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it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

Chapter15 (v.1) - London 1

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 10

Adam had enough money to pay agent for the dunkey to go to England. In those days it was trend to send people in containers to England. The rate was twelve to fifteen thousand French francs. Daowd told Adam the person who does this business is his friend. You will have to pay the money when you will phone me from England that you are arrived safe and sound. Daowd settled everything with agent. He said you have to at Madeleine metro station at six. Daowd did everything quickly. Adam didn’t even think of it that everything will be done in a short span of time. Although, Adam wanted to spend one week to visit Paris, he wanted to see everything like museums, historical places, art galleries, monuments etc. At least he will spend one day with Anna and he will see Tcknip as well. None of these things happened because he had to leave this evening. They fixed the time at Madeleine metro at six ‘o’ clock.

This was the first time that Adam and Daowd were separating. Adam and Daowd came to Madeleine metro stop at exact time. They haven’t seen anyone so they entered in a garden which was adjacent to Madeleine metro stop. They came inside and sat on white marble bench. Daowd gave Adam some important phone numbers and said, “These are the telephone numbers of those people who bring us food stuff from London. They have a big cash and carry in London. If they catch you at Calais, you should come to Paris. If they catch you at Dover, you apply for political asylum. They will ask by themselves for political asylum. They will provide you solicitor as well. Don’t ruin your life. You swore upon our friendship or to whom you love so much”.

Adam was listening quietly and silently. It’s nice listening, someone, sometime. Anyway they were leaving each other after four long years. So Adam was bound to think, what he was doing.

Suddenly a man appeared. He came towards them and said in murmuring voice, “Pakistanais” (Pakistani).

Daowd said, “Oui” (yes).

So than he spoke in Urdu, “who is daowd among you”?

Daowd shakes his hand and said, “It’s me”.

He said whole heartedly, “so you are daowd. I have heard a lot about you. You are the best and renowned chef of passage Brady”.

Daowd responded modestly, “this is all because of great god and people like you pray for me”.

Adam was hearing their conversation like an idol.

Daowd asked him, “what is your good name”?

He said, “You can call me Nassir Uddin Paracha”.

Daowd thought for a while and said, “Oh I remember Paracha sahib, you have a shop where you sell each item for ten francs”.

Paracha showed fabricated modesty and said, yes, we I do have but I love to help poor and needy as well. As you see, to help deprived people is our duty. These pitiable people can’t find proper job, they can’t even travel from one place to another. In England nobody ask them about papers and they will find job easily”.

Daowd said with great respect and honour, “he is my friend. Since we are in Europe we lived together. We have seen all Europe together”.

Adam wanted to shake hand with paracha and said, “My name is Adam Khan Chughtai”. Paracha didn’t even glanced at him, he didn’t bother to shake hand with him. He said incongruously, “so this is your material. You needn’t to worry about this, daowd sahib, if it will be god’s will, we will deliver your material safe and sound. You know he is the most beneficent and merciful”.

Daowd said in apprehensive voice, “paracha sahib, what about his job and stay. Will you arrange something”?

Paracha said assertively, “yes of course, there won’t be any problem. I have many relatives and acquaintances in London”. Paracha said this and took permission to leave from daowd and told them to wait for him.

Daowd knew very well what the condition of Adam’s heart was. What Adam must be thinking inwardly? Above all paracha didn’t responded Adam’s salutation and he hadn’t shake hand with Adam. Adam and daowd made eye contact like they were saying something each other.

They were not in a mode of discussing this thing that Adam’s feelings were hurt. Adam knew that he hasn’t got documents. If he would have legal papers, than he would face this insult and humiliation. He has been through these kinds of situations many times before.

It was the month of December. Christmas was very near. The sun used to go to her mother’s lap very early something like, three or three thirty post meridian. It was dark outside. Adam look at wrist watch, it was seven ‘o’ clock in the evening. It was getting cold and it was little windy as well due to this, Adam was feeling more chill.

