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it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

Chapter13 (v.1) - Pigalle 1

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2012



In the afternoon butt and both of them went towards home. Again they were standing at the platform of metro at Strasbourg St. Denis. Metro came and they entered in metro. They had to change metro at Republique. They got off at republique stop and from there they took metro no 11. The second stop of metro no 11 was their stop. Butt sahib said, “Only two stops are remaining. We will have to get off at Belleville stop than my house is nearby”.

Adam and daowd were very curious about house where butt was staying. As they got off from metro and came out from the metro station. They started walking on the road. Adam got shocked that at the brink of pavement there were small pieces of clothes. The material was like jute clothes. With small patches the water was coming out and it was clear crystal water. Anyhow Adam didn’t ask any question. Italy was very beautiful but Paris has its own beauty. They were walking on a wide road but all of a sudden they entered in a small alley way. Than after couple of minutes they entered in a building and started ascending stairs of that building. They smell clamminess and damp on the railing of the stairs. Adam touched the grill but as his hand went towards grill he felt clamminess and he removed his hand swiftly. There was weird pong and stink in the stairs. As they were ascending the stairs they smelt this reek and odour. At last they arrived at the last floor. They thought it must be a big house of three or four rooms. When they arrived in front of apartment they saw ten or twelve pair of shoes of different kinds. Butt wanted to open the door but the door was open. Someone yelled from inside, “come in Butt. You are with guests”. They entered inside the flat. Butt sahib entered in the bathroom and Adam started observing the room. In French language this kind of flat or apartment is call attique. This means the last floor flat and usually they have inclined windows and the roof is very low. Usually you can find these kinds of flats on low rent. This room had roof like, he used to draw in his drawing book when he was in school. The roof was very low and inclined and there were two windows in it. They were half open. It wasn’t a room, it was like a museum. It was one bed room flat. It has kitchen, bathroom, and in the middle of the room there was double bed and around the bed there were lots of decoration pieces. There was television, video cassette player and audio cassette player in one corner of the room and next to that there were lots of video cassette. Where the roof was ending in the middle it was divided with piece of bed sheet and it was a nice try to make small room in this room which was already very small. Behind the curtain there were two mattresses. Adam thought of big houses luminous houses in Arezzo and this was like fowl house. When one can’t have any choice than he has to accept whatever it is, he has to suffer and bear because this is his own choice. Neither Europeans force him to come to their country and live in small houses like this ten or more than ten person nor is he living in such a worse condition that he should leave his country. This is all because he looks at others that they have been to Europe so he decides that i should go there. This is same like sheep follow heard of sheep wherever they go. Sheep doesn’t even think either she is right or wrong. If someone from someone’s village or area comes to Europe and when he goes back with sunglasses, European clothes and credit cards. He tells them wonderful and voluptuous stories. After hearing these stories every young lad wants to go to there. It doesn’t matter he lives in a village or in a big city. He will sale his land, take loan and pay big amount to come to Europe. When he comes here than he finds that his language, culture and identity has been change. Exactly same thing was happening with Adam and Daowd.

As they arrived in Paris they felt that Paris’s environment is better than Italy. People had little bit awareness. The person who welcomed wholeheartedly when they came, he offered them tea and butt sahib went to bed for siesta. Adam and daowd went behind the curtain right at that place where there were two mattresses. They were very tired so in a while they got sleep. When they woke up, there was no one in the house. You can’t name it house, it was fowl house and they named it apartment. In every corner of the room there was something, shirts, jeans, socks, shoes and some tissue papers. One thing was different from Greece and Italy. There were different tooth brushes and shaving machines. There were some bottles of perfumes and eau de toilettes. Some of them were empty and some of them were half full. One corner was for shower and next to it there was water closet (W.C.). Wash room was very small. It was that small that it was impossible to stand straight otherwise you hit the roof. In the room there was cooker (cooking range) and next to it was washing machine and wash basin, this was for dish washing. There wasn’t lacking anything. There was no trend of roti (chapatti) making because all of them were working in restaurant. They used to make curry of different things and used to eat it with baguette (its French long bread).

