Chapter 4: Kiss Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 4 – Kiss Me


Whenever I get home that day, Amanda is struggling with her suitcase as the front door. She’s the itty bitty girl latched to this two-ton looking bag, and I have to suppress a smile when she sees me. “Going somewhere?” I ask hopefully. She doesn’t answer at first, she’s heaving still, and I have to subdue the urge to help her.

She finally looks over at me, picking up her black bra strap that has fallen from her shoulder in the process, “I can’t stay here anymore.” She says, pushing her blonde hair backwards, and fanning herself with the opposite hand. “I’m just too crowded here.” She’s so whiny.

I stop in front of her, “Where are you going to go?” I don’t really care, but she’s looking at me so pitifully.

“With some friends downtown,” she says, pulling a pack of lucky’s from her back pocket; she taps the pack and then pulls a cigarette from it with her teeth.

 I shift my weight on my left foot, my hair falls over my eyes briefly, and I tuck the loose strands behind my ears. “And Ezra?” I ask.

“What about him? He’s going to be stuck in this God awful town forever.” She says letting out a breath, looking passed me, and then she waves someone over. I turn to see a portly man with a beard coming towards me, I leap out of the way, “Right here Paco, this bag, and I have another upstairs.” He takes her bag, and I watch him set it into the back of a Taxi.

She disappears into the house after Paco, and I follow them in. She takes her black and gold Gucci bag from the ottoman, and sets a hand on my shoulder, her other hand over her mouth, and she looks like she’s trying not to cry. “It was so much fun, Patty.” I give her a tight smile, clenching my jaw, swallowing the bile in my throat, “But, I just can’t do it anymore.” And, she leaves me with that. Paco is storming down the stairs by that time, and he doesn’t even give me a glance. I shut the door behind them. Could this day get any better?


After I told my step father and mother that Amanda had left, I think they looked relieved more than anything. I don’t blame them. It isn’t until after supper does Ezra come home, and he’s carrying several bags. His father had given him an unlimited allowance for new work attire, because band shirts and ripped pants really aren’t acceptable. I’m in my room whenever I hear him come upstairs, and I peak through the space between the door frame and door. I hear the bags drop on the floor and I think his shoes too. I open the door, thinking I should probably tell him if he doesn’t already know, and I cross the hall to his room. “Hey,” I say, and he’s sitting on his bed staring at a white piece of paper.

“Hey,” he says, and he’s still staring at the paper.

I lean into his door frame, not sure what to say or if I should even say anything. “When did she leave?” He asks finally, and I look away from him as his eyes meet mine.

“About three hours ago,” I say chewing the inside of my mouth. He crumbles the note and throws it right. It lands somewhere on the ground, and I look at him curiously. He looks mad with those intense eyes, and his mouth twitches the same way Alec’s does whenever he’s upset. “Look, I’m sorry,” I say, because that look makes me so nervous, and it’s what I usually say to Alec whenever he’s troubled with me.

“Don’t be,” he says quickly, staring at my feet, and I drop my gaze as well.

I’m starting to walk off whenever he calls, “Hey,” and I turn around, “Do you think I’m doing the right thing?” He asks, and I’m baffled.

“What do you mean?” I ask, and he looks just as perplexed. His blue eyes searching, he’s chewing on his lip, and his leg is shaking causing his foot to tap the ground.

“By taking this job,” he says, “I’m giving up a lot.”

“You have to grow up sometime.” I mumble, glancing up to him, and then, I head to bed.


I wear the underwear and bra set Caleb got me, and I pull on my tightest jeans which accentuates my bottom incredibly, and my lacey gold silk top that has spaghetti sting straps and fancy seams on the bottom. I pull on my black sandals with the four inch heel that I wore for my mother’s small wedding (which I never thought I would wear again). I pull my waves of brown hair up in a simple pony tail, and I lick a strand of loose hair making it curl. I even put on makeup this morning, and I finally look like I tried. It’s how I used to look everyday whenever I had a boyfriend and friends. I had people I wanted to impress then, and now, I’m finding myself in the same, warm, delectable situation.

My mother, who makes me cheerios with strawberries and bananas every morning, smiles as I’m walking into the kitchen. But, to my surprise, she isn’t the only one looking at me in awe; Ezra is sitting at the table, eating cheerios with strawberries in bananas scanning me up and down. Suddenly, I want to hug myself and hide away from the world. But, I don’t, I take a seat in front of him, and my mother coos, “Well, don’t you look beautiful this morning, honey.” She touches my shoulder before she sits down, and I blush.

I take a bite of cereal, and finally everyone stops staring. “Who’s the boy?” Alec comes in, straightening his tie looking at me awkwardly as he tilts his chin up.

