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it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Sanyeen internet

13th Chapter


Adam and daowd met after two years but it seemed like that that they were seeing each other after ages. Daowd was living in a luxurious apartment and his apartment was next to gallery Lafayette which is the most expensive area of Paris. In this apartment daowd had his girl friend Josephine. He had everything like car, his own house and business and above all he was married with bubbly which was his greatest desire. Nature has strange rules daowd paid a lot of money to get papers, he paid money for paper marriage to a girl but now it wasn’t difficult for him to find any beautiful French girl and that’s what he did, even though he wasn’t living happy life. He used to take drugs to get some sleep because he was insomniac. He started taking drugs and he was addicted to cocaine and according to daowd’s philosophy cocaine was the drug for wealthy and rich people.

On the other hand after facing so many problems and calamities Adam didn’t need anything to get good sleep but he wanted to lose this relaxing and chilling life. He wanted to become bad man. In fact he was betraying himself.

Adam narrated him his whole story whatever happened to him. Lastly he told him about passport.

Daowd asked him, “what are your plans now”?

Adam said, “first of all I will try to sort out my papers for this even though if I will have to apply for political asylum I will do it otherwise paper marriage”.

Daowd said, “You were against all this”.

Adam said, “not now because I don’t want to go to Pakistan anymore”.

Daowd wanted to know more what he had in his mind. He said, “Why”?

Adam said, “I don’t know why but i am fed of everything”.

Daowd encouraged him and said, “Okay than you needn’t to worry about anything. I will go to hotel du Ville (town hall) and ask them. It’s quite possible that you can get carte sejour for five years with this British passport. If you will get permission you can become the director of my company”.

Adam said in a realistic and practical way, “what about salary”?

Daowd used his other trump card, “you will be the director. You will control the accounts. The profit will be half and half”.

Adam said inquisitively and curiously, “I didn’t get you. What you do you mean by this we will share profit half and half”.

Daowd said, “Let me explain you. You and me, we will go to accountant. He is good friend of mine. He will check your passport, if it’s according to his standard than you will become the owner of my company. During this period me, my accountant and bank manager who is my friend, we will show bankruptcy of this company nobody will judge it. So like this we will make millions in a short span of time. Whatever we will earn we will divide it into four equally. Now everything depends upon you, if you accept my proposal well and good, if you aren’t willing than I don’t mind either”.

Adam said, “I am agreed”.

Daowd was very happy that’s all what he wanted. He said, “fine, it’s done tomorrow we will go to accountant”.

Adam’s conscience quivered him again. He said, “Anyway this money will be haram” (money earn by unfair means)

Daowd said, “No, not at all. We are using our brain and that’s how we will earn this money. Have you ever noticed people open restaurants and then they close them and reopen them with new names? Everyone does this. Restaurants owners are notorious but the big companies are same like us. We are new in this business, Jews has been doing this since ages. They do it on higher level. Adam you are educated person. You know that these banks have public money. If someone robbed bank, bank doesn’t say that i won’t give your money back because all banks are insured. I am not talking about Pakistan.

For example if we take loan from bank and declare bankruptcy and they don’t find by any mean that we are earning money but we show that our company is in loss. When we declare bankruptcy than bank will send us notice to auction our things either it’s a house or a restaurant. They will find only walls and some broken furniture. The loan we will get from bank that we will invest in some other business but for the time being we will transfer that money to our trustworthy person. As i told you banks money is insured so they will clear their debt from insurance company. That’s how everything is going on. People are making money with the help of money. We can do it on large scale as well. We make money with credit cards as well. By the way I have decided to start prepaid telephone cards business. It’s very profitable business. What you think of it”.

When Adam heard daowd’s ideas he got traumatized. He didn’t know that daowd has become so intelligent in these two years. He has become economist.

Adam appreciated daowd’s idea and said, “I liked your idea”.

Daowd said, “You needn’t worry about your conscience. Everyone does this. Have you seen how powerful money is. When I entered in passage Brady there were so many people who were willing to shake hand with me. I used to wash dishes in this passage. You think about us. What happened with us from Pakistan to France? We paid money for everything. We paid to agent for every single dunkey. What was the result? You were being deported and with my money someone else enjoyed voluptuous life. What i have done with butt, he will never forget in his whole life”.

