The Wizard Table

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An idea I had for a book.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Wizard Table

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013




The Wizard Table

Hello, Eliza

You asked me to teach you a thousand legends. A thousand which will, I assume, help you find that ‘truth’ you’ve been looking for. I’m afraid that will not be possible. I have mastered four hundred and eighty three legends- of these fifteen can be determined as truths or lies. You wish to find truth; dangerous answers to terrifying questions which will lead you to strange places and will lead you to do things you do not want to do.

Like I’ve said before I want no part of this. I realize now that it is probable that your name is not Eliza, that you are no child, and that this is a ruse. What does this tell you dear Eliza? Why do I still write? Yes, I know who you are and you secrete is safe with me darling.

I understand why you chose to contact me in this way all the other legends, I’m afraid will lead to dead ends. The fifteen legends that I’ve mentioned are world altering if proven or disproven to the public. I have seen in private study and investigation that seven of those fifteen are lies and four are half truths. One is wholly true and two I am in the midst of investigating. The one that remains unknowable is a dangerous one. This last unknown legend is what I will tell you. It is by pure luck that I know of it, I hold it in my mind with great danger to my life and now that I attempt to tell you, yours. I pray you survive to find that ‘truth’ you seek, but be advised that the answer you find may upset you.

 This is a legend known by very few, of a table at which wizards sit. It is said between those who know the legend that whoever shall inherent the table will gain unimaginable skill. A skill in which determines the course of history, of politics and of power. The table’s properties are rumored to be both older then the oldest rock but more advanced than any piece of technology that will be invented in the next four centuries. The wizard table is many things; it is a weapon, it is a solution, it is a curse, it is a blessing and it is a secret.

The Wizard table is an object that controls fate, time, truth, and power. Determining its truth can kill you, or give you knowledge that may let you rule the world. This makes it an item wanted by some very desperate people. I send you this by both email, letter and by a secrete third way with the upmost caution. I may not live long enough to tell you the legend in person. Until I can meet you find the table and write to me your adventure. Oh and Eliza if you get this letter before I speak to you I am most likely dead.

From beyond the grave I wish you the best of luck,

Phrixus Roshan Amirmoez


Benii delicately places the letter on the table top before removing her latex gloves and picking the phone off its cradle. Gingerly she taps two and the green call button.

“What would you like?” a cool female responds.

“Maddie, I need a detective. One-good- with homicide and cops are ok for this one and I need another specialist on myths. Arnold can find out for you. Oh and would you bring up some carrot sticks?”

“Sure.” Maddie even voice revealed none of the resentment her usually face does.  Benni could hear Maddie yell some muffled instructions at Arnold who responds in a frenzy of cussing that made Benni purse her lips. Benni woke her computer from its sleep and ran a search on wizards as she waited for Meddie to finish.

“Consider it done. Oh and James is on his way up with the carrots” Maddie said into the receiver.

 “Thanks, Meddie.”  The phone call ended.  Benni replaced the reciver on the hook. She stood up and unlocked her reinforced door leaving the security chain in its hooked position. She sets to work destroying her last identity. She pulled out a ring of keys and picked one of the smallest she stepped in front of her filling cabinet and opened the magnetic lock. She went under the letter E and found the name Eliza. Picking it up she thought of finding a good way to kill Eliza as a target; death, paralysis, and memory loss all sounded good. Death was the safest, but it required a certain amount of manipulation and planning.

Benni placed the file into to do bin she had placed near her work station and put on her latex gloves. Carefully she placed the letter and the envelope into separate Ziploc bags.

 Then she prayed that calling a detective wasn’t necessary and that Phrixus had escaped with his life.


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