I nearly choke, “There isn’t a boy.” I say; I consider him more of a man.

“Bull, I grew up with three sisters. There is a boy. Who is he?” he says, kissing my mother on the top of the head, and then resting his hand on the back of my chair. Everyone is staring at me again, and I suddenly feel full.

“NO ONE,” I don’t mean to shout, but I do.

I’m out of my seat, snatching up my mother’s keys, and about to leave whenever my mother says, “Wait dear, Ezra is riding with you today.” I turn around, and Ezra is hurrying towards me.

“Why? He doesn’t start until Monday.” I say much too defensively.

“I have to come in during Coleen’s off period to go over the lessons. And, I won’t have a ride up there, unless you take me.” He says, and to my utter surprise, he pinches my cheek, and paces past me. “Shot gun!” He calls and I hear the door slam behind him. So much for grieving Amanda…

I give my mother a glance over, and she only smiles. “Good bye dear.” She calls, and I hurry out.


“Can you roll the window up, please?” I ask, grabbing at my pony tail, trying to slick it down. I can feel strands of hair sticking to my lips as it whips around.

He has his arm out the window, as if he’s riding the wind, and he grins at me. “You should take it down and let it fly.” He starts to snatch at my hair, and I fight him off with the arm that isn’t steering.

“Stop it,” I struggle with him, and he’s still grinning wildly. He reminds me of a kid when he continues dodging my hand until he finally grips it and yanks down; GREAT.

I look at him, my hair blowing across my face like I’m a Sasquatch, and I say, “Are you happy now?” His laugh is so contagious, I start laughing too.

“You’re a dick.” I say, snatching my hair tie from him, and then pushing the hair from my face trying to recover and seem serious, but failing.

We’re turning into the school, and he shrugs. “Well, at least I don’t look like I had a fight with my blow dryer.” I make a face at him, and then pull into the nearest parking spot. He gets out, and I pull down the overhead compartment and flatten my hair as much as I can before pulling it up in a hair tie.


Miles in homeroom whistles as I turn the corner into the classroom, causing the others to stare, and I shield my face with my hand. “What the fuck, Miles.” I say inaudibly as I sit behind him and he turns to scan me up and down.

“Who’s the boy?” He asks, and I want to strangle him.

“No one,” I say, taking out my pen and note pad to take notes, and he just smiles at me.

“You haven’t worn makeup since I met you, nor wore anything that fancy.” He pops my bra and spaghetti strap leaving a red line.

I look at him pointedly, “Maybe I just want to look nice today.”

“Yeah, right, and I’m taking Rihanna to Winter Formal.” He says, tilting his head to the side, and still smiling that wide-toothy smile. I still want to strangle him.

Thankfully, Mr. Dane comes in; coughing into his sleeves, and says, “Good morning, kids, you made it to Friday.”


Lunch isn’t any better, Miles manages to tell everyone that I have a boyfriend in some manner or another, and I still want to wrap my hands around his little neck and never let go whenever he grins at me. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” I say as calm as I can.

“You do look nice today.” Myra says spooning fruit cocktail into her mouth looking at me with an envious gaze.

“God forbid I wear anything nice to school,” I say, rolling my eyes, and prodding my meatloaf with my fork. I’m not going to eat that I decide somewhere in the back of my mind.

Miles is smacking his food whenever he mumbles, “Mmmhm.” I look at him pointedly, clenching my jaw, and I just set down my fork and I’m about to leave when he says, “You run away an awful lot.”

“I’m not running away.” I say with so much hostility in my tone Sally whips her head around to stare at me.

“You make it so obvious that there is a boy. If there wasn’t you wouldn’t be so defensive. So, just spill new girl,” Miles says, raising his brows.

I let out a breath, feeling defeated, “He doesn’t go to school here.” It isn’t necessarily a lie, because he doesn’t go to school here in the sense of he doesn’t learn anything here; he isn’t forced here every day by his demanding parents.

“He’s a Middleton boy, then?” Miles continues prying, and I nod. I have no idea what that is, but I just allow him to think it so I’m off the hook. “How did you meet him?” He asks, putting another tater-tot in his hole.

Now, I don’t really condone lying this hugely, but I do it for the sake of Caleb. “Through Ezra,” I shrug; it’s the only thing I could possibly think of.

“I thought he hated those boys.” Miles says, and it surprises me. How would he know who Ezra hates and who he doesn’t?

I shrug again, “He came over a few times, and we started talking. I’m seeing him after school.”

That seemed to end the investigation, and for the rest of lunch Sally was talking about her new bikini and wrap. That was mildly entertaining, especially when Miles went on about wearing a speedo and Myra nearly sneezed milk.

