Because of Moving

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



*** I've been living in this neighborhood all my life, and now, I'm going into the 9th grade. If you ask me,I could tell you where everything is, from thebest store on this block, to how many sidewalks are inmy neighborhood. I know everyone, everyone knows me. I never would of thought about moving cause I never thoughtI would. But all of that was going to change.***

Its the end of summer, a week and a few days until school starts again. This summer was great. I mainly stayed by myself or I'd go and swim, but then every once ina while, I would hang out with the kids in the neighborhood. These couple of weeks were weird. Mainly because I feel as if my mom is trying to keep something from me. Usually, she makes eye contact and all but not lately. Plus,she takes me to go school shopping 3 weeks before school starts again. But this year, she hasn't done any of that.

"Can we go school shopping tomorrow?" I ask her as she walks into the kitchen and over to the sink. She picks up a rag, then sets it down.

"I've been meaning to talk to you about that," my mom says. What is she talking about? I think as I take a seat at the table. "Well," she begins "my job... They gave me a raise," there was a pause between hersentence."But," but?I think. "Well we'll have to move. We've lived here for a while and well ... I think that moving will be good for you. You can be able to see different places. Meet new people,"

"But I love it here! And I do meet new people. Whenever we have a new student in our class,".

"But that's not what I'm talking about Samantha. It's different. It's either we move and get more money or we stay here," she keeps talking but I drift off. I don't want to hear it. I don't care about what she has to say. I've lived here for forever. I have so many great friends andI actually like my teachers! I feel my throat get tight. I don't want to be the new girl. I don't want a new house. I don't want to move. "Do you understand? We have to move out this week,"

This is the last straw for her. Now I feel the tears starting to come rolling down my face, but they aremainly mad ones. I jump up from the table and run up the stairs. How could she do something like this? How could she even consider it? We are living fine. In a nice apartment. We are fine!Why do we have to move? I run to my room and slam the door behind me. I run over to my closet, pull out a jacket, and put on my old sneakers. I run back to my door, lock it, then head over to my window. I hop out onto my roof. I slide down to the side of my house where there is a ladder. WhenI hit the ground, I run for the woods behind our apartment. I always go to the woods; to think, to hang out, to get away. I'm running through the woods to where I usually go, when I look up and see someone up ahead. I lose my focus on running over and around the trees and their roots. I trip and fall, hard.

"Woah," I heard the person say, running over to help me up. I stand up, and try to run past whoever it was. But that didn't work. He grabs my arm when I run past and swings me around so that I can face him. "Sam?" he says. Now I can see him. The moon is hitting his face now. Luke Coleman. His brown hair. His light blue, sparkling eyes. And his perfect smile. But he's not smiling now. He has a concerned look on his face. "You ok?" he asks.

I've been friends with Luke since he moved her in the 4th grade. Back then, he had braces and glasses. Kids used to pick on him all the time, but I'd stick up for him and we became great friends. Then, he got his braces off and got contacts which made him one of the most popular guys in the 6th grade and it just went on from there. Plus he played football. Which helped his popularity even more. We usually don't talk much. now-a-days.People, mostly girls, are always trying to get him to like them. Which, to me, is annoying. All they see in him is his looks, and stuff. But I've seen his soft and sensitive side. Which isone reason Ilike him.

"Sam ...?" he says again staring into my eyes withhis kindhearted ones. Now, he's got me. Icover my face and cry. I usually don't cry in front of Luke because I find it weird. But this time, I don't care, nor can I help it. I just cry. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me toward him. "What happened?" he asked.

"My mom. She said that we have to move this week," I say in between crying. "I've never moved before Luke, and I don't want to,". He just stands there. Still holding me in his arms. Not saying a word.

"I don't know what to say," he says. I look up at him. He was always bad at trying to soothe sad people. Just wasn't his gift. "Come on," he says grabbing my arms and pulling me to where our tree house was. When I walk in, i sit in my pink bean bag he had bought mea while back.When he got in, he grabbed some tissues, then he too sat in this blue bean bag that i had bought for him. He sits next to me in his bean bag and sticks out his hand full of tissues. "Thanks," I say and take a few. He nods. Then, the awkward silence. And that is exactly why I didn't like to cry in front of him. Because of that awkward silence. He stands up and walks over to the window. "Come look at this," he says staring out the window.

I walk over to the window and look at the sky. Back in the woods where we were at, it was real dark, not pitch black, but ... dark, making ita perfect spot to look up and the stars. The sky was beautiful, with all of the beautiful stars in the sky, and the moon full and bright. I've finally stopped crying at this point. Looking at the sky allows me to go to this beautiful joyful place. And that's where I'm at right now. With Luke, a bit taller than me, at my side. I look up at him and notice he was staring at me. I don't know for how long but I know that he was. Our eyes meet for. a quick second, and then I quickly look away and so does he.

"Notice you have your bags, are you staying here tonight?" he asks.

"I guess," I shrug. "Are you?"

"I wasn't planning on it but I'll stay here too," he says "Only because your my friend," he says elbowing my arm. I chuckleand walk over to the fridge and grabbed some pops for us both, but he refused to take one. We sit up against the wall and I sip my pop staring out the window at the stars. After awhile, my vision get blurry and my eyelids get heavy. I let out a yawn and curl up with what I thought was the wall. But the wall curled up with me back. I didn't mind though. It was comfortable.

"Goodnight," I hear Luke whisper. But I can't respond. I'm to tired and I've begun to drift into sleep.

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