Adam approved what daowd said, “You are very right money is very powerful thing. In England the owner of Oxfam is multi millionaire and same is the case with big issues. They used their brains and now they are rich. These owners don’t even know what poverty is”.

Daowd said, “Thanks god you understood what i said. In this world everyone takes advantage from one another. Sometime we use each other and sometime we are unaware of this what we are doing. Now you take some rest. Josephine must me waiting for me. Bonnuit”.


Adam was thinking about daowd that he used to talk about bubbly all the time but now he found serenity and coolness in Josephine’s arms.  So it means love is possession only.


Daowd and Adam were coming to opera after finishing their matters with accountant.

Adam said, “Daowd, could you please drop me in Rue du Rivoli. I want to see someone”.

Daowd moved his car towards Rue di Rivoli. He dropped him there close to verandas of Rue du Rivoli and went away.

Adam was walking in verandas and looking at sign boards. He found the shop he wanted, Aryans, where he got good price for fake or imitated paintings. Anna saw him on his television which was at his counter and connected with camera. She came speedily and hugged him. She started kissing him madly and she was saying, “Where have you been. I tried to contact you. Whenever i phoned at that number which you gave me, he always responded, i don’t such kind of person”.

Adam said, “Come with me to Opera. My friend has restaurant there. There we will eat and i will tell you the whole story”.

Anna explained everything to worker and came with Adam. In car she put on Nusrat Fateh Ali khan’s CD.

Tumhay dilagi bhol jani paray ge

Muhabbat ki rahon main a kar to dekho

Adam asked Anna, “Do you who he is”?

Anna said, “I know he is Pakistani singer. He died some years ago”.

Adam said, “Do you understand what he says”.

Anna said, “No, not at all but i like the music and his melodious voice”.

Both of them were in opera area in very short time. Anna parked the car and both of them started walking towards restaurant. When Daowd saw that Adam is coming with some lady, he got surprised. This time he is very quick. He found someone for paper marriage. As Adam entered in restaurant, he said, “She is my friend. We will have food together”.

Daowd gave them the nicest table of the restaurant and served everything personally because signed all documents at accountant’s office.

 Adam related her, his whole story while they were eating.

She said, “You are nerd and naive. You should have told me all this before. I would have married you; at least you would have documents”.

Adam said, “I was slave of my principles at that time”.

Anna said, “I agree with you, one must have principles but in our daily life there should be some flexibility especially when it’s the matter of life and death. Look at me, my parents ruined my life because of Jews norms and traditions. They aren’t in this world, it’s who suffered everything. My heart is broken. I have everything, the thing i don’t have is true love and that i have lost ages ago”.

Adam said, “It’s possible now if you want”.

Anna said peculiarly and curiously, “what? --------- what is possible now”.

Adam said, “Mine and yours marriage”.

Anna said, “It’s too late. I am married with Moroccan guy. He does modelling for Yves Saint Laurent (Y.S.L.). It doesn’t mean i won’t help you. I will try my level best to sort out your situation”.

Adam felt a lot of trust upon Anna. He told her about bankruptcy plan, becoming the owner of the company as well. Anna felt a jolt and jerk. She paid the bill and she grabbed Adam’s arm and asked him to come with her because she wanted to tell something to Adam and where they were sitting that place wasn’t the right place to tell him. Daowd was watching everything and he was knitting his imaginations that now she will take him home and then..............then.................then


Anna explained him everything thoroughly that what he is going to do is very perilous and risky for him. It is quite possible that he will spend his whole life in jail. His documents are false and it’s possible that someone else will take advantage and he will be paying instalments for his whole life.

Adam was on the horns of dilemma because he has already signed the papers. Adam decided to take the greatest risk of his life and in fact it was peril. Like gabbling, win or lose. It took him two months and Adam was signing papers continuously. When loan was approved and it came in Adam’s account. Than according to plan they transferred this money in another account. Now Adam was like a puppet in daowd’s hand. He didn’t become millionaire. Anna was right the loan they got from bank it goes to bank officer, accountant and to daowd as well and they haven’t given him even a single penny.

As this story ended Daowd’s attitude with Adam was changed. He tried to convince Adam that the money they have has gone to accountant and bank officer. They haven’t given him anything (which wasn’t true) and above all daowd he had great loss and now he has to auction his one and only restaurant of opera (which is his only asset). Adam knew everything but he was unable to do anything. He went to job office and signed on all documents for shomage (social security when you are without job) for all the workers of restaurant even though the passport he has wasn’t original. It doesn’t exist in reality. This was all because of documentations and paper work which was done by accountant and bank officer.