It isn’t until after 7th period do the butterflies in my stomach decide to expand their wings, and I’m praying my stomach doesn’t turn sour. I’m edging into the gym, and it’s empty… thankfully. I hurry into the girl’s locker room, and I start to change whenever I hear the door open and close. I’m at a standstill, I’m not sure if I should s act surprised or like a present in the under garments he bought me. So, I chose the latter, and I say, just before he turns the corner, “Hey, you,” and I’m utterly humiliated as Morgan grins a toothy grin, and blushes.

“Hi,” she says, and I’m snatching up my uniform and ducking into the nearest bathroom stall. I’m sure I’m crimson in the cheeks, and I decide not to come out until I hear her leave.

When she does, I’m swiping sweat from my palms onto my maroon shorts as I leave the restroom. I look at myself in the mirror, and I look like I saw a ghost. I splash water in my face, trying to find stable ground, and not seem like a total creep whenever I leave the locker room. And, somehow, I feel like it’s inevitable, because if Morgan isn’t a gossip, I’m sure she is now. Who wouldn’t bash the new girl if she did something like that? I think the most mortifying aspect about that is that Caleb could hear.

I leave the restroom moments later after almost leaving without shoes, and then having to sit on the bench and calm down again. Why am I so panicky? The hallway is empty, and I head left through the double doors. The pathway to the track is empty as well, and I make the trek alone today.

“It’s about time Penelope.” Caleb says as I reach them on the black tar. They are already stretching, and I take a spot on the track.

“Sorry,” I say, and his eyes only brush mine. Did I do something wrong? My stomach tightens.

We don’t speak at all for the next hour. I just run, avoiding Morgan’s humorous gaze, and I keep reliving the day. Maybe the gift wasn’t from him after all. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe I’m just a joke to him. Maybe someone put him up to this. I let out a long drawn out sigh, and the sun is setting behind the towering trees in the distance casting the sky orange and pink. It’s almost September, which doesn’t mean much in Texas, it still feels like August; wet heat in the day, even wetter heat at night. I don’t normally sweat, but I think the extra stress and Caleb’s nonchalance is trying my sweat glands. By the time he blows his whistle to dismiss us, I look like a sticky mess.

“Not you Sanders,” he says, looking at me with a stern expression, “You owe me some laps for tardiness.”

“What?” I say trying to remember to breathe.

“You heard me.” He says, now smirking at me, and I start to run once more. He runs beside me, and I’m thinking… FINALLY.

We’re at the farthest point from the school whenever he asks, “Did you get the gift?”

I knew it! He really does like me. “Yes,” I say, looking at him sideways. He’s wearing a gray shirt with the school logo on it and black gym shorts. His blonde hair reflects what little sunlight is left as the greenish motion lights come on around the track.

“Good,” he says, and he picks up speed. Even though my legs are pleading for a reprieve I push on, and to my surprise, we’re running into the grass, and behind the bleachers and it’s so dark I can’t see anything. Then, cool steady hands find me as I slow down, and I’m shoved against something hard. I feel his breath on my cheek, and my insides are doing somersaults. Then, his fingers play at the hem of my shirt, and his breathing picks up, and so does mine as he skirts my flesh just below my belly button. “I’ve been waiting to do this all day.” He mutters so quietly.

“Me too,” I say just as soundlessly.

I can hear his laugh, a delicious sound, “Kiss me,” he breathes, and I do. So hurriedly, and he places a hand on my cheek. His lips are so sure and soft, and I want more of him. I put my hand on his stomach feeling his ridged muscles, and his heart beat is just as fast as mine. His lips leave mine and work their way up my jaw to my ear, and his hand is working up my shirt.  “I wish I could see you.” He mutters, hitching his finger in between my breasts, around the bra pulling me closer to him leaving only a little space for him to pull his hand from under my shirt.

I bite my lip, “I could come to your place sometime.” I offer, completely swept up by the moment, and he’s kissing me again. “Or, we could meet somewhere,” I say, taking a breath in between kisses.

“That wouldn’t work.” He mutters, and I’m too heated and yearning to wonder or even ask why. He’s kissing me again, and this time urgently. He squeezes my breasts together over the shirt, and I gasp a little. I can feel him grinning against my lips, and he plays with my tongue, squeezing them together again. I feel hotness down below, and I want him to touch me there. I press against him a little harder, and he moans into my mouth. “Calm down, baby.” He mumbles, calming as well, and he takes a step back. “We can’t do this here.” He says, hitching a finger around my collar and pulling me away from the cold metal surface to stand directly in front of him, but leaving enough space where we can just barely feel each other’s rising body heat.

“Then where?” I ask. It doesn’t help that I can’t read his expression in the darkness. I want to see him so badly, but I just wait for an answer instead.

