michael and sara

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Confession

Submitted: March 30, 2007

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Submitted: March 30, 2007



Sara was on Michael's lap, their tongues entangled
She moved away from him, trying to catch her breath
"It's getting kindof late, maybe you should go home?"
"Not yet"
Her hungry mouth was assaulting his, her body pushing into him
He felt his arousal grow, but also knew this wasn't what she wanted
He broke their kiss
"Why don't you wanna go home?"
She rested her head against his shoulder, she felt his arousal against her leg
but welcomed the sensation
Her voice was soft, breathless
"I don't wanna face my father right now"
He pulled away from her to look into her eyes
"Didn't you talk to him last night?"
She sat up, fidgeting her hands
"I kindof uhm didn't go home last night"
He felt concern bubble up inside of him
"Where did you sleep?"
She clenched her jaw at the memory
"With an old friend"
"What aren't you telling me?"
He tilted her head to face him
"He was my uh drugdealer"
He ran his hand up her arm
"Tell me you didn't"
His eyes were pleading, and she wanted to lie to him, but she knew she couldn't
She rolled up her sleeve, for him to see the fresh trackmarks, in the crook of her elbow
His thumb stroked the sensitive skin of her arm
"I thought you were clean"
She nodded
"I was, I had been for ten months"
He cupped her cheek
"So why..?"
"It's the only way I know how to deal with things
My mom was an alcoholic, My dad hides in his work
And I shoot up"
Her expression was blank
"I'm not trying to make excuses, what I did was wrong, I know that"
He look at her intensely, trying to read her eyes
"Are you gonna do it again?"
"I don't know"
Disbelief flashed across his features
"I'm an addict, look, right now I don't plan on it
but I don't know"
He took her hand in his, brushing her knuckles with the bad of his thumb
"Sara, I can't be with you if you're on drugs"
She nodded, got up and moved to leave
he caught her arm, turning her around to face him
"I don't want you to leave, I want you to tell me that you'll stay away from that stuff"
She wanted nothing more than to fall into his arms
And that's exactly what she did
"I'll try"
His arms tightened around her
He whispered against her neck
"If you really don't wanna go home, you can stay here"
She pulled away from the warm comfort of his body
"No, I should go, get this over with"
He kissed her cheek
"Can I walk you home?"
She kissed him on the lips
"Yeah I'd like that"

He walked her to her door
She dipped her tongue in his mouth
He sucked on the tip of her tongue softly,
causing her to buck her hips against him
"Sara.. It's really hard to take things slow, if you keep doing that"
"Than stop doing that to me"
He seperated her beautiful lips with his thumb, causing her to suck on it. hard
He could almost feel the wet heat between her thighs wrapped around his throbbing member
"I'm gonna go, now that I still have some control over my own actions"
Her lips were swollen by their interaction, her cheeks flushed with arousal
She felt the hollow between her legs ache for him
"I'll see you tomorrow"

She watched him walk out of the street
When she turned around to unlock the door

She gasped as she felt someone press himself into her from behind
"Hey baby"
It was a statement.
His voice was low and rough in her ear
"I saw you, you know"
Her voice was surprisingly calm
"Saw me what?"
His voice was slurred
"With that boy of yours"
She walked into her house, he was hot on her trail, locking the door behind her
His hands went under the hem of her shirt up to her breasts
"I bet he would love to here all about last night"
She clenched her jaw
"I already told him"
He grabbed her hand, pulling it to his crotch, letting her feel his smooth hardness
Rubbing it up and down
His breath was hot on her ear
"Really so you told him all about how you sucked my dick as hard as you could?"
He unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her smooth hips
He dipped his hand inside her panties
Stroking her already aroused her body, he knew all the right places to touch
"How you licked it until you were all wet?"
Pressing down on her clit, while going about inserting a finger inside of the warm wetness, torturously slow
"How you rode me until morning"
He pulled his finger out of her, before empaling her with it again
"How I made you scream the way he never could?"
She hisssed as her breathing hitched under his touch
"I swear to God if you so much as breathe in his direction you're dead"
He hoists her up against the wall, wrapping her long legs around his waist
She hadn't noticed he'd taken his pants off, until she felt him push himself inside of her wetness
Pulling out and pushing back in with every word he speaks
"He. doesn't. need. to. know. a. thing."
She fights her orgasm, not wanting him to know what he does to her
She's more than aware that her legs are pulling him closer to her
That her body is urging him on
"If. you. keep. showing. me. that. "special". treatment"
Her eyes are shut
"You're insane you know that?"
"You. know. you. like. it."
"No I don't"
Her muscles contracting around him, her orgasm sweeps through her, hitting her hard
"Just keep on telling yourself that"
He lets her slide off of him, her feet planted firmly on the ground
He helps her back into her jeans, buttoning them up for her
"I hate you"
He lifts her shirt over her head, unhooking her bra
He licks her nipples, only using the tip of his skilled tongue
He stops just when she thinks she can't take anymore
"Maybe. but you love what I do to you"
He leaves her wanting to feel him inside of her again

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