michael and sara

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Fading away

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Submitted: April 03, 2007



"I've seen you talking to my girl you know"
"Your girl?"
"Who are you?"
"Derek, Derek?"
"What has she told you about me?"
"Nothing good"
"Did she tell you how much she loves to feel me buried deep inside of her
because she told me repeatedly last night
She could barely wait until you were gone
before I fucked her with her father right upstairs
I'm surprised he didn't hear her scream for more"

Sara saw Michael pounce on Derek from across the school yard
She quickly made her way over to them
Jumping infront of Michael
"Michael stop"
She could see the anger flaring in his eyes
She pleaded with him
Michael shook him off of her and walked away
with Sara hot on his heels

He spun around to face her
She layed her hand on his arm
"Please talk to me
What happened?
I already told you what happened
I thought you were okay with this"
He snapped at her
"Okay! You think I'm okay with my girlfriend fucking another guy?!"
"You weren't like this before"
"Why were you defending him?"
Confusion hit her
"Just now
You told ME to stop
To leave HIM alone"
"Because he's not worth it Michael
You're the one I was trying to protect, I love you"
"Maybe I don't want a junkie's love!"
She could feel the tears well up in her eyes, but turned around so he coudn't see them
He regretted his words instantly, this girl was his world, he couldn't lose her
She felt his arms wrap around her waist from behind, pulling her into his chest
"I'm sorry, I was angry, I didn't mean it"
He held her tight
She pulled away from him
"I can't do this"
She was leaving, he'd lost her and it was his fault

She pulled the morphine bottle from her pocket
She needed too feel the poison course through her veins
Michael saw her the same way the rest of the world did, a junkie
The way the world would always see her, and maybe that's all she ever really was
So she pulled out the syringe, filled it with her drug and closed her eyes before plunging it into her vein

Michael was sitting on his bed, when his phone rang
She couldn't bring herself to speak
Something in his heart told him it was her, that maybe he hadn't lost her completely
But there was also a panging feeling in his gut, telling him that something was really wrong
Her voice was weak
"Goodbye Michael"
He could feel her falling away from him
"I love you"
It was just a whisper
She was saying goodbye. forever
Everything faded to black

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