Sleeping Planet: Escaping from Superstition

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Oblivion part 2/3

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



The younger more naive Selma nods at Jenny and asks when she can go back to school.

Selma calls out. “Selma, if you can hear me; Don’t trust them.”

“If you’re feeling up to it we can do your math drills when Dr. Ben and is finished.” Nurse Jenny says glancing up as almost as though she heard the older Selma’s warning.

“Did you hear that? Never mind these machines play a number on my ears.” She says looking at the younger Selma like she couldn’t figure something out.

“You were asleep; these things you see are just dreams. That place isn’t real.” Doctor Ben said jumping in.

“Wait, can you guys can hear me? Hello? Hey!” The older Selma yells.

“Doctor Ben do you have an uncle named Swaran?” asks the younger Selma sliding off the bed.

“Selma, sit down you’ve been asleep for almost two months. You’re still weak.” Doctor Ben says as he and nurse Jenny rush forward to support the wobbling ten-year old, but she stubbornly brushes them away.

“You do don’t you. I thought so. You were very sad that he missed your tenth birthday when he promised he’d get you that model car.” She says cheerfully despite the exhaustion arranged her features.

Doctor Ben crosses his arms over his chest. “Selma I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say.”

“Yes, you do. I know that your mother loved to wear this red and brown hat but it got torn the day before your tenth birthday so she wasn’t wearing one when you took your birthday picture. It’s the only picture you have where she wasn’t wearing that hat before you went to boarding school.”

Doctor Ben takes a surprised step back from the young Selma and nurse Jenny takes hold of Selma’s hands wrapping her fingers around them in a familiar way.

“I’m not finished.” She said brushing away Jenny’s hand away.

“I know why your uncle Swaran missed your tenth birthday and why your mom looked so angry in the picture. It’s wasn’t because he was working like you always thought, it has to do with money he borrowed from Henry and the work he had to do to pay it back, it was so you could go to school so you would be a doctor and work here. Find Henry he had powers before everyone else, he had the dream first.”

The doctor is silent, and Jenny grips a folder looking from the doctor to Selma and back again.

“I’ll figure out what’s going on here, don’t worry Selma once I do, we’ll find a way to deal with your unique problems.” Doctor Ben says at last shaking his head.

“Doctor Ben, you don’t believe me, you think I’m tricking you.” The ten-year-old Selma says angrily gripping the bed her voice sounded hurt.

“I didn’t want to say, but I know about the cat and why you want everyone to call you doctor Ben instead of your real name, Benidiar. Ben was your neighbour’s name.”

“What are you talking about?” a look of sudden panic spreads across Doctor Ben’s face.

“It’s OK you got away with it. His parents never figured out how it happened, neither did the police. But you know I can’t smell burnt matches without remembering what the two of you did. Do you still remember the cat do you still hear it screaming? I do, and that’s not all I remember. I remember everything. Everything.”

“No. Stop it.” Doctor Ben says stepping forward interrupting Selma but his pager suddenly goes off. He stops to read the page before rushing out the room nearly crashing into a nurse standing outside the door.

“You shouldn’t do that Selma.” Jenny says anxiously watching the chubby young nurse collect the things she dropped when Doctor Ben bumped into her.

“It’s the truth, besides you didn’t see what he did, it was horrible.” Selma said jutting her chin forward.

Nurse Jenny shakes her head and starts to fill out paper work.

“Selma I don’t think you should be advertising what you can do. There are people out there who would be in danger because of it.” Jenny said putting down her clipboard.

“That only because they’ve done something bad. Besides I’m not afraid of anyone, it’s not like I’m the only this sort of thing is happening to. I’ll bet it’ll be on TV pretty soon.” The younger Selma said nodding.

“Did you see that in one of your—um dreams?”

“Not exactly, but come on you can’t believe that this sort of thing could be kept secret, I mean people aren’t stupid they’re going to notice when toddlers lift cars, when old ladies are flying and when people disappear into thin air. ”

Jenny taps her pen against the clipboard worriedly as a young Selma chatted on about the future.

