Why would you love me

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Not sure if I should continue this or not

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: May 06, 2007

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Submitted: May 06, 2007



such a beautiful creature why would you love me?
your skin so milky white.
your hazel eyes and rosy cheeks.
your slender fingers intertwined with my own.
our hands rest in your lap.
you never leave my side.
when we sleep you let my arms encircle your slender waist.
you act like i deserve you,
like i saved your life, while i only endanger it more.
i know you see yourself as flawed, but to me you are perfect,
without the shadow of a doubt,
and you save me.
you save my soul from growing dark
and you told me you love me.
you are so beautiful, inside and out,
why would you love me?
Itried to walk away,
I walked out the door, I sat in my car, I turned the engine I couldn't get you out of my head The feeling of your lips against mine, haunted me The way you make me feel, whenever i'm with you is too strong Walking away is impossible, but not for you, you've done it before I can pretend it's not real all I want when i'm alone but there's no denying it when your near, When you're gone i feel like i'm drowning,
But i can still pretend like i don't love you But when you touch my hand When you look at me with those eyes,
When you talk to me with that softness in your voice, I know i'm yours I've cried for you, i've died for you, but I could never get you out of my head,
so I surrender I admit that I love you, but why would you love me?
No one loves me, not really, they say they do, when they want something,
And when i give it to them, they're gone, they never care But you're still here, I gave you all you asked of me, and you're still here Why? Don't you know who I am?
I'm the girl, that drowns herself in morphine Why would you love me?

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