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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Visittion Hour

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Submitted: April 04, 2007



Sara lay in her bed, her back facing him
She looked pale, sickly
Even in her sleep she looked distressed
She looked so fragile, all alone in a hospital bed

All he wanted to do was put his arms around her,
promise her he would take the pain away, but he knew that would be a lie

Michael reached out and touched her cheek
To his relief, her skin was warm.
His voice was soft, he didn't want to scare her
Her eyes fluttered open,

Her voice was a whisper
Her hazel orbs were tired and sad
He caressed her cheek with the pad of his thumb
"It's good to see you, Sara"

He handed her the glass of water by the bed
She took a few sips
"I'm sorry"
Her voice was barely audible
He sat down next to her on the bed, pulling her into him
She rested her tired body against him
He wrapped his arms around her frail frame

"Can I ask you something?"
His fingers were brushing her hair
"Were you trying to uhm.."
"Kill myself?"
He tightened his grip on her, like she would disappear if he let her
"When you called me, It sounded pretty final"
Her voice was small and tired
"I just don't know what to do anymore
Everything hurts so much
And I just wanted all of it to go away
I just want some peace
I don't want to feel like this anymore"

He held her like she was the most precious thing in the world
"I can't lose you, I need you in my life"
"You were just fine before you met me"
"I was functioning"

He pressed a kiss to her hair
"I love you Sara"
"Maybe you shouldn't"
"I love you and that's not going to change"
She buried her face in his chest

"Please just give me a chance to make you happy"
"It's not that easy"
"It can be"
"But It's not"
Her voice sounded so hopeless
"You can't just give up"
"Why not? I have nothing to fight for"
"Don't say that"

He placed kisses on her cheeks and upon her closed eyelids
"Please, Don't say that"
She nestled herself against the comfort of his body

"Are you still..?"
She looked up at him
"My girlfriend?"
She breathed deeply
"Do you still want me to be?"
He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear
"More than anything"
He kissed her cheek
She plants a soft kiss on his lips before resting her head back on his chest
"I love you"

"About this morning..."
"I was angry, and hurt, you're everything to me
and the things he said..."
She looked down at her hands
"I'm sorry"
"No, I hurt you and now you're here"

She wrapped her arms around his neck
"You are the only good thing in my life
This isn't because of you
If it wasn't for you, nobody would have found me"
"I only found you because you called me"
"No one else would have bothered to show up"

He held her tightly
"I will always show up for you"
She pulled away from him to kiss him softly
They exchanged a few kisses before she layed her head back on his shoulder

Her father walked into the room, glaring at Michael
Michael whispered into her ear
"Your dad's here"
She turned around in Michael's arms
"Hello Sara"
His voice was cold and distant
"Why don't you tell your "friend" to give us some privacy"
Michael felt her grip his hand under the blankets
"I don't want privacy. I don't want you here"
"Then I don't want you living under my roof!"
She shut her eyes
Frank stormed off

Sara layed back on her pillow
"Are you okay?"
Her eyes were shut
"Nowhere near it"

He pulled her into his chest
"But I can't go home
There are too many memories"
He rubbed her back

"Where are you gonna go?"
She shrugged
"I'll figure something out"
"Stay with me"

She shook her head
"I can't"
"You don't want to?"
"No, I do want to"
"Than what's the problem?"
"I can't depend on you like that"
He held her close to him
"Just stay for a little while, let me take care of you"

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