The observer glances at Nurse Jenny. Jenny doesn't move she doesn’t even blink. The observer grins, he could practically hear Jenny’s heart speed up in fear.

He can tell that she was afraid of what he might ask. The Centre knows how to take care of threats and they know how to do it well. Now time to get her to say something damming.

The machine produces sounds that mean that Selma’s emotions and thoughts are interfering with the connection. The machine beeps again and this time the observer feels his own heart speed up in anticipation.

He always wanted to touch a fragment of this power, the power to see through time and space. He wanted to have control like no one else before him.

The machine whimpers louder and more violently then ever before. Liam appears out of thin air but nurse Jenny and the Observer do not seem to notice him. Nurse Jenny leans forward to touch Selma on the arm.

“Why is she dreaming about this?” the observer asks Jenny as he curiously watched the old nurse tightly wrap her fingers around Selma’s hand. Liam walked over to nurse Jenny’s bag and began rifling through it, he stopped to make what he was touching invisible before taking out a small bag. Liam began to quietly make his way across the room to Selma.

“How on earth am I supposed to know? Look at the God damn machine, maybe it’ll tell you.” The old woman says glaring at the observer who continues to watch the old nurse with suspicion.

“I was wondering if it was because it’s about you because you double crossed her.” The observer grins, “You do know what happens if she dreams about you, right? You have to go through an intense screening process. That could be weeks, months or even years in isolation or you might be too dangerous for even that. At your age they might not bother and just put you in the morgue.”

“That’s only if the vision shows me doing something stupid enough to threaten Blackfly. I’m pretty sure Alliance’s crime bosses have people who are actually infected to deal with. Besides who are you trying to fool? I was fully briefed before bringing her in. As long as I’m not infected, I’m fine.” Jenny pursed her lips disapprovingly at the Observer as he smirked.

“And you claim you don’t know who helped Selma escape. That you haven’t done anything you don’t want Blackfly to know about.”

“I was the one who brought Selma in. I don’t understand why you suspect me. There’s nothing that points to me.” Jenny says leaning in on Selma and finally unwrapping her hand the sleeping girl’s in practiced flourish.

Liam steps in between Jenny and Selma. He touches Selma’s hand gingerly and glances past the observer to the DI screen as it goes blank.

“Why did you do that, anyway?”

“Bring her in? The money of course.” The old nurse says smiling slightly as she notices a flicker of what was Liam’s reflection on the blank screen.

“Well, that makes things simpler, doesn’t it?” He says still glaring at the old nurse. “It makes all the hard questions go away, doesn’t it? You did it for the money. But you know to me it all seems weird. The two of you were like mother and daughter, poor little girl with no mommy and an old bat with no one to live for, anymore at least.”

Liam turns to look at Jenny with raised eyebrows, which she missed because he was still invisible. He shrugs and turns back to his task he took from Jenny’s bag and began to slowly put into Selma’s pocket.

“I’d prefer if you’d be quite now.” Jenny said through gritted teeth. Liam begins to slowly put his hand in Selma’s pocket watching the observer. Liam might be able to make things invisible but someone would notice if Selma or her pockets disappeared.

“Hmm,” The Observer laughed “I’m sure you would your daughter is a rather sore subject. But besides that, I really would like to know why it took you six hours to bring Selma in, I could have gotten her in in two.”

“Then you should’ve, but you didn’t, now would you let off with the third degree I’m trying to watch this?”

“There’s nothing on screen anyway.” The observer sighed turning around in his stool and tapping on the side.

Liam pulled his away from Selma breathing a sigh of relief.

“Piece of junk!” The Observer said slapping the machine hard. The observer picked up his radio and began a rant about faulty machinery but stopped as if began working again

Liam circled around Selma’s bed and again he put something from the bag into her pocket.

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