Both of them didn’t know that what they should do. Daowd said, “We will apply political asylum here”. Adam said nothing. All of a sudden they heard; someone opened the door, a young guy entered in the room. His jeans was worn and torn from different places. He was wearing long boots like army man but they were not black they had beige colour or may be camel colour. It was easily to notice that he was very tired and weary. As he entered he started taking off his shoes but wanted that he should take off jeans without taking off shoes which was impossible. So he took off shoes first than jeans. He said hello slightly and entered in bathroom. Adam and daowd didn’t mind because now they were habitual of these things. They knew that after a little while he will ask them the same question where you from. What’s the name of your village? The guy came out from bathroom and he was drying his hair with towel. He was wearing track suits pyjama. He started walking here and there. Finally Adam broke the ice, “could you please tell me where is onion, so i will cook something”. He said, “No no, there is no need of this. I will cook myself”.


Adam and Daowd had enough money that they were able to stay in Paris without job, including mess, metro’s ticket and other daily expenses. They used to speak with butt about these things that they want to pay rent and mess bill, this and that but he used to refuse to take it.

Butt sahib found a job for daowd as a dish washer and it was his duty to help chef as well. As Adam knew French so for him he found job as waiter. Butt sahib bound them and strictly said, “Don’t tell anyone that you don’t have documents. If someone asks, tell him that you have Italian documents. We didn’t find any job in Italy so we came here. Always keep your Carta d’Identita with you. If police asks you about documents, you show them this card. Usually they don’t check in computer. Don’t be garrulous and make fun of any one. If someone asks about you, tell him that you are my relative and it has been many years that we are living in Europe. Until unless you don’t get first pay, there is no need for paying anything. I will buy you metro’s pass. When i came to Paris we used to go to Pakistani chowk. It’s the name of one corner in Strasbourg st. Denis where Pakistani used to stand for job and they name it Pakistani chowk. Near to this chowk there were many brothel houses. It was kind of red light area. This road is as busy as it was busy ten years before. This is famous cloth merchants and most of merchants are Jew. They used to call us to load and unload piles of cloths. It was same like Pakistan, you might have seen in all big cities of Pakistan in main bazaars masons, painters and different labourer wait there with their tools for job. Anyway this is history now, by the way Paris’s atmosphere in different”. He addressed Adam, “Adam sahib, you are very lucky that you have learnt French in Pakistan. You can’t even imagine that people are living here from last fifteen years and they can’t speak French. Anyway this is their lethargy”. He continued his lecture and said, “Don’t tell your secret to anyone. If you have done matriculation you should tell that you have done graduation. Don’t tell anyone that you left Pakistan because of poverty and hunger. You are here to earn money. You invent any excuse that you were being condemned of 302 (which is code of legislation if you kill someone and the sentence for that is life imprisonment or to be hanged till death). Your family forced you to marry someone or you had great passion and craze for Europe”. Adam said, “Why we need to lie”?

Butt sahib felt very bad inwardly but he didn’t show that. He said, “It’s very important and necessary. It will be difficult for you to survive. The people who are working in Passage Brady, most of them are relatives of ministers, member of national assembly (M.N.A.)’s chairman or prime minister. One is superior to other. No one will tell you that he belongs to ordinary or poor family. But they don’t mind cleaning dishes for 3500 French francs. When they get papers and they will go to Pakistan and they will tell everyone that they have their own business. Especially if someone comes from Paris people receive him like a prince. The relatives and families who don’t want to give even sleeper of their daughter. They by themselves will ask him to marry with their daughter. They will flatter him. You have seen where i live. It’s a small house, one bed room flat. Two other boys are with me. You know how much rent i pay for this fowl’s house. Two thousand five hundred francs and if you include gas, water and electricity bills it becomes four thousand francs. Metro’s ticket, food stuff, clothes this and that. I regularly send money to my family. If we don’t send money to our families they will suffer. The immigrants who live in European countries there life style is different than those immigrants who live in Arab countries. They live in Islamic countries. If they deport them they can go there paying little money but if they deport us it’s nearly impossible to come back. Or they have legal documents so they can go yearly but for us, it’s not like that. So it’s my suggestion that whenever you find an occasion to make papers, don’t miss it. In restaurant’s field it’s easy to find a girl. You must have certain things ready all the time. Like birth certificate, unmarried certificate, character certificate and they should be attested from foreign office. You may need these certificates and papers at any moment. Sometime due to little mistakes you miss great chances. Anyway i should go now. I have to start work”.


