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it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

Chapter14 (v.1) - Pigalle 2

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2012




Adam was carrying paintings in rue di Rivoli. He was walking to and fro. He was unable to sell even a single painting. He was very hopeful that he will be able to sell the van Gogh’s sunflower painting but there was no achievement. He was very knackered, so he sat in a small coffee shop. He was sitting outside and having his coffee. As he was enjoying his coffee he saw a sign board of a shop. This was called Aryans. He finished his coffee speedily and left the money under ashtray took his paintings bag and entered in Aryans. The shop was full of antique and precious things. At one side the statue of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on other side the statues of Saraswati, Parwati, Kali Mata. There were Ghanesh, Indar, Seta, Ram and Lakhsman’s statues as well. On the walls the paintings of the maharajas of Rajasthan were hanging in golden and expensive frames. Adam got stunned and traumatized. On every corner of the shop cameras were fixed. With them the owner was able to see what is going on in every corner of the shop. He was lost in shop’s labyrinth; all of a sudden a very beautiful lady came in front of Adam. She must have been forty years old or a little bit more. She was wearing a long frock up to knees and she was wearing a leather belt around her belly. The neck of the frock was wide open so due to belt and open neck her breasts were coming out. It seemed like that they were bigger than what they were. There was long line between breasts which is called cleavage. She was wearing some necklace which was made of some expensive stones of green colour. One of the parts of necklace was inside the cleavage, must have been feeling suffocation. She came in front of Adam and said, “Bonjour monsieur”.

Adam forgot every word of French. He started speaking in English. She was speaking English in different accent specially when French speaks English their T and R’s pronunciation is different. Adam explained her, why he was in her shop. He is painting seller. She wanted to see them. Adam opened his bag quickly and started showing her paintings. During conversation that lady asked him are you Indian. Adam told thousands of people since he was abroad that he is Pakistani not Indian but still many people didn’t know where Pakistan is. Even though media is very advance now but still some people think Pakistan is the part of India or its province. Adam said, “no---- i am Pakistani”. That lady said, “I would like to buy all these paintings”. She paid him double prize. Adam had profit of three hundred francs. Adam didn’t know what she felt about Adam. She said, “Where you live”?

Adam responded, “Belleville”

She said curiously and inquisitively, “you live on your own or------------------?”

Adam said, “No---i live with my Pakistani friends”.

She said, “What are you doing tonight”?

Adam said, “nothing special....... i will clear my accounts for whom i sell these paintings than”

She said, “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight”?

Adam got perplexed and shocked because these type of situation you find in Mustansar Hussain Tarrar’s travelogues. Like “she put her hand on my shoulder and that’s how our story started” as you know everyone isn’t Tarrar sometime Atta ul Haque Qasmi refused to accept the proposal of lady who puts her hand on his shoulder, “sorry madam i am not Tarrar”. Adam was on the horns of dilemma. He didn’t what he should say. Finally he accepted her offer. As Adam said yes that lady said, “I will pick you up”.

Adam said, “You shouldn’t do that, i will phone you”. Then she gave him an idea, “why don’t you come quarter Latin. When you are there, you phone me, i will pick you up from there. Here is my visiting card. It has my mobile number. One thing is very important, dress up nicely.

Adam was trying to understand what was going. He didn’t know her name. He said good bye. He didn’t even realise that he should read her name on visiting card. As he came out from Aryans and he started walking towards chatalet. His boss’s office was here. As he entered in the office he explained him that he sells all paintings. He kept his profit and rest of the money gave to boss. He left his office and boss was shouted in a loud voice, “What about tomorrow” but he didn’t pay any attention.

He came home. First thing he did, he shaved twice. He wasn’t satisfied so he took razor and did it again. He checked the smoothness of face. When he felt his face is as soft as he wanted than he put on after shave lotion.

