Don't go

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - midnight calling

Submitted: March 08, 2007

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Submitted: March 08, 2007



He held her arm in a firm grasp
"Why did you lie to me?"
"Because I wish it were true, I wish going to a meeting would be enough but it's not, It's never enough
There's only one thing that can dull the pain I feel inside !"
her yelling turned into a whisper as she continued
"Just let me go Michael
This is what I need to do, I'm leaving, I won't come back
Don't try to find me, you're better off without me, we both know it"
He pulled her tiny framy into his own
"I'm sorry I couldn't be enough"
"I love you"
He pressed his lips against hers in a desperate kiss
"I have to go"
As she had her hand on the doorknob his voice stopped her
"Why are you doing this?"
"Because I'm tired of hurting you"
Like that she walked out of his life

It was 3.00 AM when the sound of his cell phone vibrating on his night stand woke him from his uneasy slumber
Her voice was a desperate whisper
He felt the urge to save her from her distress rise up in his soul
"Where are you?"
"Outside, It's dark, I can hear a train"
He hadn't seen her in weeks she could be anywhere by now
"Are you still in Chicago?"
"Yeah, Not far from home"
"Where's home?"
"Where you are
Please Michael, I need you"
Her voice was cracking
He knew she had to be desperate to call him, and sara was not one to panic easily
"I'll find you"

He found her laying on a sidewalk, a few blocks from the train station,
A blue shirt and an unbuttoned thin black leather jacket, hugging her denim covered knees to her chest
The cold Chicago wind was merciless as she was shaking, Her eyes shut tight
Her skin was pale, a bruise covering her left cheek
He crouched down next to her, taking her small cold hand in his larger warm one
rubbing her knuckles with the pad of his thumb
Her eyes opened and tears appeared
He pulled her to sit up and she wrapped her arms around his torso so tight he thought his ribs would crack
he scrunched her hair with one hand while rubbing her back with the other
"I'm here baby, I'm here"
She sobbed into his chest
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry"
He framed her face with his hands and planted a kiss on her forehead
"Let's get out of here okay?"
"Can you walk?"
He pulled her to her feet
"Yeah, I think so"
He held onto her waist, for safety

Once they made it inside his car
She sat there in silence with her eyes closed
"Are you okay?"
"I'm a junkie, We're not expected to be healthy"
"Do you need to see a doctor?"
Her sharp voice took a more sincere tone
"I'm sorry I called you in the middle of the night
But I didn't know who else to call"
"Don't worry about it,
I'm glad you called me, I was worried about you"
She opened the cardoor, got out and walked away
He followed her, and stopped her by taking hold of her arm
A tear slipped down her bruised cheek
He pulled her into him, wiping her tears from her cheeks as they kept on flowing
"What happened? Why did you call me? You sounded pretty bad"
Her jaw was set as she tried to free her self from his strong arms
"I'll be fine"
"But you're not now, And you weren't when you called me"
Her tears were trailing uncontrollable paths down her cheeks
"Please don't"
He pulled her closer, not allowing an inch between their bodies
She buried her face into the soft skin of his neck
"It's okay, You're safe"
Her body shook with sobs, as he held on to her
He lifted her off her feet and carried her back to the car
She wiped her cheeks with the sleeve of her light blue shirt
And turned on the radio
They both sat there in silence listening to the song:

"She doesn't look, she doesn't see
Opens up for nobody
Figures out, she figures out
Narrow line, she can't decide
Everything short of suicide
Never hurts, nearly works

Something is scratching its way out
Something you want to forget about"

She was the first to break the silence
"I left, I ruined my life, Our life
Why are you still taking care of me?"
He tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear
"Because I love you"
"How can you say that?"
"How could I not?"
He tilted her head so she'd look at him, but her eyes were stuck to the floor
"Look at me"
"I.. I can't"
She gathered her strength
"I should just go"
Her hand was once again on the door handle
But he stopped her, by taking her hand in his
"Where are you going?"
"I don't know okay?"
She cried out
"Where have you been staying?"
She whispered
"Sara, stay with me"
"I can't"
"Yes you can, Let me take care of you"

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