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it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut


it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 01, 2012




It has been months that Adam was living in London. He found London different the way thought. His imaginations were entirely diverse about it. He understood quickly the London’s underground’s system. Like in France there were metro like one, two three and further on. In London they had colours. Like green line, yellow line or Bakerloo line, circle line, Piccadilly line, district line, jubilee line etc.

Adam used to take jubilee line from Hounslow west up to earl’s court than he has to change the line. He knew about directions, it was same like Paris because district line has many directions like Ealing Broadway, Richmond, Edgware road, Upminster, Kensington Olympia. If you will do a little mistake than you will be at other part of London. The Pakistanis who came to London forty or fifty years before, they used to tie coloured ribbons to catch the right tube (train, line). Where have to take the tube and where have to change for further voyage. It used to seem like that that someone had tied multi coloured pieces of clothes at some saint’s shrine. If some would have removed that ribbon by mistake, on that day the person who had tied ribbon, he didn’t go to work. As the time passed, people had awareness and they started learning how to use tubes. Now it’s very easy to find the right tube on a small underground map. Even though, Adam did the same mistake once or twice. He took the wrong direction’s train because of this he was late at work.


After first and second (especially) world war British Empire started giving independence to her colonies and the countries who were their dependent. The countries who were under their slavery, they were Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Bangladesh, Tibet and srilanka. These all countries were famous with the name of undivided India or indo-pak subcontinent. British Empire used to nominate a viceroy for indo.pak subcontinent.

In First World War seventy four thousand three thousand three hundred and thirty two (74332) Indian soldiers lost their lives for British Empire and they are buried in different European graveyards. In return British Empire promises them that if you will fight for us, we will give you independence. In their army there were soldier from all above mentioned countries which was called India at that time. In the First World War Muslim of India fought against khalifat-e-usmania (ottoman empires), which means Muslims fought against Muslims but British Empire hasn’t given them independence.

In Second World War eighty six thousand nine hundred and seventeen (86917) Indian soldiers lost their lives for British Empire and they are buried in different graveyards of the world. After Second World War British Empire fulfilled their promise and given independence to her colonies. They looted India with both hands. After the war the expenses were more than what they were earning from India so they decided to give independence because they sucked the last drop of blood from India. When they were leaving, they divided India in such a way that until now they aren’t able to become stable countries.

On 14th august in the middle of the night two countries came into being. One of them was Pakistan. As everyone knows for indo-pak subcontinent’s independence political leaders, women, young, old, kids, everyone struggled for this. On the other hand those one lakh, sixty-one thousand two hundred and forty nine (161249) who lost their lives for British Empire, they fought for Indian independence. I think those soldier played important role in Indian independence. In those soldiers there were Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Nepali, Tibetan, srilankan, Buddhist and people from every religion their lives. Those 161249 one lakhs twelve thousand two hundred and forty-nine soldiers who lost their lives, they paid the price of independence.


In the fourteenth century all Europe was suffering of Black Death. England suffered of this Black Death as well. According to statistics nearly one third population died due to this Black Death. In the eleventh century the population of England was two million. At the end of nineteenth century the England’s population increased and it was 12 million. The birth rate in England increased until 1871. After this their death rate increased and birth rate decreased.

The first time England’s population started decreasing when after the First World War their people started migrating to Canada and Australia. This migration decreased in 1930 but during their migration lot of immigrants from other European countries started entering in England. They were continuously coming to England until Second World War but this immigration decreased in 1951.

After Second World War England got big loans from World Bank on easy instalments. They used these loans for their country’s progress and development and for that they needed manpower as well. Their manpower demand was fulfilled by common wealth member’s countries and the first people who came to England for work purpose were West Indians than there were Pakistanis and Kashmiris as well. So from 1951 to 1960 they came to England continuously. The population of these common wealth countries started increasing rapidly. At last their population increased up to 1.7 million until 1970. There was grand increase in immigrants when Asian people from Uganda starting coming to England and they were given British passports officially. The immigrants are still entering in England but with passage of time it’s becoming more and more difficult to enter in England.


