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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Daddy Dearest

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



Her father came barging into her room at 2 in the morning
finding her wrapped up in Michael's arms
"What the HELL do you think you're doing!?"
Sara mumpled
"We WERE sleeping"
"Don't get smart with me young lady!"
"It's the middle of the night dad"
"My point exactly, It's the middle of the night
and there's a man in your bed, a man that you probably met sometime tonight"
Michael took her hand in his
She looked at him
"Maybe I should go, my being here isn't exactly helping"
Her eyes were pleading him
"Don't go, please"
He gave her hand a squeeze
She turned back to her father
"His name is Michael and he's my boyfriend"
Frank Tancredi walked to the door
"This isn't over"
He walked out the door

Sara's eyes went dark
He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear
"Are you okay?"
Her face went blank
He put his arms around her waist, pulling her closer
She buried her face in his neck
"I'm sorry
I couldn't handle it on my own"
Her tears fell onto his skin, and her shoulders were shaking with sobs
His arms held her tight, his soft voice in her ear
"I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere"
She didn't remember ever feeling safer than in Michael's arms
He spoke softly
"You told him I was your boyfriend"
"I didn't mean to.. uhm.. are you?"
"If you want me to be"
She looked up at him shyly
He kisses her softly on the lips
"So that would make you my girlfriend right?"
"I guess so"
"I like the sound of that"
She showed a smile that almost reached her eyes
"Me too"
He hoped that someday he could take the sadness and pain from her eyes

The next morning Michael was watching Sara sleep in his arms
She looked so young, innocent, so peaceful
He knew that would be gone when he woke her up
The pain in her eyes would still be there,
so would the memories of a past she would like to forget
He planted a soft kiss on her cheek
She stirred against him, nuzzling her face in his chest
"We should get up"
She didn't move
"I know"
She snuggled against him
She looked up at him to find his loving gaze
"He's gonna be out there"
"We can handle it, together"
She wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head against his chest
"Five more minutes"

Frank was sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper
Sara and Michael walked toward him

His voice was cold
"Why is he still here?"
She gripped Michael's hand
"Because I want him to be"
Frank turned his gaze to Michael
"Sorry I didn't catch your name while you were in bed with my daughter"
Sara knew what her father was doing
"Tell me Michael, how did you meet her?"
"We go to school together"
"You go to school, that's certainly an improvement from Sara's last boyfriend"
She knew exactly what question would be next
"So tell me what is your dug of choice?"
She moved to stand in front of Michael
as if to shield him from her father
"Don't talk to him like that"
"I don't recall talking to you"
"Don't talk to him like that"
"Your other boyfriends never had a problem answering that question"
She felt the anger boiling up inside of her
"He's not like that"
She tightened her grasp on his hand
"He doesn't do drugs, He's not gonna hurt me, and I love him"
Frank let out a chuckle
"Love! You don't even know what love is"
Her eyes flashed with anger
"And you do?!"
His voice was harsh, cold, almost threatning
"What the HELL is that supposed to mean?"
"Did you think mom didn't know about those other women?
Why do you think she drank herself to death?"
Frank slapped her across the face. hard
Michael jumped in front of her
"Don't touch her"
"Mind your own business"
"She is very much my business"
"You already got into her pants, what are you still here for?"
He wanted nothing more than to hit this man
But Sara's hand on his arm, reminded him of all the reasons why he shouldn't

She tugged at his arm, leading him outside
"Are you okay?"
Her eyes were empty
He kneeled down in front of her, looking into her eyes
"He hit you"
"I provoked it"
"He hit you"
Tears welled up in her hazel orbs
He wrapped his arms around her
"I'll be okay"
After a while
He whispered into her ear
"I love you too"
She gave him a small smile
She was trying to hold it together
But wen he pulled her into his arms
tears started to flow
She spoke softly
"I usually don't cry this much"
His arms tightened around her
"You've been through a lot"
She wound her arms around his neck, holding him close
"Thank you"
"What are you thanking me for?"
"Not leaving"

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