In a blink of eye three boys appeared from somewhere. They were wearing warm clothes. It seemed like that someone forced them to wear all these clothes. They had features like Asian people. When they came close to them, they were speaking strange language. At the corner of the garden a white van came and the driver switched off the engine. It was like Suzuki carrier van. Paracha was waving towards them. He called them in pantomime style. Adam and daowd were walking speedily towards him. The boys he came afterward, they followed them. When they came close to van, Paracha did a pantomime the meaning was sit in the van all of you. So they came very close to van. Adam hugged daowd with deep passion and went towards van like other boys. They opened the sliding door of van and they started entering in van. There were no seats in van. There was a worn and torn rug on the floor. As they heard the voice the sliding door was being closed they accelerated the van and the van was flying. Two men were sitting on front seat. Paracha was driving the van and other man was just sitting next to him. He was saying something to paracha. Adam tried to understand. They were chatting in Punjabi language. Adam was sitting quietly and other three boys were chatting in some bizarre language. He didn’t know what they talking about.

Adam was looking outside habitually. He wanted to know where he was. He read a sign board, Fort d’Aubervilliers. He hardly read this and there van entered in a small alley way. Paracha switched off the van.

It was big cloth storage place. Paracha got off from the driving seat and he slammed the door harshly. He opened van’s sliding door angrily. He took them like a shepherd takes heard of cattle’s. He took them in dark and abandoned room of this storage place. There were many empty bottles of Evian and volvic water at the every corner of the room. It was very easy to smell the stinks of urine or piss in this room. Where they were staying, adjacent to their, there was another room. It was unable to see but with a passage of time Adam was able to see there were other people in that room. He didn’t know who they were but it was his assessment that they must be Pakistani or Indian but he was for sure that they were Punjabi because they talking in Punjabi. While Adam was thinking about them who they are? He heard noise, the Punjabi speaking people and other who were talking in bizarre language, they started quarrelling. When they were shouting, Adam came to know its group of Sikhs and Srilankans. Paracha used to come with small patch of gaps and take pipes with him. There was pin drop silence and due to darkness it was very quiet. So whenever paracha used to come to take pipes. The pipes were creating noise and there noise used to break the quietness and silence of the room. Adam was enjoying this theatre in the darkness. He has been through dunkeys many times, so he wasn’t scared of anything. He thought about Victor Hugo’s play. Les dernier jour da condemns. The last days of condemn. He was thinking that god has written his destiny or fate like this. He was going to London from Paris but others were coming from India and Srilanka and they have been through many dunkeys until now. They have given ten lakhs rupees each, nearly fifteen thousand dollars, which was a lot of money. Their deal was up to London. During their journey all expanses were agent’s (people broker) responsibility. It has been three hour that Adam was in this solitary confinement. Nearly eleven ‘o’ clock at night a very slim and smart guy entered in the room. He switched on the light and started explaining them precautions about dunkey.

No parachute jackets, because they create noise)

No coins of any country

No wrist watches specially who have alarm system

Any jewellery which create noise

Above all you can’t take anything with you which create even little noise or sound.

You are not allowed to sneeze

You are not allowed to talk

You are not allowed to fight

No murmuring, no coughing, no sleeping or snorting, no burps.

Where you people will be sitting, you will find two plastic bottles. One will have water to drink and other is will be empty for pissing. As your truck or container will enter in environs of London, the driver will drop you one by one. He explain them everything and then asked them you get me. Everyone said yes accept srilankans. They were looking at his face. He knew that srilankan didn’t understand anything. He called a srilankan guy for them. The srilankan guy entered in their pongy and stinky room and explained them in their language.

Again that slim and smart guy came and took them like heard of sheep. The last was Adam. He thought because of daowd they will treat him nicely but he was mistaking. He was treating them same. For him they were not human being, they were like animals. He brought them close to container. What, Adam saw that container was loaded with cases of volvic and Evian water. Every case had twelve bottles and every bottle’s weight was 1.5 Litre. So every case has 18 Litre weight. One of the guys was helping them to enter in the container. Right at the back of the cases there was being made a place like a grave. It was made of those pipes which were getting paracha one by one. This was place exactly at the back of driver. This place had hardly room for ten people to sit there. Ten of them were sitting in position like their knees were glued with their bellies. There were srilankans, Sikhs and two Pakistani and Adam was as well among them. When they took their positions properly than that portion of the truck was filled with cases of Evian and volvic water. There it was very dark where they were sitting. They were unable to see anything after a little while they were able to see each other faces. Adam was sitting in a corner. This was his punishment because he was slave of his principles but he wasn’t feeling guilty conscience. He preferred to punish himself instead playing with someone’s feelings. He had polluted his conscience.