The owner of the food and wine where Adam was working was a person from mirpur. It has been more than thirty years that he was living in England. When he left Pakistan he was only twenty years old. He was sick of family problems and he decided to leave Pakistan. So via Afghanistan and passing through many other countries he entered in England and he felt very good.

Ali sardar Gondal, when he came to England, there were few Pakistanis and Indians here. As he came to England the first thing he did, he passed driving test and got the job as a bus driver. He wasn’t highly educated but he was very intelligent and sharp. He learnt English and he was thousand times better than many Pakistanis who were here for such a long time and they were unable to speak or understand English. Gondal wasn’t even good in speaking but in reading and writing, he was good as well. Still there are many Pakistanis in London they don’t even bother to learn English and they are here from last forty years even more. So they when their kids go to school and they learn English and at home they speak potohari or Punjabi. So with English and potohari they create another language as,

“Dar ki shati chor, wind achrein” (close the door the wind in coming or blowing.

“There are some parathas in the changeer” (there are some chapattis cooked with oil in the pan).

Anyway Gondal sahib was very different from others. His life style was different. He used to eat good food, used to wear expensive clothes, used to drink alcohol and used to have sexual relationship with girls. He always felt free of all religious obligations and requirements. This was his style in the beginning when he was new in England. When he wasn’t married, he was young. As the time was passing, hypocrisy and duplicity was increasing in his personality. He started leaving the path of honesty, plainly saying things wittiness and sense of humour. In 1970 he started job as a people broker and he used to help the people to cross the borders of different countries which is called dunkey in these days. In other words he was an agent. As other people entered in this business, he left this job and started his small business in London. He kept himself busy in this business for few years. Then, he planned with bank officer and with the help of his accountant, he showed himself bankrupt. The profit he earned with this plan, thrice of them divided but the disadvantage of this was that there was ban on Gondal for three years to restart any business.

During this pan of time, he went to Pakistan and got married there. Bought a nice and beautiful house and lived there for three years with honour and respect. The relatives who wanted to kill him, now they were his fan. They used to look after him like a very important person. Gondal sahib was living happy life but suddenly started business with his some relative of drugs smuggling. Gondal sahib was running this business nicely but it didn’t last long. Finally they captured him and he spent three in Brixton jail. He wasn’t hopeless when he came out. He shaved his head and grew his beard which was very long and started praying five times a day which are farz (duty) for every Muslim and started thumbing Rosario. Now Gondal sahib used to stay in Pakistan most of the time. He made a lot of money by illegal means. He used to keep himself busy in religious activities just to show the people that he is down to earth and very religious. All of a suddenly Gondal sahib thought of making gold. He didn’t know the chemical formula of gold so he was trying to make gold with spiritual way. For this purpose he started visiting spiritual people and the people who were related to this business. He started spending time a saint’s shrines and mausoleums. There he met with ftawatull malaik shahani. Ftawatull malaik shahani sahib was an old man with long white beard. He knew what Gondal wanted that he is ruining his life for the sake of gold. He can’t even sleep well.

Shahani sahib was magnificent and breathtaking personality. Before the partition of Pakistan and India kashani was the professor of mathematics in government college of Pakistan. As Pakistan came into being he embraced Islam and decided to stay in Pakistan because didn’t want to spoil his comfortable and tranquil life. He changed his name from jogindarpal saksena to ftawatull malaik shahani. Due to this he was respectable in every Islamic sect. When Pakistan and India came into being, shahani sahib discovered it in short period the political structure of these country isn’t stable and the economy will be worse in future. There will be no change in next ten years. So the middle of sixties he migrated to America with his whole family. He didn’t applied Gondal sahib’s strategy. He was very cunning and shrewd man. He started his life right in the beginning on religious grounds. It was nearly impossible to judge for a normal person that his all religious activities were false. In fact he was hypocrite and charlatan. The real face of kashani sahib was that that he was working for Pakistan and America as secret agent. He used to travel around the world like a little kid play with globe because he has American citizenship. Gondal sahib and shahani sahib became very intimate and close friend. Shahani sahib used to feel that Gondal is following his track.