In Passage Brady Adam was standing, wearing black slack, white shirt and black tie, black shoes and he was hawking, “menu midi 49, and menu midi 49. In Passage Brady from 11:30 to 14:00 they hawk like this. There are few people at this time but there are some foreigners and tourists but they don’t pay any attention.

When there are no customers the guys who are standing outside the restaurants they make fun of each other. They taunted Adam as well but he didn’t respond. In this passage there were some guys from Arezzo as well. They used to come to this passage for lunch because they were working in Paris. Some of them were here to see their relatives.

In Paris people found jobs area wise, where they belonged. People from Jhelum they found jobs in restaurant field. People from Sargodha and Mandi Bhauuddin were taking contract of painting buildings. Some of them were in electricity work. People from Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Rawat and Jhamat they were in different fields. Some of them were salesman at Jews shops in Strasbourg st. Denis. Adam didn’t find anyone from Sindh and Baluchistan during his stay in Europe. There must have been someone from Sindh but from Baluchistan, it was nearly impossible. Daowd used to clean dishes and help the big chef as well. He stopped crying because now he understood that this is called Europe.

Restaurant used to be very busy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In these days he used to wash piles of dishes and helping chef. Adam used to do services in hall as a waiter. Both of them were getting same salary. Sometime they used to get tip as well. They used to go home by foot in half an hour. They used to come and go through same route but they were lucky that not body checked them. No asked them about documents. In all European countries police has right to check the documents except United Kingdom of Great Britain. In other European countries if police suspect, he can ask anybody for documents but in Great Britain they are not allowed to ask such questions. They used to have day off on Monday.

After few months experience both of them were expert in their departments. There was a time when dish washing was such a curse for daowd and now he used to wash piles of dishes quickly. Apart from dish washing he started learning making curries as well which were called Indian and Pakistani dishes. About this the head chef never helped him. It was daowd’s duty to clean kitchen after closing the restaurant. So he used to do this job as well. Daowd’s curiosity was to that how the head chef use spices for curries, he wanted to know the recipes and quantity of spices for different curries. Daowd used to check the spice boxes where they kept the spices and he understood by the depth of boxes the quantity of spices used by head chef. Daowd got success by this trick and head chef thought that daowd haven’t learnt anything because head chef whenever he use spices for curries, he never showed daowd the quantity of spices. He used to send him somewhere or ask for cleaning some pan or pot.


After three or four year’s hard life daowd understood very well that this is the real face of Europe. But Adam was still following his rules and principles, like if you apply political asylum; its shame is disrespectful for your country. Paper marriage causes you guilty conscious. At last Adam had to leave the job because of his attitude. He used to discuss with customers during service and the restaurant owner never liked it. According to him this thing wasn’t good for business. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays the owner indicated him warned him not to do this but this was Adam’s habit. Lastly the owner spoke with butt. Adam never did this purposely. Whenever he has seen some space or gap during discussion, he tried to fill it up. He wanted to clear the concept of customer. He wasn’t able to accept this that Pakistan is the part of India. Pakistan has his own identity and distinctiveness. He used to make maps of Pakistan. He never liked Pakistani politician and its political system but he never said anything against Pakistan. He always tried to explain everybody that Pakistan is thousand times better than many countries. It’s independent country.

He used to start discussion because of only one phrase when some customer used to say, “where is Pakistan, is it an Indian province”. These phrases were enough to start discussion. Adam used to start with these phrases that Pakistan is an independent country ad it has been fifty years that this country is on the world map. Still lots of people don’ know that. Its same Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia that they are divided into different small countries, like Makendonija (Macedonia), Jugoslavia (Yugoslavia), Bosnia Erzegovina, Hrvatska (Croazia) slovenija (Slovenia) and Czec Republic then Montenegro, Lithuania, Albania, Latvia, Belarus and Estonia.