He was hearing conversation outside the container. There driver was French. Adam found this thing through his accent. Anyway either you are crossing border illegally from Greece or Italy, France or England, without cooperation of local people like French, English, and Greek or Italian, you can’t cross the border of that country. Adam had this experience in Greece and Italy.

They heard the clatter of shutter that someone pulled it down with great force to close it. The little light which they have was disappeared after this. Adam was nosy so he was trying to hear what was going on outside. Someone locked the shutter that what’s he heard. They felt a jerk and jolt. They sensed that container is rising upwards. Adam new that it was trucks hydraulic system because driver switched on the truck so hydraulic system was functioning. As hydraulic system completed their truck started moving. They were sitting quietly at their place which was like grave. They kept quiet for while than srilankans and Sikhs started murmuring each other. One of the Sardar (it’s a term used for Sikhs) was trying to keep them quiet but due to this noise was increasing. After a long drive their container stopped. All of them were frightened. They felt that they were not breathing. They felt that somebody has squeezed all blood from their body. They heard someone was opening the lock of shutter than he lifted up shutter. He checked the container with torch. All of them were alert that now they will deport us if they will discover us. They heard someone pulled down the shutter and locked it again. They came back to normal but this now they were very silent. They didn’t know that this was local check post. The check post or the border has to come. The driver restarted the truck. Until now drinking was finished and both bottled were filled with their urine. All of them were so close to each other that they were able to smell each other’s breath. They were farting as well so it was nearly impossible to breathe. During this period some of them were sneezing, some of them were sleeping for a little span; someone was hitting the container’s wall with his knee. These all things were dangerous for them. Due to one person’s mistake all of them had to suffer. Adam was reciting the pray of Adam and Eve when god punished them and send them to earth from paradise. When Adam and Eve ate the wheat grain (in Christianity it’s an apple). They didn’t obeyed god’s order so they were expelled from paradise and he sent them at different places. To meet again both of them prayed this pray. The central idea of the pray was “we did mistake. God please forgive us otherwise we will be with same group whom you were and are unhappy. Adam was reciting this pray during the journey.

Their container stopped after a long drive. This time it didn’t move. It was stands still. All of them were hushed like some snake has bitten them. Their truck started moving again and they were out of stress. They sensed that their truck was moving on some wooden track. After this their truck stopped there and driver switched off the engine. Adam was for sure that their truck has been entered in a ship. As their container stopped all of them started feeling nausea. Adam was feeling the same. While he was feeling this, the srilankan who was sitting in front of him he vomited and showered the Sikh who wasn’t ready for this. The Sikh decided to beat him up but all of them heard the dogs were barking outside. The security guards were carrying dogs and they were passing close to every truck and container just to check if there aren’t any drugs and hard core drugs in these trucks and containers. Whenever they had doubt they used to ask the concerned person to open it. This was their job. Adam was thinking they were at Calais’s check post but he didn’t know this that the French and the British immigrant officers do their immigration satisfaction at the same place. It’s not there are separate immigrations at Calais and Dover. They didn’t know this that once they will be out of the ship than there won’t be any problem. As long as their container was in still position in the ship all of them were in terrible condition. It was like a naked sword was hanged above their head with a thin chord. If they will do little mistake, this sword will fall on them and cut them into two pieces. They heard the ignition voice of cars and they felt jerk that their truck moved. It was very easy to feel for them that their container was moving on zigzag track. Adam was unable to see but he was sensing everything. As zigzag track ended the driver accelerated the truck and he increased the velocity. The place like grave where they were sitting, it was a frame which was made with pipes and above the frame there were cases of mineral water as well. All of them were frightened that this frame will fall on them and they will die because driver was driving the container very fast. It would have been hour that he was driving fast. Suddenly he stopped the container and they heard the voice that someone was opening the lock. They heard someone lifted up shutter. As it was open, sharp light entered in their eyes due to this light they were unable to see. Everyone was trying to see; first of all they saw hazy images than these hazy images became real images. They heard an up roar in Punjabi language, “come out one by one. Don’t make any noise otherwise I will give you to police and they will deport you to your country. They were already frightened and panicked so what he said was more than enough. So they started coming out from this grave like place. Adam came out lastly because he wasn’t in rush. A guy came and guided them up to the basement. He warned them to remain quiet. It was very cold in basement so he gave them, quilts and he gave them potatoes chips and big bottles of coca cola.