In these days Gondal sahib to keep himself busy had started this food and wine business in London. At the entrance of the shop there was big frame hanged containing quranic verses. They were for the prosperity of business.

According to Gondal sahib’s Islamic school of thought alcohol was haram in Islam it was makroh. Haram the thing which isn’t allowed in any case and makroh is you can do it but it isn’t nice. So drinking alcohol was a bad thing according to his philosophy but doing its business wasn’t bad at all. Selling alcohol and making profit was haram in Islam. Lots of people pointed out that this quranic verse isn’t suitable for this shop or you stop selling alcohol but he never accepted nobody’s philosophy because he had strong believe that alcohol isn’t haram.

Gondal sahib was very mean about money. He never trusted anybody. Whenever he used to stay at the shop, he used to count the sale many times. Apart from this he used to check all nearest dust bins which were close to shop. He used to check these bins artistically that nobody should know that what Gondal sahib is examining. He used to check chocolates, biscuits and pies wrappers or energy drink tins or juices cartons that his workers has taken eaten these things or drink something and he threw empty tin or carton in the bin. He used to judge things with his shops price stickers. Whenever any worker asked him about eating anything either it was lunch time or dinner time. He never liked it. It was his great desire that worker shouldn’t eat and drink at the shop and during work. When they finish their job, they go home and then eat and drink. There was CCTV camera system installed. He used to check the video cassette of the shop every night. He used to control through this cassettes about shelves, cash counter and basement. He never discovered anything but suspiciousness was his habit. Gondal sahib was very punctual about namaz. He never missed any namaz either he was at counter or he was in the basement. One day Gondal sahib made up his mind and sells his Finnegan food and wine and went to Pakistan forever.


Adam was jobless once again but after a little break he found job in a chicken shop. Adam used to peel off chickens skin whole day. His chicken hop was adjacent to Fulham Broadway underground station. There famous London’s pub the slug and lettuce’s branch was next to them. Across the road there was Irish pub called bootsy brogan. It was called before swan. Fulham Broadway was occupied by foreigners.

Where Adam was working in front of that chicken shop all the building were own by Sikhs. Who came to England forty years before and they worked very hard, saved money and bought these properties. Adam couldn’t even dream about it that he will be working on Fulham Broadway when he completing his graduation and there was a story which was written by Angus Wilson and in that story he talks about Fulham Broadway. The short story talks about dog, which die on this road in car accident. People discuss about it feel pity for him but after a while they forget about this.


 Adam was working in a chicken shop and that was adjacent to a pub called The Slug and Lettuce. This pub used to be quiet in the morning but it used to be jam pack in the evening and further on. There used to be football matches on Wednesday and Sunday in Chelsea ground, sometime F.A. cup’s matches. Due to these events Fulham Broadway area and its environs used to be very busy. There used to long queues in food stores and chicken shops and fish & chips shops. In England people drink a lot of beer and on this occasion hooligans used to show their specialities. If they win, due to happiness and joy they throw empty bottle and cans towards shops and if they lose they throw empty bottles and can towards shop in anger and rage. It happens many times, police intervened to stop them and he ordered nearest shop to close the shops.