Since he was living in Paris, he knew about fashion, what was suitable, what was Paris style. So he wore a nice combination, a tie of floral pattern. He saw himself in mirror many times to confirm that he looking nice. Lastly he wore shoes. He polished them because they were dusty and it was Adam’s very bad habit. He used to polish shoes at eleventh hour. He used to polish them and due to this he had to wash hands many times to get rid of shoe polish. He did the same thing today. He forgot to polish his shoes so he polished them and due to that his had were smelly. To get rid of shoe polish smell he washed his hands many times with soap. When he was satisfied that there is no smell of shoe polish so he wore them then he wore Calvin Klein’s perfume ck1. Finally he took his way to Bellville metro station. It was Friday and metro station was jam pack. Adam was worried that due to rush his clothes will be ruined. He was looking in small map that which metro will be suitable for him for Quartier Latin. He had two options. One was, he should have gone to Cluny la Sorbonne and second was Maubert Mutualite. He preferred Maubert Mutualite stop. He took metro and got off at republique and from there he took metro number 5 and he came to Gare d’Austerlitz. From here he took metro number 10 and in a little while he was at maubert mutualite. He came out from metro station and he found a telephone cabin. He entered in the cabin and dialled her number. Adam was still thinking that it might be a joke and if it’s a joke than it must be joke of the year. As phone was ringing and he was thinking, someone said from other side, “allo” in French hello is allo. Adam introduced himself and said, “I am at Maubert Mutualite metro station”. He heard from other side, “i am coming in a minute, you must wait for me there”.

In few moments a big black car stopped in front of him. As Adam saw her, he recognized her. He went towards car and said, “Bonsoir”. Chauffeur came out from car and opened the door for Adam. As he opened the door Adam sat next to her. They asked each other how everything is. The car passed through two streets and entered in Quia da la Tournelle. Chauffeur got off again from the car and opened the door for them. The lady came out first from the car and than Adam came out as well. The chauffeur went to park the car and they were standing in front of La Tour d’Argent. The doorkeeper of the restaurant opened the door for them.

La Tour d’Argent is one of Paris’s old restaurants. The owner of this restaurant is Claude Terrail. This is the most expensive restaurant of Paris. It cost a lot per person. Adam couldn’t even imagine coming here.

Both of them sat in a corner where their table was reserved. That lady broke the ice and said remorsefully, “i am sorry, i forgot to ask your name. What is your name”?

Adam said, “My name is Adam Khan Chughtai but you can call me Adam and what is yours”?

Lady, “My name is Anna Marie Arouet da la Fontaine but you can call me Anna”.

Since Adam entered in the restaurant he was perplexedly and confusedly looking at the people who were moving to and fro in the restaurant. He had never seen such an environment in his whole life. He started caparisoning Passage Brady’s restaurants and where he was sitting. La tour d’argent and Passage Brady. As you entered in passage Brady the odour of spices enter in your nostril, you see badly drunk people at the entrance. You see boys are calling customers. The speciality of Passage Brady is rats. You see them, running from here and there freely like an illegal immigrant get the legal documents and he is moving around without any fear. And this restaurant la tour d’argent. It was quite, nice and clean. The slow music was making the environment very romantic.

Anna’s family was one of the richest families of France. She belonged to a very rich Jew family. As she felt that she is young enough, she started showing her family that she is adult now. Normally it’s quite rare that Jews and Muslims they change their religion easily. And in Jews, Ismailis and Parsis families their girls don’t marry out of family. This is in Jewish religion that their girls don’t sleep with man without marriage. They spread white bed sheet to check if the girl was virgin or not. If there are blood marks on sheet it means she was virgin otherwise she wasn’t and it was against Jewish religious law. They always find compatible match for their daughter as well.

After the Second World War when Adolf Hitler started torturing Jews of Europe just robed their money, Anna’s family was one of them who suffered his persecution. As Anna completed her adolescence, her family started looking for her a suitable match. They arranged many parties to find her right person and she was being introduced many boys but she didn’t like anyone. The seed of rebellion was sewed in her personality. Finally he liked an artist who used to make sketches and made his living. Anna’s family has good connections so they bribed him, offered him money, that artist disappear from the screen, after this incidence Anna decided not to marry for whole life. Her parents died unhappily because their daughter wasn’t settled. After their death Anna was the only heir. She had everything what her parents had in inheritance. Until now, whoever comes to her related with paintings she helps him. Adam was one of them.