As soon as they were getting confirmation about payment they were taking the telephone numbers of their relatives, brothers or whoever they were. Daowd knew as well that Adam has been to his destiny safe and sound. Adam hasn’t written any telephone at any place. He remembered all important numbers so he gave them Daowd’s acquainted person in London. They tried that number but no one was responding. One by one everyone left the basement because their concerned person came and took them. Someone came from Birmingham, someone came from Bradford. Adam was sitting all alone in the basement like an imbecile. His was feeling headache so he came out from basement to ground floor of this place where he was staying. He encounters with a person, as he saw him, he started shouting at him, and he wanted to harass him. Adam responded him very badly. He said, “He haven’t brought for free or for god sake. I have paid you for this”. There was another person who looked like a descent person. He accompanied Adam to kitchen and said, “Make some tea for this guy. I think he is little bit upset”. They offered him tea and a tablet of anadin extra to get rid of headache. After having tea and tablet Adam was feeling better. That guy said, “The number you have given us. No one responds. No one picks up the phone”. Adam was surprised this gentleman was using app and janab instead of tu (app is lei and vous in Italian and French for respect and tu is tu in French and Italian as well but. On the other hand in English there is only one pronoun for app and Tu. In old English there is separate pronoun for respect but it’s not in use and not very common). Adam thought, he must have been mistaking. He was here since morning. He was very tired. His mouth was smelly. His breath was very bad even for him it was impossible to sense it. It was very easy to feel this that his mouth’s odour was very bad. Until now it was dark outside. Adam didn’t know he was in which part of London. He didn’t know that they felt pity on him and they brought him in Earl’s court area. There they dropped him in Earl’s court food and wine. They told the owner of the shop that we can’t find his relatives. You let him stay with you for couple of days. They only said this and took their way.

Adam was sitting in this shop and he was staring at customers who were coming and going than he came out from shop. The light poles were decorated and there were many Christmas trees as well. Adam thought for while that this was the country whose sun never set but now this country’s sun even doesn’t rise.

He was walking on the pavement. As he was walking, suddenly he saw a book shop. It was written Waterston at the front of this shop. He stepped inside. He asked the person who was sitting at the counter, “what time you close”?

The person who was sitting at the counter he said in cockney style, “ay o clo”. He was saying eight ‘o’ clock. So he has little time to see books. Adam glanced at every section. He found contemporary fiction section. He didn’t realise while he was flipping the papers of different books that it’s eight ‘o’ clock. He came back to Earl’s court food and wine. There was an old man at the cash counter and he had Rosario in his hand and he was thumbing it. His head was covered with a cap made of net. It’s very common cap in Muslim community and it’s made in china. That gentleman was wearing shalwar and qameez. He shaved so many times in his whole life so because of this his face was like a chicken when you remove her all feathers. Adam was customarily observing this old man, he heard his voice. He was talking to him. He said, “Tara kay na a”. What is your name? (This is potohari dialect and it’s very famous in people of Mirpure. A great majority of mirpuri are settled in the united kingdom of Great Britain. Some people call them mp as well. People from Rawalpindi to Jhelum they are acquainted to this dialect which is called potohari). Adam answered him in Potohari dialect, “Mara na Adam aye”. My name is Adam. That old man asked him again, “kuthay rehran ay”? (Where you live)

Adam was thinking to answer him but in the mean while a middle aged man interrupted the conversation and said, “abba jee kay ankhrein o, papay ashraf nal achaya ay”. (Daddy why are interviewing him. Mr Ashraf left him here).

Than that old man said, “mein vi daso na, mein ki kay pata” (you should tell me about this. I knew nothing about this).

That middle aged man said, “Oye farid tari chutti huye gey. Tu subha sat wajay achaya. Es ki Sufi nay khar churiya a”. (Farid you are free now. Tomorrow you have to come seven ‘o’ clock in the morning. Leave this gentleman at Sufi’s house).