These all are small states and during the time of Ottoman Empire (Khilafat-e-Usmania) they were divided into small tribes. Since ages they were fighting among each other. Who had power he ruled other tribe or tribes. Adam used to start discussion with Pakistani politics and he used end at European politics. During service whenever he starts discussion he did both things together service and discussion. Where ever he used end the discussion he restart from there. Like, he used to say that. Whoever had the power he suppressed others, sometime Hungarian king, sometime Romanian king, sometime Bulgarian king and sometime Austrian king.

In the 14th century when Ottoman Empire started advancing towards these states and tribes, the Jews and Christians just to save their properties they became Muslim, although they were not forced by Ottoman kings. When ottoman kings conquered these states so according to Islam law all non Muslim had to pay tax which was only for non Muslims and it was called Jazia (it’s a tax that provides you protection , either of your property or life) the people who became Muslim they were exempt of this tax. So lots of Christians and Jews became Muslim just to save tax. So respectively the ottoman kings, descendents they got married without any religious discrimination with Christian and Jew girls. On one side it played important role politically.

Like Sultan Orian married with Byzantine king john VI Contazuzenus’s daughter Theodora. Sultan orian and Theodora’s son sultan murad first married with Byzantine and Bulgarian princes. Behzad first married with Serbia’s king’s daughter Despina. These marriages brought Christianity in there palaces. They didn’t even enter in their private life; they got important and selected posted in their kingdom.

Adam used to start with something else and he used to end up somewhere else. His main intention always had been different. He wanted to separate religion from politics. According to Adam religion and politics are two different things. Pakistan came into being by the name of religion. Muslims of India dreamt about a separate homeland and they use religion as tool in fact deep down, their intentions were different. He wanted to tell the customers that where ever someone felt that he can take advantage of religion he did it. Either it was Ottoman Empire or it was Pakistan movement. After debating about European politics he used to come back on Indian and Pakistani politics. He used to tell them, it’s true Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Tibet, Ceylon and India these all countries were part of India but every country has its own importance and prestige. Every country has paid its independence, prestige’s price. There were independence movements in every country wherever goras were ruling. On the other hand wherever goras raised their flag, in all those places Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs Buddhists and Nepali Gorkhas gave their life for goras. In First World War goras forced Muslim to against Muslims and promised them for independence. In Second World War they promised not even Muslims, but to Hindus, Sikhs, Nepali Gorkhas that fight for us, in return we will give you independence. Lots of people lost their lives. If you visit European graveyards you will find many brothers who left their sisters in their country, many husbands who left their wives and many sons who left their mothers. They were hoping that they will come back but they lost their lives. They are buried in European graveyards.

Today Europeans look at Pakistanis, Bengalis and Indian with tilted eye. This is their cheapness. In Second World War when German army was ruining and dragging whole Europe, at that time these Indian, Bengali, Pakistani and Nepalese were fighting on front. Goras were only ordering and commanding. It was Italy or France, either it was Egypt or it was Russia. European people don’t read their history properly or they mess it. The young European generation only know this that American came to save them from German and the truth is that Americans came to stop Russian army who were entering in Europe from other end. Because as German army started retreating back, Russian army started advancing towards Europe. Today any European can easily say that where is Pakistan? Dove Pakistan (in Italian dove is where)? Pakistan est où?

If they ask their forefathers, they will tell them that these Indians, Bengalis, Pakistanis and Nepalese came to these European countries to protect them. Most of the soldiers who came with British army, they didn’t go back. Some of them lost their lives and it happened like this when there was no proper arrangement to send the soldiers back. They were being killed and were called martyred of Second World War and were buried in European graveyards. Some of them were shown lost in British army’s record.

Their forefathers will tell them that we aren’t foreigner for you.

Most of the customer used to like whatever Adam used to say them but his discussion never liked his owner.


Adam started his own business. He was standing near Arc di Triomphe with his tape recorder and dancing couple. It was a couple of Mickey Mouse. He has Spider Man as well. In the month of august this place used to be very busy because of tourists.

The metro stop near arc di triomphe is called arc di triomphe as well. By the way this arc di triomphe is called Charles de Gaule Etoile as well. Twelve roads pass through this arc like in Faisalabad’s Ghantaghar (watch tower) eight roads passes.

