michael and sara

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Michael and Sara meet at a party..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The park

Submitted: March 25, 2007

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Submitted: March 25, 2007



Sara rubbed her eyes.
She stared down at her history book unable to make out any of the words.
"God, I need a break!"
She said to herself.
She stood up, put on a black hoodie, and her worn sneakers.
Sara ran down the stairs and looked around.
This house had been so empty since her mom died.
Her dad was never home anymore.
Sara sighed and went out the door.
She stood on her porch and took a deep breath.
The air was cool and her breathing made fog in front of her face.
She walked down the dimly lit street and towards the park.

Sara felt her eyes being conquered by stinging tears.
She fought so hard to keep them in, but they were too strong.
She sat down infront of a big oak tree and stared at the stars.
She pulled her knees up to her chest
Letting her tears flow freely for once

She felt a warm hand on her arm
and looked up, she was met with the most amazing eyes she'd ever seen
She would recognize those eyes anywhere, eventhough she'd only seen them once before
Memories of that night came flooding back to her

They met at a party three weeks ago
For the first hour they did nothing but gaze into eachothers eyes from across the room
She was surprised when he asked her to dance
Being in his arms had felt like heaven
At the end of the night he'd walked her home and kissed her
It was a soft kiss, the way it was meant to be
A kiss, not the gateway to a one night stand, a kiss, and maybe a promise

Michael was crouched down before her, his hand still on her forearm
"Are you okay?"
She wiped her tears away with her hands
"Did something happen to you?"
"No, I'm just...... I don't know"
"Rough night?"
He said while offering her his hand
"Something like that"
She took it and he pulled her up
She looked at her watch: 2AM
Her brows knitted together
"Michael, what are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same thing"
She smirked
"Yes, you could, but I asked you first"
He shrugged
"Couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk"
He looked at her, waiting for her explanation
Her voice was soft, she was looking at the ground
"I had to get out of the house, too many memories, I couldn't breathe"
"You shouldn't be out here alone, in the middle of the night"
"I can take care of myself"
"Wanna go for a walk?"

"Where does your father think you are?"
"He wasn't home when I left"

Michael looked at the gorgeous girl walking next to him, with growing infatuation
Her beautiful auburn hair was tight back, earrings dangeling from her milky white earlobes
Her hands were stuffed into the pockets of her blue jeans and the moon lit up her big hazel eyes
But there was still that sadness in her eyes

"Won't your father get worried, when he finds out you're not home?"
"I doubt he'll notice, and if he does, he probably won't care"

He takes her hand in his and she turns to him
He puts his hands on her hips, knowing she'll probably push him away
But she doesn't
"It's good to see you again"
"Yeah, It is"
He leans in and she welcomes his soft lips against hers
When they break apart, Sara rest her forehead against his shoulder
He whispers in her ear
"I missed that"
She smiles as he reluctantly lets go of her body and takes her hand
"Come on, I'll walk you home"

They're standing on Sara's porch
He presses a soft kiss to her cheek
"Goodnight, Sara"
Her voice is soft and warm, the best sound he's ever heard
And he knows he'll miss it when he leaves her

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