Adam got it that they are either from Mirpure or gujar khan. When Adam was doing his graduation, he has many college fellows from gujar khan and they had same dialect potohari. It wasn’t difficult for Adam to understand there dialect.

Farid had different style and look. When he used to speak potohari, he used to mix English as well. It was like some Pidgin or it might be some kind of Creole.

Both of them sat in the car and he was driving the car on different roads. He was trying to read the road signs but he didn’t know where he was. Suddenly their car passed in front of Hounslow west underground station than he knew that he was in Hounslow area. After turning three streets that gentleman stopped the car in front of house. He indicated Adam to get off from the car. After few steps they were standing in front of a house. That boy knocked the door. A man opened the door. He had long hair, very fair complexion, he has moustaches, it was difficult to know that either he has moustaches or not because there was very thin line of moustaches on his upper lip. His both ears were pierced and he was wearing golden ear rings in them. He was wearing shalwar qameez. As he opened the door he said, “Langi ao, langi ao, ay pahi uri kaunrain”? (Come in please, come in please, who is this gentleman?)

That guy responded, “Ay pahi ashraf nal achay say. Una akhiya aya taray kol kini achan”. (He came with Mr. Ashraf and he said that I should leave him at your place).

Farid asked his name in cockney style, “way o name”? (What is your name?)

Adam responded him, “Adam”.

The guy who opened the door for them he said, “Acho acho, ithay kiyan standay gay o”. (Come inside. Why are you standing here?)

As Adam stepped inside the house, he felt very bad odour. The house was fully carpeted. Adam sensed that carpet was very sticky, because it was very dirty. Where they told him to sit that room had three beds and three was a cupboard for clothes. The wall paper was in very bad condition. It was damaged and shabby from different places. There were curtains made of net on the window but they were grimy and grubby. The spores of this net curtain were filled with filth. There was dim light in the room. There was 40 watts bulb, hanging in the room. They were talking in very low voice because whenever the raised the volume, someone banged the wall which means, lower your voice because the guy who was sleeping adjacent to this had to wake up five ‘o’ clock in the morning. Finally farid said khuda hafiz and left them on their own. Sufi sattar (that was his name) told Adam, “This is your bed where you will have to sleep. There are, two other person in this room. They finish their work very late so they come in the morning and sleep. So there will be no problem for you. Insha Allah, if it will be god’s will, in couple of days you will find some job as well. Until that period you needn’t to worry about house rent and meals”.

Adam said, “No, not at all. I will pay you house rent in advance and I will pay you for meals separately”. Adam had hundred pounds and rest of his saving he left with daowd.

Sufi sattar took him to his room and offered him dinner than cup of tea and lastly switched on television. Adam watched television for a while than he started blaming his fate and luck. He was feeling that he has been arrived in some village but there no other solution. It was very late. Adam came to his room and lay down on his bed.

Adam woke up very late in the morning and he had severe headache. He entered in the kitchen; he saw a man was making tea. Adam said salutations and introduced himself, “my name is Adam Khan Chughtai and you”?

So that gentleman responded, “Gee, my name is tahir jamil kashani”.

Adam said, “Your name is very poetical and romantic. You didn’t go to work today”.

Kashani sahib responded, “Actually on Saturday and Sunday I don’t go to work”.

Adam asked him again. It was his habit as well to ask personal questions in first meeting to other people, “what you do”?

He said, “I am a truck driver. I work for a cash and carry. I deliver their goods from one place to another place”.

Adam frankly said, “Kashani sahib, I have severe headache. Do you have any headache tablet”?

He responded him friendly, “yes of course but I think you should eat something. Breakfast is ready after this you can take headache tablet”. They took their breakfast together and then he took tablet. He was feeling better after half an hour. He felt that he got new life but there was terrible pain in his knees because he sitting in same position in container for many hours. It must have been eight or nine hours that he hadn’t stretch his legs.

Adam addressed kashani sahib, “kashani sahib, I have to buy certain things. Is there any store around here? You must know it”.

Kashani sahib said, “Adam sahib why don’t you come with me. I am going there as well. I have to buy some meat for lunch. Only these two days I eat at home. Otherwise sometime I eat burger, sometime pizza and quite often doner kebab”.

