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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Going back

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Submitted: April 29, 2007



She saw the threat in his eyes
"You need to come home"
"why is that?"
His fists were balled up
"Because you're sixteen, and I cannot tolerate you living with him!"
"I wanna be with him, dad"
He grabbed her by the arm
"You're coming with me, now!"
Michael showed up at her side
"No, she's not"
She could almost feel her fathers blood start to boil
"That's her decision"
"Yeah it is"
She moved to stand closer to Michael
Needing his strength
"And I'm staying with Michael"
The rage in her fathers eyes, made her cling to Michael
"This isn't over"
but she knew that as long as she was with Michael
He couldn't touch her.

Even after her father was out of sight
She didn't speak or move
Michael, concerned by her silence,
turned her body around in his arms
She looked up at him
"He isn't gonna give up on this"
He sat her down on the couch
"Maybe you should go home"
He watched a sadness settle in her eyes,
the same sadness, he'd tried so hard to erase from her eyes and mind
"It's not that I want you to go, I love having you here
I love you, but maybe.."
She closed her eyes

As he felt her retreating into her shell
He pulled her close
She buried her face in his neck
Holding onto him tightly
"Why don't you wanna go home?"
"I don't wanna leave you"
Something told him there was more to it than that, but he didn't push
"I'm not going anywhere"
She nodded into his shoulder

He made taco's, they ate in silence
After dinner he drove her home
She looked up at the governor's mansion,
filled with memories and none of them particularly good

She looked to him with a pleading look in her hazel eyes
"Can you come inside with me for a while?"

Her father wasn't home.
She froze as they entered her bedroom
He reached for her hand

"What is it?"
"Nothing, I just.. I haven't been in this room since I OD'd"

"When do you think your dad will be home?"
"Not for a while"
"You want me to stay with you until he gets here?"
She gave him a nod

An hour later they heard her father's car pull up
Causing a great sense of fear to settle in her stomach

As they hugged eachother goodbye,
he felt her cling to him desperately
"What's wrong?"
"I don't want you to go"
"Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm just a phonecall away"
He planted a soft kiss on her cheek
but she needed more, kissing him passionately
"I love you"
"I have to go"

She stayed in her room, not wanting to face her father
He didn't come to her until two hours later
He had that look on his face, the same look he always had beforehand
She didn't say anything, just waited for the first blow

At 3.00 AM Michael heard his phone buzz

Her voice was unsteady as she tried to block out the pain
She gave him a small whisper in return
"Are you okay?"
She couldn't hold her tears back any longer
"I wish I was with you"
"Me too, but I'll see you soon"
A muffled sob was her only response
He fought the impulse to just run to her and take her in his arms
"Baby, please don't cry, It's only a few more hours"
"I want to sleep in your arms"
She forced herself to stop, to get it together
"I love you, Michael"
"me too"
"I have to go"
"I'll see you in the morning, Sara"

The next morning Michael rushed to school so he could see her
Sara on the other hand took her time getting ready, if Michael saw her he would know

He saw her leaning against the wall
Her hair covering her face, her hands fidgeting with the sleeves of her sweater
When she saw him, she wrapped her arms around his neck
Holding him tightly, she flinched at the touch of his arms tightening around her waist
He pulled away from her
"What's wrong?"
Her head hung low, her arms wrapped around herself protectively
He brought her head up in his hands
As he brushed the hair from her face, he saw the large bruise covering the left side of her face
She turned around and rushed into the bathroom

He caught her hand in his

He looked to her for permission
she gave him a faint nod
He lifted her shirt, exposing her stomach
He found the angry red marks on her side and stomach
He pulled the shirt back down over her abdomen
Her tearfilled eyes met his gaze
"He did this to you?!"
She turned her face away from him

He threaded his fingers through hers
leading her out of the school building and to his car
He drove them back to his place in silence

They were sitting on the couch, when he pulled her onto his lap
"Talk to me"
She didn't speak, didn't look at him

"I'm sorry"
She was confused
"What for?"
"Telling you to go home,
I knew you didn't want to"
"Please don't apologize to me"
He rubbed his thumb over her cheek
"He's done this before?"
She nodded faintly

She watched his jaw tighten
"Don't be mad"
He looked into her sad hazel orbs
"I'm not mad at you"
She saw a flash of guilt sweep aacross his face
"Am I the reason he did this to you?"
"No. It started after my mom died
It's not because of you, It's not even because of me
When he sees me, he doesn't really see ME
He sees my mom, he calls me by her name sometimes"
"You can't go back there"
Her voice was soft
"I don't have anywhere else to go"
"Stay with me"
She shook her head
"I can't. I'll find something"
"Like you did last time you didn't know where to go?"
She knew he was referring to Derek
"I wouldn't do that"
"I just don't want you to get hurt"
She put her head on his shoulder
"I love you so much. If something happens to you.."
She sighed
"I can't depend on you like that Michael
If something happens, with us, I'll have nothing to fall back on"
He knew he couldn't let her leave
"Just stay for a little while. Until you figure something out?"

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