michael and sara

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Derek

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007



"This may not be the best place to have this conversation"
"We can go back to my place to talk?"
He offered, she nodded
"Yeah okay"
He took her hand in his
"Come on"
She froze on the spot
He looked at her questioningly
"Before we go just let me do one thing"
She reached up and took her face in his hands
Kissing him, with every emotion she felt for him pouring out
She rested her forehead against his shoulder
"You probably won't like me very much after this,
so I just had to kiss you one last time"
He tilted her chin, her eyes meeting his
"I plan on kissing you a lot more"
Her eyes grew dark
"That might change"

He led her back to the house where he and his brother lived
Lincoln was sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand
So Michael took her up to his bedroom
They sat down on his bed and he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear
His voice was soft and gentle
"Talk to me, Sara"
She shut her eyes for a moment breathing in deeply
"A while back, I got into some trouble"
His brows knitted together
"What kind of trouble?"
"The drug kind"
She saw the questions burning in his eyes
"I uhm I was messed up on drugs pretty bad for a while"
He was speechless, she mistook his silence for loathing
and got up
"I'll just go"
His mind was working overtime, still processing what she'd just told him
"Sara, wait!"
But it was too late, she was already out the door

A few hours later she was banging on Derek's door
Like she'd done so many times before
He barked at her through the closed door
"It's Sara"
He opened the door in clad in boxers
"You came crawling back I see"
"Shut up"
She brushed passed him, entering the apartment
"Just stating the obvious babe"
He shut the door behind them
"Fuck you"
"Fine by me"
Coming up her, her pressed himself into her backside
His hands fondeling her breasts, he grew hard, pressing into her more urgently
"Where is it?"
His arms came up around her waist, pulling her closer to his aching member
"Be patient baby"
She turned around, her hand stroking him through the thin material of his boxers
"Just give it to me, Derek
I'll do whatever you want"
She says seductively
He seperates her lips with one of his fingers, slipping it into her mouth
She sucks on it, her eyes never leaving his
"Follow me"
He shows her a plastic bag with two morphine bottles
a plastic tourniquet and a syringe
She hands him a $500 bill
He presses into her with his rock-hard cock
"How about something a little more 'personal'?"
"How would you like me?"
"Suck it"
She pulled down his boxers, seating herself between his legs
licking his tip with her soft tongue before blowing on it, making him grow harder,
all the while her hands still stroking him.
She drew his scorching heat deep into her warm mouth
His hands went to her head, massaging her scalp
She works him hard and fast her teeth grazing,
scraping at the tender flesh sending spikes of sweet pain through
his brain that are quickly soothed by the smooth caress of her tongue.
she runs her hand down the length of one thigh and slowly
back up until her hand reaches through cupping him, the most sensitive
part of any guy, stroking the tightening flesh gently while sucking hard until
he has no choice but let go spilling himself, her free hand holding tight to his
hip, pulling him to her, full force into her waiting mouth.

He withdraws from her mouth, and she gets up
"We done?"
"Not even close"
"How long is this gonna take?"
"It'll go a lot faster if you get out of those clothes"
She quickly stripped off the clothing barriers
He pulled her onto him, Her straddling his hips
She bit her lip as he entered the hollow ache between her thighs
He took hold of her hips, steading her on his length
He moved her up and down his shaft, almost instantly quickening the pace
Her eyes fluttered shut as she was nearing the edge, with every single one of his thrusts
His voice was low and horny "Come for me Sara"
She felt her orgasm jolt through her body

Afterwards she rushed to the bathroom, plunged the morphine filled syrine into her vein
and felt her body succumb to another level of ecstasy

The next morning she woke up on the bathroom floor slightly disoriented
She went home, got ready for school, and walked to class

She was walking toward the bathrooms when she saw Michael standing a few feet away
He came closer to her and spoke in that soft velvety voice of his
She couldn't look him in the eyes, as if he would know what she'd done
just by looking at her
"I have to go"
She whispered
Rushing into one of the bathroom stalls
She slid down the bathroom tiles as desperate tears fell down her cheeks

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