Adam told his whole story honestly. Anna started crying and said, “Jews holocaust was the greatest disaster of this earth. Than i thought about throwing atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was great calamity. But i think the catastrophes haven’t ended yet. You left your country and you are doing petty jobs because in your country the political situation isn’t favourable. You have martial law mostly. You have some dictator most of the time. You know that in Cambodia, people sale their kids, just for the sake of money”.

Adam said, “This isn’t shocking thing for me. Nearly every year the sheikhs from united Arab Emerites they come to Pakistan and buy little kids from their parents mostly from Sindh and Bahawalpur. They tie these kids on the back of camels and arrange race of camels. They play special kind of music so camels run fast in the desert and above all when these little kids cry, the camels run faster than before. These sheikhs gamble on high level but they use this cheap way for their pleasure. Quite often some kids who are tied at camel’s back they die due to terror and panic but nobody cares.

Both of them were crying when they left la tour d’argent. As they came out from restaurant, Anna said, “Would like to come with me. I live on my own. I have big house”. Adam didn’t refuse her proposal.

They came towards car. Chauffeur opened the door for them. As they sat in the car Anna grabbed his hand and started rubbing it slightly. For a while Adam felt that he is male escort or gigolo. The chauffeur was driving the car along the river seine than their car entered in suburbs of Paris. This time Adam forgot to read the sign boards. He didn’t know what was going on. The car entered in green acres. He saw couple of houses. Finally their car stopped in front of a very beautiful villa. Chauffeur opened the wrought iron gate with remote control. The golden handles of the gate were scintillating and glittering due to car head lights. Their car entered inside the villa. Chauffeur opened the door for them and they entered in the house. As Anna stepped in she took a lungful of air. They were in drawing room. She offered Adam to sit down and then said, “You don’t drink alcohol. What should i offer you”?

Adam said, “I have eaten enough, there no place for more food or liquid in my stomach. She sat next to him on divan and they chatted till late. Later on Anna went to wash room to take shower. Adam was sitting in drawing room like a fool. After having shower Anna entered in drawing room. She was wearing very light dress, she was looking more beautiful. Then she said, “Go and take shower”. She gave him sleeping suit and gown as well and said, “The men’s wash room is on that way. It has halal (according to Islamic principles) towel and soap as well. As i know you are Muslim so i have taken extreme measures about your faith and religion”.

Adam was perplexed and mystified. He didn’t know that the there are halal towels and soaps as well. He was obeying everything like a puppet whatever she was saying. He went to the wash room. He opened lukewarm water and water was falling on his naked body. He was enjoying it. It took him long but still he was getting pleasure from pattering sound of water which was falling on his body. Finally he thought that i had enough so stopped this process and started wiping and drying his body. When he was for sure that his body is dry than he wore sleeping suit and put on gown as well. Anna was waiting for him outside the wash room. She grabbed his hand and took him in her bed room. Abruptly he thought about najma begum. She was exactly like her. Najma begum wasn’t that wealthy but feminine tactics are same all around the world. Adam knew what was going to be happened. Where she brought him, the bedroom was very beautiful and the curtains around bed were very decorative and the curtains on the windows were very expensive. There was dim light in bed room. He felt that he reading some story of Talism-e-Hoshruba (a fairytale which is very famous in oriental world). In the mean while Anna opened his gown’s twine or makes it romantic that she opened his gown’s string and laced her arm around his neck. She glued her lips with Adam lips and started kissing him badly. When she felt that she is tired she brought to bed. Adam gradually started opening the buttons of her night dress which was made of very fine quality of silk. As all buttons were open he started rubbing her breasts. She was like surrendered army man in front of Adam. Then took his hand behind her back and opened the hocks of bra. As the bra’s hocks were opened, it was like that he like live wire of electric current. There were two beautiful breasts in front of him, which were full of life. In the middle there a line, called cleavage, in that cleavage that necklace’s beads were feeling suffocation. Than Anna took off Adam’s shirt and than pyjama as well, now Adam was wearing only boxer shorts. She swiftly removed that as well. When she saw she got shocked and stunned and said, “You too, like us”.

 Adam said astonishingly: “so you too”.