Both of them changed their clothes and sat in the car and came to Hounslow west centre. Kashani sahib parked the car and both of them started walking on the pavement. They entered in Hounslow food and wine. It was big shop. There was everything here like food stuff and household things. The speciality of the shop was that that all workers were Pakistani. Adam was looking at them perplexedly. He took tooth brush, tooth paste, disposable razor and a towel. He came at the counter to pay for these things but he was unable to decide either he should speak in Urdu or in English or he has to talk in potohari dialect. His dilemma was being solved. He heard a voice from cashier, “nine pound and ninety nine pence please. You need a bag”?

Adam gave him fifty pounds note. He took nine pond and ninety nine pence and gave him rest.

Kashani sahib has already paid for the meet. He said, “Shall we go”?

Adam said, “yes, why not”.

Adam bought a prepaid telephone and dialled daowd’s number. If you say it was miracle, it won’t be wrong because when he dialled the number, daowd picked up the phone, otherwise he is always busy in the kitchen.

As Adam knew it was daowd’s voice and daowd recognises his voice and said, “How are you Adam. They told me that you were reached at your destiny safe and sound. Paracha sahib phoned me that one of his acquaintances left you at his relative’s place. What about the telephone number which I gave you”?

Adam said, “They tried that number many times but no one was responding”.

Daowd said, “I phoned them and they told me that when we went to take him, he wasn’t there. Anyway I have your money. Whenever you need, I will send you and if you need anything feel free to ask me”.

Adam asked him, “Were there any phone calls for me? I gave our telephone number to some of my friends. I didn’t tell them that I am leaving”.

Daowd said, “Yes there were phone calls for you. One had very difficult name tak Ni and other was Anna. Adam you never told me about this maybe there would have some chance of paper marriage. You would have been able to get documents anyway in London you will have many opportunities. It’s my wish that you should marry someone because I have heard that there are many Pakistani families in London”.

Adam said, “I will do it. You tell me, how about butt, you systemised anything”.

Daowd said, “Yes I have hired an assistant cook. When he will be able to manage everything I will go to Pakistan. I have reserved my seat for 27th January. It’s quite possible that I and bubbly will marry. They are waiting for me. I feel unhappy that you won’t participate in my wedding ceremony. There is another thing, my sister marriage has been arranged as well. If you have any message for your family kindly tell me. I will specially got there to see them”.

Adam took a long cold breath and said, “What message should I send them. If it’s possible kindly give them some money. I don’t know when I will find some job”.

Daowd said, “You needn’t to worry about this”.

Adam said, “Allah hafiz and ciao” and phone was disconnected.


Adam found a job at Finnegan’s wake food and wine. He wasn’t earning bad at all. Adam got confused that the shop’s name was very literary because it was the name of Irish novelist James Joyce’s book.

Since he was in Europe he had many experiences of different kind of jobs so now there was no problem for him doing anything. It was Adam’s job to bring things from basement and he used to fill up the empty shelves. Where Adam’s shop was, this area was famous for labour and working class. Where Adam was working the road was called Wandsworth and the speciality of this road was Chelsea football ground was very near. This was the only reason that according to business point of view this shop was running very well.


Christmas has been passed and it was the beginning of new-year. It was getting colder and colder. It has been four years that Adam was living in Europe but in London it was more than other European countries where he had been. The people who came forty or fifty years before they told him that it was colder than this when they came and due to pollution there isn’t cold like before.

Adam liked working hours. He has to start working at one ‘o’ clock and has to finish at eleven ‘o’ clock. He used to finish his work and used to take underground to come home. It was like metro in Paris.

Where he was staying, in he has two other roommates. They were minicab driver. They used to do cabing till late and used to come home five or six ‘o’ clock in the morning. Adam used to wake up late so there was no problem for him. These guys used to come sometime early and they used to talk in very strange language which was neither English nor Punjabi or potohari. They used to smoke heroine every day. Once they asked Adam, “Do you mind when we smoke heroine”?

Adam responded them “you do whatever you like. It’s your life. You do whatever you like with yourselves. You don’t harm me anyway”.

One of them asked, “Bhai sahib, what is your name”?

Adam said, “Gee Adam khan chughtai and yours”?