 Goras (white, which means English) wherever they have been and ruled, they applied there famous formula divide and rule. There this formula never functioned in the sports because in play ground the level to judge team or a single person with his stamina and quality of game which he shows, Golf, Cricket, Squash and Billiards. These were royal games. An ordinary person couldn’t even dream about to play these games. The countries that were under their slavery, they were not even allowed to touch cricket bat, squash racket, golf and snooker or billiard stick. Now these countries are independent and free and they play these games and it they beat them in their grounds and courts and they can’t take this. Their arrogance and egotism disturb them. These defeats are unbearable for them. This thing they have shown when Pakistan won the world cup final against England. In England where there were Pakistani immigrants there were many riots among them.


Adam used to peel of chicken’s skin all day. This was his job and after that he used to marinate these chicken pieces with bread crumbs. This was special kind of flour which was made for this purpose and due to this i was easy to fry chicken pieces. With a passage of time Adam got permission to serve the people at the counter. When he started working at the counter, he met with allahyar khan. In the beginning he thought that he is very proud man but later on he discovered that he is very nice man and they became friends. The reason of friendship was Adam’s feet’s pain. Adam used to work in standing position for ten or twelve hours a day. Due to this his blood circulation wasn’t the way it should be. His feet never ached during work. As soon as he came home, took off his shoes and had shower he felt that feet are burning like a fire. He always wanted to put his feet on big slab of ice.

Allahyar khan was working in Patel’s pharmacy across the road. He was B. Pharmacy honours. Adam met with many other Pakistani boys before, who were born in England. They haven’t left good impression. Or you can say that they were not able to make a good impression in front of Adam. There were two British born boys in his room. Both of them were addict of hard core drugs. Above all they were proud and pompous of being British born and they were feeling haughty that they speak English. After meeting with allahyar khan, Adam had to change his opinion and estimation about British born boys. Anyway he hadn’t mentioned his opinion to anyone until yet.

Allahyar khan was very well educated person. He was well mannered and he knew the etiquettes how to talk with people. He wasn’t proud of being British and of his English. Adam lacked Daowd’s company many times but after meeting allahyar khan he was feeling little bit better. They started going to discotheques together because allahyar wasn’t even educated; he was kind at heart as well. He had one bad and strange habit. When he has seen some beautiful girl, he forgot where he is standing. He started chatting with her and offered her drink and took her in to nearest bar. When she used to say yes, he used to say in loud voice, “Adam, i got to go”. In short period Adam understood this was his style so this thing never offends him. On the other hand allahyar was man of many good habits that’s why Adam had respect for him in his heart. Allahyar knew about Pakistani kids who were born in England that they have some social defects. This is not their fault. They are suffering of cultural schism.


Whoever has born in this world, he can’t born with his will and he can’t die with his own will. He can’t be born with a religion which he can select before birth. He doesn’t even know that he is born in Hindu family or Muslim family. He doesn’t know either he is Christian or Jew. That kids parents tell him that what religion he has, what family he has and rest of the things he learn from this society.

If a baby is born in England or in France, He is born in Pakistan or in Germany. This isn’t his fault that he is born in these countries or it his quality that he is born here because he can’t select these things before birth like someone can’t die according to his will.

In England when Pakistani kids go to school. Their school environment is according to British standard. They speak English when they are in school. When they come home they feel that they are in some little Pakistan. They are bound to speak their parent’s language, dialect. This is hard fact there is massive difference between Pakistani and British culture.


The Pakistani who came to England from 1957 to 1970, they were not weak financially and monetarily but their basic qualification was nominal as well. In those days there wasn’t big difference between pound and Pakistan rupee but in those days to make or have Pakistan passport was very difficult. It was that difficult like today having visa of European countries, America, Australia on Pakistani passport.

In sixties and seventies people from Jhelum, Campbellpur (Attock) and Gujar Khan migrated from Pakistan to England. It has been not very long time that Pakistan came into being. The country was in construction process. It needed manpower as well but right in the beginning there were some political disasters. The Pakistan political situation was strange. This newly born country faced many calamities and catastrophes in the beginning. There was no stable government and it had martial laws one after another.

