Sleeping Planet: Escaping from Superstition

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Oblivion part 3/3

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013




“I think she’s dreaming it doesn’t seem to be an actual vision this time.” Jenny said just before the machinery malfunctioned a second time.

“And how do you know that? Look at it unexplainable static, recording out of order, white outs.” He said using the radio to point at the screen. “It’s acting like an ordinary machine recording an ability and here I thought modified objects were immune to abilities.” The observer says with a strange look in his eye, Jenny could almost feel him thinking Unless...

He puts down the radio slowly.


“It is, but we don’t know if and when Selma has normal dreams. This machine can’t tell the difference she might be having normal brain activity and this thing doesn’t know how to translate ordinary dreams into images.”


“So what?”  The observer replied wondering what Jenny might be hiding. He knew she was hiding something. He could feel it.

“So maybe this is a dream an ordinary illogical dream.”  Jenny says as the DI machine played the image of Jenny dropping her clipboard before freezing again.


“What we were looking at was Doctor Ben’s last day. Selma’s convinced the Center has something to do with his disappearance and we both know she can’t have a vision of Doctor Ben anymore, not unless he stopped his work with Mr. Smith?”


“He’s still working with him.” He said absently.

The observer paused and gave Jenny a look. “But you know I think you’re lying. I think you’re hiding something, you know doing all that weird things you do to her when she’s sleeping. Finding her when out best finders could not and taking and extra four hours to do it.” He said looking at Jenny’s hand. “It just adds up to a whole lot of strange.”


“This is the third time a machine we’ve modified has malfunctioned.  One of those times was when Selma went into a shop we were keeping tabs on, the security camera went haywire just long enough for Selma to buy something and walk out. I don’t need to mention that the camera was modified so that wouldn’t happen. Someone’s helping Selma and I want to know who.”  The observer said pointedly.


“I understand that the people you represent have a lot on the line here but no one not even Selma can fully control what she sees and when she sees it. You are going to face the fact that this one, at least is probably a dream and that we don’t really know how any of these things work.” Jenny said with a small smile.


“You’re not just a nurse playing mommy who’s gotten greedy. You’re a lying manipulative freak.”


“You’re something suspicious—a dangerous element. You know the type I’m supposed to report.”

“Yes, you caught me. I’m a kidnapping evil no good fairy godmother. Please tell me you realize how ridiculous you sound.”

“I don’t know about the fairy bit but you’ve seen the things in here, what these freaks are and what they can do. So don’t patronize me, besides sounding silly won’t matter if I’m right.”


Jenny pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. She just wished Liam would be quick about his work.

Liam put his hand in the bag and picks up a receipt and frowns not sure if it was supposed to go into Selma as well. He turns it over and notices the note Jenny had written on the back. Liam takes time to read it. As he stopped interfering with the DI it begins to play again.


“…that was so many years ago, I nearly forgot about it, but she knew. I can’t believe her. No, she’s just a mischievous child.”


“Doctor Ben who was on the phone?”

“He said his name was Henry. It’s so strange, that’s the name Selma just gave us and he wanted Selma. Something strange is happening here….” The DI stops as Liam slowly and carefully puts the receipt into Selma’s pocket.


Jenny catches the expression the Observer makes as he hears the name Henry. A thin layer of sweat began to break out across his forehead as he loosens his tie.

Jenny frowns, who was Henry and why was the Observer so nervous about him.




Selma watches herself walk out of the room.  This was the last time Selma saw Ben in real life.

The noise in the corridor swallows up Selma’s voice and Doctor Ben’s conversation on the payphone reaches her through the open door.


“What do you mean? I can’t tell you that. I’m sorry sir but exactly who do you think you are?”

Doctor Ben snorts. He pauses for a moment before starting again.


“What, no. What are you insinuating.”

“There is no problem. I’m free tomorrow. Yes, my office is fine. But wait what does Selma’s condition have to do with it?”

“Classified! I’m her physician.” Selma’s doctor pauses for a long time.

“No, is this a joke? May I have your name again? Henry, and who do you work for? Confidential? I cannot believe that anyone with this much clout would support such an idea.”

Doctor Ben is silent for so long Selma begins to think that he had hung up and left the pay phone.

“Yes, I’ve seen it. Very. Goodbye.”  This time there was a resounding click as Ben replaced the pay phone’s receiver.


Doctor Ben puts down the phone down and walks into the room clearly dazed.

“Who was that?” asks Nurse Jenny.

“Huh, just some lawyer.” Doctor Ben said quietly as he put on his coat. “Before I leave, Jenny. Do you know anything about Selma’s extended family?”


“Her dad came in with her Aunt for a visit yesterday and her aunt and cousins are coming in again on Saturday. I don’t think her grand parents are taking time away from their store this time, but they’ll be around.”

“No not visitors maybe a far off uncle or estranged grandparent who might want access to her records. ”


For the first time since she picked up her pen Jenny stopped writing.


“No, not anyone who would need a lawyer.”

“I see. That’s a bit strange, then. Well, see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, goodbye Jeffery. Wait, sir what did they want?”

Doctor Ben doesn't turn around and stares at the door instead.

“How did she know about Ben and the cat? Jennifer that was so many years ago, I nearly forgot about it, but she knew. I can’t believe her. No, she’s just a mischievous child.”


“Doctor Ben who was on the phone?”

“A man. He said his name was Henry. It’s so strange, that’s the name Selma just gave us and he wanted Selma. Something strange is happening here today, Selma isn’t the only one they’ve asked for.”

“What? Who else did they ask for and what do they want?”


Doctor Ben’s shoulders climb toward his ears but he doesn’t answer the question. He walks out the room with his soldiers still hunched.


“Henry? Who’s Henry?”  Selma calls out hopefully. Jenny gasps spinning around she drops her clipboard.


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