Daowd told him that he has paid worker’s salary from his own pocket and he has taken some loan to pay worker’s taxes.

Adam asked daowd, “What should we do now”?

Daowd said, nothing, all you can do is, you leave Paris as soon as possible because it’s dangerous for you to stay in France. You go to England. All i can do is that i will buy you ticket for euro star”.

Adam said, “Okay do me last favour”.

Adam had to pass to through same euro tunnel with whom he travelled hidden in a truck, how dangerous and thorny that journey was. Even now if he thinks about that voyage he screamed sometime. He was terrified even now but there was big difference between that travel and this one. Daowd booked his ticket with his master card.


Adam was sitting at gare du nord with his baggage. There was euro star for every hour or hour and a half. There were different kinds of trains at the station. Adam carried his baggage and took escalators to arrive at euro star platform. There were different kinds of voyagers. Adam saw his train number on electronic display machine. All passengers went to immigration’s counter. Adam was drowned in some deep though. Immigration officer said something. The only thing he understood was, “passport”.

Adam gave his passport and ticket to immigration officer. After his satisfaction he gave him back his passport and ticket as well. Adam was hauled his baggage and he came to the waiting lounge. He wasn’t interested in books and he didn’t look at souvenir too. He wasn’t willing to see the multi colour perfume bottles in perfume shop. He was feeling that someone has thrown him form a multi storey building. It was nearly impossible to believe for him that daowd will play game with him. The more he was thinking the more his blood pressure was rising. All passengers made a queue and they were going to euro star by escalators. Adam joined the queue as well. The euro star’s hostess told him that his seat number is at the end of the train. Adam looked at his seat number and he started looking for his seat and finally he found his seat. He entered in the train left his baggage and came to his seat which was with window. He started looking outside the window. The train was still at the platform. Unexpectedly he saw daowd. He thought inwardly, it means his conscience is still awake, it was only greediness which made him blind. Adam had no right to blame anyone. He was equally sharing them in this fraudulence. Euro star crew announced in French and than in English that the train is leaving and train left the platform. In the beginning the train’s speed was slow so Adam was able to see the outward scenery but when the speed was increased than it was difficult to recognise images. Train should be at London’s waterloo railway station in three hour’s time. As a matter of fact London’s time is one hour ahead than France so everyone think that they arrive in two hour but its little confusing. Adam was confused as well and he trying to solve his catch-22 situation. Adam heard another announcement that their train is entering in euro tunnel. It will take twenty to twenty five minutes. This monumental tunnel was made by French and British government mutually. It plan was made long time ago but its construction was started during the government of François Mitrand. It was inaugurated in 1994 and was open for the train. This tunnel reduced the distance between these two countries. Everyday millions of people pass through this tunnel and this tunnel played important role in Europe’s prosperity.

As train came out from the tunnel the scenario was changed. The train’s speed was very fast in France but as it entered in England its speed was lessen. Adam had a book in his hand and was pretending that he reading the book. His heart was beating more than fast because he was thinking that if he will be arrested they will send him to France and what happened their they will discover everything. There was choice for him to apply for political asylum as well. His throat was desiccated and dry like he was thirsty from many days. He didn’t watered his lips because he was frightened and scared that doing this they will be suspicious that he is not comfortable, something wrong with him. The people who were sitting around him didn’t even know what the mental condition of Adam was. Where Adam was sitting in that compartment entered immigration officer. Adam was sitting in the end so he was checking the documents f other passengers. Some of them were showing identity card, some has passports and who haven’t got passports they were showing visa and filling embarkation cards. Everyone had some document that they were travelling legally. Finally he came to Adam and said, “passport please”.

Adam was pretending that he hasn’t seen immigration officer and he is very busy in reading book. He gave him his passport and restarted reading his book. The immigration officer was unable to hear his heartbeat otherwise he could have stopped him. Fortunately it wasn’t possible to read his face that he is frightened because he deeply concentrated upon his book. The immigration officer had a quick look at his passport and gave him back with thanks.