Both of them introduced themselves one by one, “raja riyasat khan siyal” and other said, “Sohail Ahmad khan satti”.

Adam asked them a very stupid question, “are you related each other”?

Satti responded, “no, but our forefathers are from same village. Our birth place is Bradford”.

Adam asked them, “Are you studying”?

Satti responded him enchantingly, “I have been to high school but I can speak English better than who has done masters in English in Pakistan. I speak fluently, Pakistan’s degrees are rubbish and useless. They speak wrong English”.

Siyal confirmed what he said and he added, “Yes he is right. I have done “o” level but in front Pakistani officer can’t open their mouth when I speak English with them. Can you speak English”?

Adam responded them humbly and modestly, “a little bit. You can say I can manage things”.

Satti asked him, “What you were doing in Pakistan”.

Adam invented and fabricated an answer in a very short time and said, “I used to sell dry fruits in winter time and used to sell mangoes and other fruits in summer time. Finally I sell my vending trolley and came to England. I haven’t been to school. As you said there isn’t anything in Pakistani education and degrees. When I will learn English in London than Pakistani officer won’t be able to speak English in front of me”.

Satti believed Adam’s fabricated and invented story and said, “You are very right. Are you married”?

Adam said, “Well actually not. In fact I am illegal in London and you know that an illegal person is like untouchables. You haven’t read any advertisement in Jung London about compatible matches. They mention it precisely that illegal, political asylum seeker and student can’t apply for these advertisements”.

Satti responded him, “we have never given any ad for marriage in the newspaper. I am married with a girl village girl from gujar khan. She is my aunt’s daughter”. Adam asked siyal, “what about you”.

Siyal responded him confidently and assertively, “my wife is from gujar khan as well”.

Adam said ironically, “why you haven’t married with girls those girls who are born in England and their parents are Pakistani. They speak English better than Pakistani officers”.

Satti was trying to convince Adam. He said, “The girls who are born here, they become very open minded. They know their rights. On the other hand the girls from Pakistan don’t mind either we drink alcohol or we smoke heroine. Even if we go out with other girls or visit prostitutes they don’t say anything but the girls who are born here they can’t take these things. They take divorce straight away”.

Adam asked him in inquisitive style, “what about those girls whom you don’t marry”?

Siyal responded him like a simple guy, “they go to Pakistan and marry with their cousin”.

Adam was taking interest in conversation. He said, “What’s wrong with them who are here in England either they are illegal or asylum seekers”.

Satti again tried to convince Adam and said, “The guys who live here. They are habitual of this life. Most of the time, it has been discovered that they are already married in Pakistan or they engaged. As soon as they get papers they give divorce or they start thinking about their girl friends in Pakistan”.

Adam said, “So all Pakistanis are fraud. You are Pakistani as well. Aren’t you”?

Siyal responded him, “no we aren’t Pakistani. We are Kashmiri and Kashmiris aren’t fraud and deceitful people.

Adam asked him intriguingly and curiously, “so gujar khan isn’t in Pakistan? You people, I mean your parents, thirty years before when they came to England. Weren’t they holding Pakistani passport”?

Satti responded him surely and confidently, “its true Gujar Khan is in Pakistan and our parent travelled with Pakistani passport from Pakistan but it doesn’t mean if you have the passport of some country. You become like them. Our parents had Pakistani citizenship but they were and are Kashmiri”.

Adam said, “You are absolutely right. Like you are British but you aren’t English. You have British nationality but having citizenship of some country or passport, you don’t become English”.

Siyal didn’t get his ironical and satirical answer what he meant to say. He appreciated Adam’s wisdom and perception and said, “Mr Adam you are very intelligent person”.

Adam said in a very humble and modest way, “this is all because of you people that I am sharing room with you”.

Satti asked, “Do you drink alcohol”?

Adam was habitual of these faqs (frequently asked questions). So he responded, “Neither have I smoked cigarette nor drink alcohol”.

Siyal asked him further, “You go to prostitutes”?

Adam responded just for sake of fun because he knew their calibre, “since I came out from, I haven’t had chance to see it again”. Satti and siyal didn’t get his sense of humour.

© Copyright 2016 sarfraz baig. All rights reserved.


Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

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