Through this metro stop groups and hordes of tourists come out and the first thing they see is Charles de Gaule Etoile. In French Etoile means star. If you see this place you will find a big star around this arc. Through this arc twelve roads pass. Which are avenue de Friedland, avenue Hoche, avenue de Wagram, avenue McMahan, avenue Carnot, avenue de la Grande Armee, avenue d’Iene, avenue Kleber, avenue Marceau and most famous is avenue des Champs Elyse’s.

Adam started selling dancing couples and spider man next to arc di triomphe and he selected a big glass building. He had two qualities of these dancing couples. One was cheap one and only function when you buy and other was a little expensive but better. He called them first grade and second grade, one was real and other was fake.

As tourists came close to him, He used to shout in English and French as well. Ten franc, dix franc, ten franc, dix franc, he used to through spider man as high as he can on that glass building. They had special kind of gum on their arms and legs. They spider man used to fall like that that some soldiers are doing their military training. He wasn’t only one who was selling these things. There were others as well like Moroccans, Pakistani and Bengalis. Some of them were selling peanuts, some of them were selling photos and some of them were selling umbrellas. Some tourists used to taunt and ridicule at them when they came to know that they are from Pakistan or India, “look they have so much poverty in their countries that they are bound to do these petty and trivial jobs. On the other hand they have nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs”.

Adam had a folding stool. He used to open his folding stool like conjuror and sit on it. When customers came close to him he used say in loud voice about dancing couples and spider man. He was only scared of police other than that there was no fear of anyone. Over hear he wasn’t bound of anyone. No boss or owner. He was his own boss. He was allowed to give lectures to tourist. He used to feel that he is breathing in fresh and free air.

Today he was sitting on his folding stool and he drowned in deep memories. He started thinking that he used to talk about Jean Paul Sartre philosophy. He used to discuss existentialism. He used to converse about Greek philosophers, Latin philosophers, German philosophers, French philosophers and English philosophers as well. He was expert in explaining all these philosophies. One year was left. He would have completed his masters. He read about westerns philosophers and about eastern philosophers as well. On one side he studied Aristotle, Plato, Dante, Montaigne, Beckon, Voltaire, Rousseau, Marx, Russell and Sartre. On other side he studied Imam Ghazali, Jalal Uddin Rumi, Jami, Farabi, Bu Ali Sina, Ibn-e-Rushd, Ibn-e-Khaldon, Omar Khayyam, imam wasique. He knew that Muslim philosophers and scholars played important role in European renaissance. They have translated most of the golden books of Greek philosophers in Arabic and Spanish and from Spain they came to other European countries. The modern philosophy of France was based upon Muslim philosophies. The famous novel of Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe and he got the main theme of this novel from a Spanish novel which was written by Mohammad Tufail and it was called Ibn-e-Yaqzan. Spanish dictionary was compiled by Muslims and the definite and indefinite articles came from Arabic in Latin originated languages.

He used to think that he is in Saint Germaine du Pres and sitting in Cafe deux Maggots or sitting in Cafe du Flore. He meets with Jean Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir.

These cafes are famous for jean Paul Sartre, Simon de Beauvoir, Prevert, Apollinaire, Albert Camus, Picasso, Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot, André Gide, Fernand Léger, André Breton, and Earnest Hemingway.

At Cafe deux Maggots, Jean Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir used to meet at the same place and same table. They met each other at this cafe for forty years. They had love affair but they were never married. Sartre was busy in working for his school of thought existentialism and Beauvoir dedicated her whole life studying and working for feminism.

“Attention monsieur! S’il vous plait” (attention Mr. If it’s pleases you).

As he heard this voice Adam came back to real life. A police man was standing. He fished out his Carta d’Identita from his pocket and showed them. They had a glance and gay him back his Carta d’Identita and then they took everything even his folding stool. They gave him a receipt and said, “Come to the police station pay fine and take your things back”. Usually when police come they disappear in streets. There is always some informer but today he didn’t find time to escape. He threw that receipt in nearest bin. He was glad that they haven’t taken him to the police station. Otherwise it would have been more complicated.

He was working on very famous road. Champs Elysees, Elysian Fields. Like there is place in Karachi called Lalo Khet, (lalo’s fields)

There was time when there was no arc di triomphe here. There were beautiful fields. In 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte hired famous architect Chalgrin Jean François to make an arch over here. On 15th august 1806 foundation stone of this arch was laid. Chalgrin got the inspiration of this arch from roman arch which was built in Rome and you can still see its ruins in Rome. French famous and renowned poet, novelist and short story writer Victor Hugo who has written Notre Dame du Paris and Les Miserable, his mausoleum is there as well.