 She said, “Off course, it’s since the beginning”. Anna started opening her knickers hooks. Then she removed her panty as well. Now Adam got stunned and he said astoundingly, “you too”. Anna said, “Yes we too”. Both of them smirked and grinned. Adam and eve played their game whole night. Adam and Anna felt that the lifelong grudge between Islam and Jewish has been ended and they are mingled each other.


After breakfast Adam took permission from Anna to leave. Anna said, “You needn’t to worry. My chauffeur will drop you. As Adam stood up Anna gave him a white envelope and indicated not to open. But Adam was curious and inquisitive so he searched the envelope with his hand without opening it. There wasn’t any piece of paper; he felt it had French francs inside. Adam gave her back envelope.

Anna said, “i respect your feelings but it’s not you price. I am happily giving you this with my own will”. She forced him but Adam didn’t take the envelope. She said, “Okay, fine don’t take this envelope but tell me when we can see each other again”.

Adam said, “Whenever you want”.

Anna kissed him sturdily and after this he left her. Anna’s chauffeur dropped him close to Belleville metro station and went away.


Even though it was a crime but Adam’s conscience was blaming him that he has done something wrong. He didn’t phone anybody, neither to Butt Sahib nor to Daowd that he will spend night somewhere else. He thought who cares what’s going on with others. Both of them must be very busy on weekend. They willn’t have time to think about it. As Adam entered inside, he saw daowd was getting himself ready to go to restaurant. As he saw Adam he said in a strident voice, “thanks god, where were you Adam. I was worried whole night. At least you would have phoned me. I was thinking that police has arrested you and i was afraid and anxious that they will deport you”.

Adam said, “I thought you must be busy in kitchen. As i know you are very busy on Friday night, you have more clients, as you know that when i ever i telephone, butt sahib picks up the phone. He responds very sardonically. Anyway there was anything serious. I will relate you whole story”.

Daowd said, “Okay, at the moment i am in hurry. Whenever something like this happened, feel free to phone me. The owner of restaurant is me not butt. Soon i will be free of all these liabilities, when i will give divorce to Anna than i will be no more under butt’s obligations”.

Adam was surprised that doawd is talking against butt. Daowd said to Adam, “i will speak with you thoroughly later on. As you know that on Saturday we are very busy. So i should go now”. Adam was exasperated and annoyed with daowd but as he sensed that daowd is upset, he forgot everything. He promised himself that he will try his level best to help daowd if he could.


Either it’s hot or cold, it’s windy or stormy. Adam has job or not. In any case he had to send money to his father, step mother and his step brother and sister. He used to go to national bank of Pakistan which was on Champs Elysees. From this bank he used to send money to Pakistan regularly. Pakistan embassy exists on the same road. Someone told him that this was Liaquat Ali Khan’s house. He gave his house a gift.


Today Adam wasn’t willing to do anything but reluctantly he went to Chatalet les Halles. His boss office was there. He used to pick paintings from his office and after selling them he used to give him day’s report. Today he took some paintings and started walking in the streets to check his luck. Today wasn’t a lucky day. He gave the paintings to his boss and took his way to home. On the way at the Belleville metro station there was police control. Nobody knew that about this. It was very severe checking. Someone was saying that there were two bomb blasted in Paris. Adam wasn’t first time that they were controlling and Adam has been checked before many times. So he wasn’t scared. He came out from metro station without any fear. They asked him for the papers and he showed them his Italian identity card. Usually they let you go but today they checked his card many times and told him to stay with them. Finally they took him to the police station and checked his identity card. They discovered the identity card was counterfeit. They gave him Sortie Lettre (country leaving paper). As he received sortie lettre (country leaving letter), for a while he felt he groundless. Someone has removed ground under his feet. He was thinking what he should do. He hardly made up his mind to stay in Paris. He was in love with Paris. Paris’s restaurants, museums, Montmartre, chatalet les halles, centre George Pompidou, Champs Elysees, Fnac music shop how could have been possible that he leave these things.