In those days the people who migrated to England. They were not highly educated and they haven’t had enough religious awareness. Their main goal and objective of life was to make a lot of money in short time and get rid of their poverty. They used to work days and night shifts in factories, mills and industrial units. They used to get good salaries. As long as pound’s rate was increasing in Pakistan, these Pakistan were happy and gay the now we have earned that much money and we have saved such and such amount. They never thought of it that in country where they were born, its economy becoming weaker and weaker. They never thought in this way that it’s not the pound whose value is increasing in fact Pakistani rupee is devaluing. It wasn’t the matter happiness and delight; it was the matter of pitying and shame. There were few people who were able to read and write or they were aware of religious rituals and sacraments. The people who paid little attention for their kid’s up bringing while they were working. They never faced any ignominy and dishonour either in England or in Pakistan. Whoever sees them, he praises their parents that they have raised their children with traditions and norms, culturally and religiously.

Allahyar khan’s father was one of them who came to England forty years before for the betterment of life. Allahyar’s mother was from city not from village. She was educated and she was a teacher in Pakistan. When she came to England after marrying with allahyar’s father, she was able to speak English language.

It would take her long to understand this foreign land’s culture. She used all her energies and potential to raise her children according to norms and tradition, either they were cultural or religious. She has done her duty very well. This was the reason that Allahyar was different, diverse and prominent among other British born kids. This was the only reason that in allahyar’s personality there wasn’t haughtiness and egotism being British. He never thought of it that he can speak English like English people.


The other personality who stupefied and impressed Adam was an Indian old man. Lakhsmikant Chatopaday. Lakhsmikant chatopaday must have been seventy five years old. His complexion was wheatish and had little hair on his head but all of them were white. Health wise he was okay, medium height, nose wasn’t straight or flat. He looked like younger than his age because of his face freshness and good health. He used to speak broken Hindi and with difficulty. Chatopaday sahib has seen the partition of India and Pakistan. He belonged to rich and educated family of Bihar. His forefathers were land owning Brahmins but chatopaday sahib never liked this path since his childhood. He was against this that only Brahmin can take religious education, it should look after the religion like a pundit. In other he becomes the guardian of religion and in return without doing any efforts, he gets whatever he likes and others are lesser than him. When Mr. Chatopaday completed his basic education his family arrange his marriage when he very young. He had a baby girl from this marriage. Chatopaday’s wife was a real housewife and she knew very well about feminist things. On the other hand chatopaday was fond of knowledge and he was curious about everything. As you might have heard, “curiosity is the father of knowledge”. Same was the thing with Mr. Chatopaday.

Mr. Chatopaday has tender and affectionate feeling about painting. A Brahmin left his rituals and sacraments and goes towards painting, it was astonishing and astounding thing. He was very stubborn and obstinate. One day he left his wife and his baby girl and other family member and went to Bangladesh. He joined Rabindarnath Tagore brother’s Shantinikaten (a kind of school). Although it wasn’t very easy and his family opposed his idea but they were unable to do anything against his obstinacy and tenacity. He didn’t listen to anyone.

In this shantinikaten he learned bangle language first than he learnt how to draw and became a painter in a very short span of time. During this period he got scholarship from famous school of fine art in Milan, “Milan Institute of fine art”. So he came to Italy for further education. He completed his diploma in five years. His family was annoyed with him so he decided to stay in Italy permanently. Then suddenly something came in his mind and he decided to migrate to England. The first job he got was as a male nurse. In the beginning he found a job as male nurse. He never used his art and painting talent for making money. He never wanted to sell his skill for dollars or pound. It was his philosophy that you can’t reach at the height of art you look for money. He used to give the example of poet. If someone is poet and starts writing poetry for films songs. The films poetry hasn’t got that respect and recognition as other literary things has. Although films poets they write very good and meaningful songs but not always. As a matter of fact the films poets write six or seven songs in a very short time and they have to write songs in two or three months. On the other hand the normal poets write two ghazals (gazelles in English but in Urdu it’s kind of poetry. You talk about woman’s beauty but now people are trying different ghazals in Urdu) in one day and sometime they complete one ghazal in one year’s time.