“Let me figure things out,” he finally says, and he kisses me again. “I’ll go first, and you count to thirty then come out, okay?” He mumbles, kissing my forehead, and it takes a second for me to realize that our time together is over.


I don’t see him for the rest of the day, and whenever I get to my mom’s car outside, Ezra is napping inside. I open the door, and nudge him awake. “W-what?” He mutters, wiping sleep from his face, and staring at me with a blank look with his icy blues.

“Why are you here?” I ask, getting into the car and starting the engine.

“Dad didn’t answer; neither did your mom, so I figured you were going to have to take me home.” He says groggily, pulling on his seat buckle, “What time is it?” He asks, looking behind us as I back up.

“I don’t know.” I say, because honestly I lost track of time underneath the bleachers. It’s dark all around, so I’m sure it’s at least pass 7 pm.

He takes out his phone, “7:39. What took you so long?”

“I had track.” I answer, driving through the nearly empty parking lot.

“3 ½ hours after school? They are a little demanding, aren’t they?” He says, and I shrug. Mostly because I don’t want to get into it; I’ve done enough lying and sneaking around today than to make up another story.


 Whenever I get home, supper is finished and it’s chicken fried steak, Alec’s favorite. I wanted to shower before eating, but Alec insisted I wait. “How was it, son?” Alec asks, and Ezra shrugs.

“It was just lessons, stuff I learned before, nothing too exciting.” He says looking from Alec then to me, and I shy back to my plate. I feel that creeping sensation that he’s going to tell on me or something and then they would just know I made out with my coach underneath the bleachers.

“Oh yeah, a girl called for you today, honey. I think her name was Sally.” I look at my mother curiously, how did she get my number? “She said something about a slumber party tomorrow. I think you should go.”

I feel like I’ve been crossed, “I don’t want to go.” I say, knowing that it isn’t a slumber party; it’s the party they have been begging me to go to all week. And, now they are trying to get my mother on their side.

“Why not? It’s a chance to meet some other girls your age around here. It’s a good idea.” Alec says matter-of-factly and I want to stab him with my steak knife. Can someone be on my side please?

“Sally Jefferson?” Ezra asks my mother.

“I’m not sure. She does like to talk though.” My mother presses her lips after taking of sip of red wine.

Ezra grins, “That’s her,” he says, “Avian dated her sister Lucy for a while. You remember her?” He looks at his father measurably.

“Yeah, how can I forget?” He says more sarcastically than like it’s a delightful reminiscence.

“Are you going to call her back?” My mother changes the subject back to the one I wanted everyone to forget.

I shake my head, “I don’t want to go.” I mumble again.

“Well, I kind of already told her you would.” My mother’s pushing food around her plate, and I’m glaring at her with so much annoyance. To my left, I hear Ezra laughing that contagious laugh, and I want to smack him.

“How is that even remotely funny?” I ask.

He points at me, “That look on your face… It’s priceless.”

“Well, don’t you two sound like brother and sister.” Alec exclaims, and I make a face at him.

After dinner I force Sally’s number out of my mother, and I call her. “Jefferson residence,” a familiar voice answers.

“How did you get my number?” I say much too pointedly.

“I’m sorry, who is this?” The voice sounds confused.

“Penny,” I say.

“Oh, one second, Sally, phone,” she shouts, and then there is ruffling, and I feel a bit of embarrassment, but my rage really outweighs it.

“Hello,” she says sweetly.

“How did you get my number?” I ask again.

“Miles gave it to me.” She says

“How did Miles get my number?”

“What’s your problem?” She completely dodges my question.

“I don’t want to go tomorrow.” I growl.

There is a pause, “Well, I know. But, Miles put me up to it because Myra’s brother called dibs on our ride.” She explains, and I have to sit down now. It feels different now, like I’m not necessarily being forced into it (Even though I most certainly am), but I’m needed. I don’t even have to party, I could drop them off and pick them up. I could be their designated driver.

“Fine,” I breathe.

“Really?” She squeals.

“Really.” I say, shutting my eyes, and massaging my temples. 

Submitted: December 19, 2013

© Copyright 2020 sarahfarahh. All rights reserved.


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You should do more. I absolutely love it!

Thu, December 19th, 2013 10:18am


Thank you! I'm working on more chapters today.

Thu, December 19th, 2013 1:42pm

Scarlett Rae

I knew they'd manage to get her to the party. Looking forward to it!

Sat, January 18th, 2014 5:22pm


Haha, awesome. Thanks so much for reading it. I hope you continue to enjoy it. I'm working on the next chapter now. I just finished my plot lay out and character sheet. So, I know where I'm going with it now! :)

Thu, January 23rd, 2014 7:44pm

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