The Parisian writers, dramatists, poets, sculptors, discotheques, cabarets, fashion, perfumes, wines and above all the Parisian metro, it was like labyrinths. He wasn’t scared that if will be deported and will die of hunger in Pakistan. Only thing was bothering him that he was habitual of Parisian life. There was special mist in Parisian air. The French government didn’t know this that if someone is in love with Parisian life, it’s difficult for him to leave Paris. Earning money wasn’t his goal or destiny otherwise he would have robbed a lot of money from Anna. He always had conscience problem who never gave him permission to do things like these. First of all he thought that he should phone Anna, than to Tcknip, finally he went home. Daowd used to come late on Saturday night.

When he came home the first thing he did, he phoned Tcknip. She was very happy after hearing Adam’s voice. She said, “How is everything. How is your job”?

Adam wasn’t in a mood of responding these questions so he said, “What are you doing tomorrow? If you aren’t doing anything, we will visit Paris together”.

She said, “I am not anything, i am free”.

She said, “So we will meet at the same place where we met first time, at George Pompidou centre, bye”.

Tcknip placed the receiver on the cradle.


Adam was at George Pompidou Centre at exact time what they had decided but Tcknip was already there. As Adam saw her he said, “Today i am in a mood of sightseeing. First of all we will see Notre Dame du Paris than Eiffel tower”. Tcknip said, “I don’t mind, it on walking distance”. Both of them started walking on rue di Rivoli and they came at Quai Del Hotel de Ville. They crossed the bridge of Notre Dame du Paris (Notre Dame) and entered in Ile de la Cite. There are two very small island in pairs which are called ile de la cite and ile st. Louis. The famous and renowned church of Paris Notre Dame du Paris exists in Ile de la Cite. This is such a celebrated church that so many books have been written on this church. The famous French writer victor Hugo wrote a novel and named it Notre Dame du Paris because the characters have relationship with this church. This novel was filmed as well and they have done most of the shooting in this church. Holy Spirit, Hagia Sofia, Notre Dame, these all are the name of same thing in different languages. These all has same meaning Miriam or marry.

The foundation stone of this church was laid on 1163. It was completed after hundred and seventy year’s hard work.

The wedding ceremony of Marguerite di Valois and Henry di Navarra was celebrated in this church in 1572. In 1708 Louis XIV renovated this church. Napoleon’s crowning ceremony was celebrated in this church in 1804. After the Second World War the France’s independence ceremonies were celebrated in this church in 1944. The French general Charles de Gaulle’s dead body was being brought here as well in 1970. His all rituals were completed here.

As matter of fact the whole church is very beautiful but the most beautiful thing in this church are two round windows. They are master piece of Romanesque gothic art. They are called rose south and rose north.

Adam and Tcknip, they were looking Notre Dame with their own point of view. Adam picked up all the booklets which were free. This was his habit. They were feeling famine, so they started looking for some doner kebab shop.

Tcknip said, “after having doner we will go to see Eiffel tower”. Adam had the same idea. He decided that he will spend these fifteen days visiting Paris. He will fulfil his desires. He will see all famous places of Paris. After this even though, if he will have to go back to Pakistan. He shan’t be regretful. Adam and Tcknip, they took their doner kebabs and ate them. After this they came in the garden to have some rest. This garden was zero point of Paris like Islamabad has zero point. They measure all the roads of Paris from this point. Either they are from south to north or they are from east to west. They were lying down in the garden but they slept there. When they woke up they thought that they slept for a while but it has been five ‘o’ clock in the evening.

They cleaned their clothes and came to metro stop. They took metro number five and came to Montparnasse. From there they took metro number six and they took Charles de Gaule Etoile’s direction. As train (they call it tube as well) stopped at champs de mars, Eiffel tower stop, they got off from the train, they went towards sortie and in a very short time they were on the road.

Tour Eiffel, Eiffel tower, whatever you call it. It was designed by famous French architect Alexandre Gustauve Eiffel. He designed this tower for annual expo of Paris in 1889. The construction was started on 15th march 1888. The first floor was completed on 15th September 1888 and second floor was completed on 25th December 1888 and on 12th march 1889, it was completed and ready for expo. It has three floors. First floor is 57.33 meter high, second floor is 115.73 meter high and third and last floor is 276.13 meter high. You can use lift up to second floor or you can use stairs. The lift’s ticket is more than stairs. If you go by stairs you have to pass through seven hundred stairs up to second floor. On every step you will see a new panorama of Paris, which means seven hundred different views of Paris.

