michael and sara

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Rainy dates

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Submitted: March 27, 2007



Sara was once again trying to make sense out of her history book when her phone rang \"Hello?\" \"Sara? It's Michael\" His voice rendered her speechless \"Hi\" \"Is everything okay?\" Her voice was soft \"Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?\" He was more nervous than he had been in a long time \"Well, I was wondering... are you doing anything today?\" \"Not much, why?\" \"I thought maybe we could spend some time together? I mean if you want?\" He stuttered \"Okay\" \"Okay?\" \"Yeah, I'd uhm I'd like to see you\" \"Can you meet me in an hour?\" \"Where?\" She answered quickly \"The park?\" \"I'll be there\" \"See you then\"

He had his back to her, facing the lake \"Michael?\" \"Sara\" She walked up to him in her jeans, black tanktop and darkgreen vest Her soft auburn locks framing her face \"Hi\" Her voice a sweet whisper

He took her hand in his \"You look beautiful\" He says, dropping a kiss on her cheek Letting his lips linger for a moment before rubbing her cheek with his thumb She dropped her gaze to the ground, letting her hair cover her flushed cheeks

He pulls her close, brushing the hair from her face and plants a kiss right between her eyes His arms slide around her waist, while hers wound around his neck She buried her face in his neck, relishing in his close proximity He whispered into her ear with that voice of his \"I missed you\"

She pulled away from him slightly, to look into his eyes, affraid to find mockery or deceit but was met with nothing but sincerity She inched her face closer to his, kissing him softly

When he reciprocated the kiss, she opened her mouth for him Granting his tongue entry, after a few moments of bliss, she broke their kiss, laying her head on his shoulder Their were both breathing deeply when the rain started pouring down

They ran back to Sara's house, both soaking wet

She gave him a towel while drying her hair with another She tried to walk past him, when he pulled her onto his lap, their mouths finding eachother again He lowered her body to the couch Causing her to wrap her arms around his neck

Frank Tancredi walked through the frontdoor Seeing his daughter writhing underneath a total stranger He felt his blood boil

\"I thought I told you not to bring anymore of those scumbags in here!\"

Michael and Sara both bolted upright She stood up and Michael followed suit

\"Dad, this is..\"

Frank let out a bitter chuckle \"Your latest supplier?\"

Sara's jaw was set, her hands balled into fists She walked out the door, leaving Michael alone with her father Michael walked out the door without uttering a word, in search of Sara

He saw her standing in the parkinglot She had her back toward him, so she gasped in shock when she felt his arms wrap around her waist from behind \"Sara\" She leans her head back into his chest, while softly speaking \"I'm sorry for leaving you there\" \"It's okay\" \"What was he talking about?\" \"What do you mean?\" He turned her around in his arms \"Supplier?\" \"Yeah, about that..\"

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