When chatopaday’s wife died, he didn’t go for her funeral and death rituals and he didn’t go when his one and only daughter got married.

In forty five years time he thought many times to go to India but every time when he planned his brothers asked him for the money.

He used to wake up very late and buying news paper was his habit. The favourite newspaper of Chatopaday sahib was the Guardian. Even though there are other news papers in England which are The Times, Independence, Sun, Mirror, Sports, Financial Times but The Guardian was his darling and desired newspaper.

Shaving beard everyday was his habit. Wearing light clothes even in cold weather was a customarily thing for him. He used to say that, “my blood cells are habitual of this cold weather. He used t take small steps and he used to walk slowly and whenever he used to come to Adam’s shop where he was working. He used to tell him latest news. He never liked watching television and watching films as well. He had a small transistor radio in his room where he used to hear news. His permanent staying place was an American bar. The owner of the bar was a Cyprian, Turkish Muslim. Chatopaday sahib used to enter in this bar and he used to leave this bar very late. He used to have only one meal. It has been twenty years that Chatopaday was sitting in this bar so one table was reserved for him. He was nearly the part of the bar. He used to have a ball pen i his hand and marking important and special news with pen was his hobby. He used to write notes as well with marked news and than giving that marked news paper to Adam was his habit. Adam always read the art and culture section and he threw rest of it in the bin. Apart from guardian chatopaday sahib used to buy new scientist regularly. Whenever he found something very special he showed it to Adam and gave him to read. After meeting with Chatopaday, Adam started reading popular science as he was fiction reader. Whenever Chatopaday sahib had some book related to popular science, he showed to Adam as well. He suggested him so many authentic books of popular science after reading them the Adam brain’s different chambers were opened. Like he suggested him to read, Stephen Jay Gould, Stephen Hawkings, Fritjof Capra, Richard Dawkins, Paul Davies, Steven Pinker, Jared Diamond, Carl Sagan, Richard Leakey, Jacque Monod. Other than popular science he introduced new fiction authors like, Italo Calvino, Paolo Coelho, Vikrem Seth, Vikrem Chandra, Rohinton Mistry, Milan Kundera, Michael Ondaatje, Alejo Carpentier, and Jorges Louis Borges. Chatopaday sahib used to feel very proud when some Indian used to get some success. Last year an Indian female writer Arundhati Roy got Booker Prize for her debut novel “The God of Small Things”. He gave the hardback of that book as a gift to Adam. She was second Indian who got this prize. Chatopaday sahib especially went to Hayward gallery to see the exhibition of an Indian artist anish kapoor. This was an honourable thing for an Indian and being an Indian. Indian artist M.F. Hussain had exhibited his artistic work here as well. Adam used tell him about Pakistani poets, writers and painters but he never heard of them. The only Pakistani he knew was Professor Abdus Salam, who shared Noble Prize with Steven Weinberg for physics.

He knew about Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib but Chatopaday sahib never liked love ballads. Adam told him about Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Saadat Hassan Manto and Ahmad Fraz, other than these he told him about famous Pakistani calligrapher and painter Saadquian, Gull Jee, Ustad Allah Buksh and Abdul Rehman Chughtai, Chatopaday sahib was unaware of all these names. It wasn’t his fault because Pakistani cultural department never worked for these things. This was the reason Adam had to listen quite often where Pakistan is, which language they speak. Still lots of people think and believe Pakistan is the part of India but English people know very well about us because they ruled us for hundred and fifty years. Above Pakistan has beaten them many times in squash and cricket. Jahangir Khan and Jan Sher Khan were unbeatable in squash and they have made great acclamation. Now everyone knows Pakistan because it has atomic bomb. Now Pakistan is becoming famous as India is famous.






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