At first floor there is post office. On second floor there is restaurant called Jules Verne. The last floor is 276 meter high and eight hundred people can stand at a time.

Gustauve Eiffel got first prize for designing this tower in 1889’s expo. He got French greatest and biggest award called “Legend d’Honour”. French love poet Paul Verlaine criticizes this master piece of art.

For the completion of this tower 25 millions rivets were being used.

Adam got shocked after reading the history of Eiffel tower. They have used any nut and bolt and they have completed this tower with rivets. To pick one rivet they needed four persons. As the height of tower was increasing, the complications were increasing as well.

Now Adam and Tcknip were very tired and it was getting dark too. They decided to go home but the tourists were increasing not decreasing as it was getting darker and darker. They took they way to home.


Daowd’s restaurant used to be closed on Monday. Adam and daowd met on Sunday evening. Until yet Adam hasn’t told anything about sortie lettre (country leaving letter) and Adam didn’t know nothing about butt and daowd’s cold war. After finishing work on Sunday, butt used to go to his girl friend, this was reason that doawd and Adam were on their own. On Monday morning when daowd woke up and turn his face towards Adam and said, “Adam, are you sleeping”?

Adam responded, “Yes, i am”.

Daowd said perplexedly, “very strange, you are sleeping and responding as well”.

Adam said, “Don’t you know about modern technology”.

Daowd said, “Stop joking, i have to tell you something very important”.

Adam said, “You are planning to make new Pakistan”

Daowd said, “Jinnah has made one Pakistan, that’s enough”. Anyway forget about mocking”.

Adam said, “Than go on”.

Daowd said, “Let’s have breakfast than we will talk”.

Adam responded, “As you wish”.

They went to wash room one by one and then they started preparing breakfast together. They were talking about different topic during breakfast. Finally daowd came to the point and said, “Listen to me carefully Adam......... as you know that me and butt we are partner in this restaurant. As i got the carte sejour (work permit), butt converted restaurant’s contract on my name. So like that i became the owner of the restaurant. When we started restaurant, we fixed our monthly salary ten thousand French franc each and profit should have been divided between us, the restaurant’s rent, workers salary, accountant fee, Marie’s monthly instalment for two years, if i don’t pay, i will lose the papers. I can’t give divorce because i have to wait for two years. Until unless i willn’t give her divorce, i am afraid i will lose the papers. So a naked sword is hanging on my head. As long as i am with her, i have to listen to butt, whatever he says. I have to accept everything because at the moment butt is operating me. Since we have started this restaurant, butt has the control of accounts, what is coming what is going. Whenever i asked him about profit and loss, he related me a long story. Above all he tells me whatever he has done for me until yet. When we started this restaurant, Butt pointed me out that no one should know about this. Specially, Adam shouldn’t know about this. We are earning good money from restaurant. Restaurant is running well but we are still under debts. Profit is something else; i haven’t seen my salary since we have opened this restaurant. Above all when people whom we owe money they come to me and asked about their money because in papers i am the owner of the restaurant. If they will take legal action, it will be against me. Butt is sleeping partner, he willn’t have any problem. He always invents new excuses to take money from restaurant’s account. Sometime he will say, my mother is not well in Pakistan, or i have to pay money to car mechanic. I stand in front of fire and make dishes for the customers. He bought a house in company’s account. He has rented this house to some Pakistani guys. He keeps that rent in his pocket and the house mortgage we pay from restaurant’s account. Butt has an appropriate excuse for everything. He says this will help you when you will marry. It will be easy for your wife’s immigration. The things people haven’t done in ten years time, you will be able to do in few months. He always gives me your example. Look at your friend Adam. He isn’t consistent about any job. Whenever, he will go to Pakistan. He will be empty and bare handed. The most important thing which i was dying to tell you that the grudge between my father and my uncle has been ended because my uncle altaf’s business isn’t like the way it was before. He made a lot of money in martial law’s time. Now there is no more martial law. As Pakistani parliament has been dissolved many times, due to unstable political condition of Pakistan lot of people suffered, so my uncle became the victim of this too. His financial condition is very bad. Bubbly has completed her graduation and she has started teaching in some private school. On the other hand my father’s business is flourishing day by day. He started as dahi bhallay vendor. He used to sell dahi bhallay in front of some shop, now he is the owner of that building. I didn’t know that in Pakistan you can have property on ninety years lease, especially in cantonment areas. Anyway i was telling you about altaf uncle. He was saying if doawd comes to Pakistan we don’t mind if he still wants to marry bubbly. I am thinking that on small eid (it means eid ul fitre. After Ramadan which is the month of fasting for Muslim for twenty nine of thirty days. It depends upon the moon. They celebrate eid festival. Fitre means giving money to poor people. Everyone who is earning enough money is bound to pay Fitrana). So like that i will attend eid festival and marry as well. Since i have started working for restaurant, i forgot love and amore. As you know there aren’t many customers in winter time so i am thinking i should go. I talked about my plan with butt.  He said, why not, you should go. I will book your ticket but he tells me so many problems of restaurant. To solve these problems, you need one year”. Adam was listening daowd and his head was down. He never ever even thought of this that daowd would have been change like this in six months. He was feeling sorrow. If he could have listen, what Doawd said or if he would have accepted his offer, it was very late now.

