest smile you could ever do and it made your cheeks sore but you still smiled that long, I giggled has he looked shaken up that i knew his plan but i just gave him a nice smile and bent down to his level.

 He had a curious look on his face but i kept my self from laughing and kept a warm smile. I waved him into my room as i stood up straightening my back. Sitting on my bed he jumped up beside me and i turned off my JBL. The warm smile faded from my face and graduated to a curious face as we both stared curiously at each other. So what do you need? 

Well i was wondering since its my birthday party in a couple of days if i could borrow your iPhone 23 and your JBL? The words were so fast that they sounded nervous. He sat up straight hoping i would say yes! “Because i want to play music at my party. He said more nervously. He wanted to give more reasons why so that i was more likely to say yes but he decided to stop at that. I was surprised that he was so nervous… i mean I’m always so nice to him I’m never one of those “ i hate my annoying little sibling” kind of older sibling! “ Of course you can, i stuttered. I handed him my phone and JBL. Thanks! he was such a sweet little boy.

Submitted: October 04, 2019

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I love it
wait all babies are born with teeth

Fri, October 4th, 2019 11:00pm


Thanks! And yes I know that all babies are born with teeth but you know it’s fake so I wanted to make it like that! But thanks for correcting me????

Fri, October 4th, 2019 4:07pm

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