It has been three or four years that daowd and Adam were together since they left Pakistan. But since they were in Paris, Daowd’s attitude has been change. He used to act strange with Adam. Ehtram ul Haque Butt convinced Doawd that if you want to become a successful in your life you have to get rid of Adam. Neither he will achieve anything in life nor will he help you. You willn’t achieve what you have dreamt. It was butt’s philosophy that people who studies a little more, they become lunatics. They always talk about principle and rules, codes and ethics.

Daowd just needed an excuse. Now his desires to become rich were at their peak. Paris’s glittering lights and perfumes changed his point of view about life. Now he was head chef of drawadians. He learnt everything. He knew how to make different curries, making things in tandoor like chicken tandoori, cheese nan, chutneys, ghulab jamun (it’s kind of sweet). His father was doing same job. He was selling dahi bhallay. The difference was money. Daowd used to earn 80 to 90 thousand rupees. Plus tip as well which they used to divide among each other. He used to eat in restaurant but without knowing the owner because they were not allowed to eat. During this period he learnt all tricks.


As ehtram ul haque butt got carte sejour (permit of stay) he started running to and fro to open his own restaurant. He was completely successful in his plan. The most important thing for the restaurant was a good cook. For this purpose he prepared doawd. To find waiters, assistant cook, dish washer, it wasn’t a big problem.

Cook was ready and it was Butt’s plan to find some girl for Daowd for paper marriage. When daowd will have carte sejour (permit of stay), He will change the owner so Daowd will become the owner of the restaurant and butt will start getting shomage (social security. its money you can get from state when you don’t have job). Behind the curtain he will play the game. Doawd will be like a puppet because didn’t nothing about documentation. He didn’t know the language and he hasn’t got that much confidence and sense that he could understand official technicalities. This was main conflict between daowd and Adam. Adam was annoyed that daowd hasn’t learnt language and never tried to know about paper work. Whenever he needed, he asked someone to accompany him. Even to receive parcel from post office he needed someone. On the other hand Adam never had any problem. He always felt that he is living in pairs since ages.


Ehtram ul Haque Butt took an old restaurant on two contract basis in Passage Brady. He appointed daowd the head chef of restaurant. He convinced and persuaded daowd that this is your own restaurant. Since Daowd came to Paris he stopped sending money to Pakistan. His father told him that you don’t need to send us money. Save your money and try to achieve your goal. So he had sixty thousand French francs saving. Daowd contribute these sixty thousand francs for this restaurant and butt took loan from bank as well the only problem Daowd had, were papers. Butt solves this problem as well. As Butt got carte sejour, he gave divorce to Marie Antoine. Butt thought if she does paper marriage with daowd, like this daowd will have documents. For this purpose Marie Antoine was ready. She was concerned with money. This was her business. In fact she wasn’t like this, drugs made her like this.

Ehtram ul haque butt spoke with solicitor, so he said as daowd hasn’t entered in France legally, which means he entered in France without visa so he will have to apply for political asylum. Usually they refuse case in six months but as we will submit his case for political asylum. We will get the date for marriage from registrar office. He must have his birth certificate, character certificate and unmarried certificate ready and it must be attested from Pakistani foreign office. When these things are ready, rest of things, i will take care. Daowd showed him these three paper which were attested by Pakistani foreign office. When he saw, he said they are valid for six months. So you should have new one. As we will start paper work, by the time we will present our case, they will be expired. Daowd was doing whatever butt was saying. He was like puppet. Adam’s sixth sense was intimating him that something is going wrong. He knew that in this world no can be that much honest with someone like butt was with daowd. He hasn’t said anything to daowd. He thought about his friendship. So he kept quite. Butt offered him waiter’s job but Adam refused his offer. First of all daowd should have asked him for this job and secondly they haven’t taken his opinion or discussed with him. Adam smelt something. He knew that a simple going to be ruined. He was unable to help him because circumstances were unfavourable. Daowd became blind because he wanted to become rich man. He wanted to become big man.


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Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

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