Daowd said, “You wanted to tell me something”.

Adam fished out from his pocket the sortie lettre (country leaving paper) and showed him.

Daowd said, “What is this”?

Adam responded him, “this called sortie lettre (country leaving paper).it’s an order to leave France. I have to leave France in fifteen days”.

Daowd forgot all his problems and started looking at sortie lettre (country leaving letter). He addressed Adam, “what you think of it”?

Adam responded, “I will go to Pakistan. I will find some job, whatever”. Daowd shouted in angry mode, “Don’t be so stupid, there isn’t anything over there for you. I have heard that things are worse than before”.

Adam responded, “thirteen crore people are living happily in Pakistan”. One hundred and thirty million people.

Daowd said, for them its different thing. People pay millions of rupees to enter in France”.

Adam said, “And finally what they get in return. The money we earn, some of it we pay in taxes, some money goes to agents, some money we spend for paper marriage. Our saving is; what we eat and what we wear. These things we can have in Pakistan too. The only thing we don’t have is qanayat (you fulfil your daily needs what you have. You don’t lament).we are labelled Muslim”.

Daowd wanted to convince Adam. He said, my dear friend it’s the time of arguments. This was the reason, i used to say, apply for political asylum. At least you have some legal position. Oh! I forgot to ask you. Where is that identity card”?

Adam said, “They haven’t given me. They said we will do further enquiry about that card”. Daowd cursed in French language, “putian merde”.

Adam said, “Don’t you think it’s a good thing. Like this i will attend your wedding ceremony. May be i will meet Nadia”?

Daowd asked him astonishingly, “Who is this Nadia”?

Adam said, “I like her”.

Daowd said, “In four years time, you never mentioned about her. You never said anything about her”.

Adam said, “I never felt like that”.

Daowd changed the topic because Adam changed the track intentionally so doawd wanted to come back to the point. He said, “Anyway you are going to Pakistan. Don’t be childish. Go to England. Over there nobody will ask you about documents or papers. Your English is very good. There are so many Pakistani in England. It’s quite possible that you will find some compatible match for marriage”.

Adam said, “How will i go”?

Daowd said, “The way you came here”.

Adam said, “So you mean to say, in container”.

Daowd said sorrowfully, “yes”.

Adam wanted to frighten him. He said, “You know how many people died during this kind of voyage”.

Daowd knew what Adam was thinking. He said in a bad mode, “you willn’t die. You are very tough”

Adam said in a teasing way, “so you have become agent now. You help people for border crossing. You arrange dunkeys (illegal border crossing).

Daowd said, “Don’t pull my leg. I know some people who are in this business. You still have twelve days. If you live here in France, there willn’t be any problem. If you agree for paper marriage, i can arrange something. Now you have to decide that either you would like to stay in Paris or London.

Adam said laughingly and flippantly, “No no. i would like to go to London in container. It will be enjoyable trip”. 







© Copyright 2016 sarfraz baig. All rights reserved.


Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

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