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Michael is in prison for armed robbery
Sara is his doctor, they fall in love
but she's hiding something

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Silence gets us nowhere, gets us nowhere way too fast

Submitted: April 15, 2007

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Submitted: April 15, 2007



Michael had noticed Sara was growing more silent with each passing day
She wasn't smiling anymore. Avoiding his eyes.

She sat behind her desk, scribbling something on his chart
Her beautiful face was paler than usual, she'd lost weight and there were heavy bags under her eyes
She turned her head toward him slightly, to let him know, he had her attention
But she didn't let him see her eyes
His voice was groggy and soft
"How are you?"
Her voice was dishonest, as she was desperate to not let it covey her true emotions
She got up out of her chair and pulled up the privacy curtain to examine the burn on his back
He curled his fingers around her delicate wrist
"Something's wrong, tell me"
She struggled to free her arm from his grip, but he was relentless
Her eyes were focused on the floor
"I can't. tell. YOU, Michael"
"Why not?"
"You're a prisoner, I'm your doctor"
"I know that"
Her voice was cracking
He tucked a stray lock of auburn hair behind her milkywhite ear
"Than stop acting like you don't"
He pressed a soft kiss to the corner of her beautiful lips
"I don't want to stop"
a tear slipped down her cheek
"I don't care what you want"
He wiped the tear from her cheek
"How about what you want?"
"It doesn't matter what I want, Michael"
He brushed her ivory cheek.
"And what do you want?"
She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him as tight as she could
He felt her body shaking and new she was crying
He rubbed her back soothingly
"Please, don't cry, it's gonna be okay"
He felt her shake her head against his shoulder
"No, it's not"
"What makes you say that?"
"Just leave it alone, Michael"
He pushed her away from his body gently framing her face with his hands
"What's wrong?"
"I can handle it"
"Let me help you"
"You can't help me, It's too late"
She turns around, he gets up behind her and pulls her into his chest
"Too late for what?"
"Please, just let me go"
He rests his head on her shoulder, pressing a gentle kiss to her temple
"I love you, Sara"
"Please, don't say that"
She pleads with him
"I. love. you."
"I have to go"
"I'll see you tomorrow"
"Stay out of trouble"
"You too"

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