Adam felt that god has given him new life. There was no problem now. He stopped reading book and started waiting for his destiny. There train entered in suburbs of London from an open area. The scene was changed and slowly the houses buildings, streets and bazaars started coming and finally their train entered in waterloo railway station and stopped there. All the passengers started getting off from the train but Adam wasn’t in rush. There was another immigration counter. There were two queues here one for the European Union’s passports and second was for the rest of the people. Adam was trained now he was copying other passengers as they doing. Once more he opened his passport’s page which has photo and showed it to immigration officer who was sitting at the counter he had a look and said okay, and passed through this stage very satisfactorily. He didn’t even realise that this will be so easy. He found his baggage and put it on trolley and came out from waterloo railway station.

He thought about adum’s verse,

“Mehfil say mujhay nikal kay pachta rahay hon ap

Yeh soch kar mehfil main phir a giya hon main

Abdul Hameed Adum.


Abul Kalam Bajwa, Rizwan Sheikh, Nadeem Kazmi and Wahid Shirazi were very happy to see Adam again. They said, “We missed you a lot and we knew that you will come back and we will see you again.

Adam said, “where is Amir Sharanpuri, i don’t see him”.

Kazmi said, “Chughtai sahib, he is married now. These days woh thalay laga huwa hay” (he is under his wife’s control).

Adam said, “what do you mean thalay laga huwa hay, you mean to say thalay laga huwa hay, you mean he is under his wife’s control”.

Adam said, “But he is married to whom”.

Bajwa said, “In the same family, where you have been with him”.

Adam said, “They were very strange people. Amir didn’t like them, he got annoyed”.

Shirazi said, “Now he is lives with her like a good boy. He does cabing till late and in the morning he drops his wife to her office and then takes little rest after this he cleans house and wash dishes and make everything ready. He will be like this until he will get the leave to enter’s stamp on his passport. He will have to suffer all this as a punishment. After indefinite stay he will be acting differently”.

Adam said, “It’s not bad at all, after this punishment he will be free of everything. In Pakistan the situation is very bad. This suffering is bearable but in Pakistan it’s miserable. Money has become the standard to judge people. I used to talk with them about lakhs and they were talking about crores” (one crore is ten million)

Bajwa said, “What are your plans now”?

Adam said confidently and surely, “i will apply political asylum. If i will do paper marriage or if i will get some chance i will do real marriage. Even though for that, main thalay lag jaon ga. Its nice thalay lagna but i won’t go back to Pakistan. It doesn’t matter if i have to clean the house, wash the dishes or have to cook meal. At least i will have some future”.

Bajwa said surprisingly, “what about your principles, conscience, art, and philosophy”?

Adam said, “They are all dead, now money is the central idea of my life and philosophy so i have decided to stay in England with new school of thought”.

Bajwa said whisperingly, “how did you come this time”.

Adam squeezed his hand and said softly, “i will tell you later”.


Adam found job in London again. He gave an advertisement in Jung London for compatible match but he didn’t get any success. He didn’t find any way for paper marriage.

Bajwa gave him suggestion, “why don’t you apply for political asylum”?

Adam said, “He would love to apply for political asylum but there should be some proof that from where and when he entered in England because he has been deported from this country. As soon as i will get some chance of paper marriage of real marriage i will apply for political asylum, while my application will be in official process than he will marry. So like this it will be easy for me to submit my papers and to get them”.

These were all Adam’s imagination because whatever Adam and Bajwa discussed, remained a conversation, practically there wasn’t anything. Bajwa knew that Adam has British passport. He gave him another suggestion that he shouldn’t waste his time in London. He should go to Canada. After passing three years he will get Canadian documents because it’s their law.

Adam tried his level best that he should make his documents by any mean but in London there wasn’t any way and finally he decided to go to Canada. He thought he should go to states first and from there he will go to Canada by road because Canadian immigration department is very strict. They check documents even in the aeroplane, even though Canadian immigration stays at Heathrow airport for Canadian flights. It was Adam’s plan that as soon as he will be in Canadian territory, he will apply political asylum there. Bajwa’s friend went to Canada. He used this plan because he has fake British passport. Bajwa told him that you won’t have any problem.


There are few buildings in this world which are famous for their tallness and loftiness. One of them is New York’s Empire State Building which 443 meter high and it has 102 floors. It has Sixth Avenue at his one side and it’s both sides there are 33rd avenue and 34th avenue. The second famous building of New York is statue of liberty. It was made by French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Mr Bartholdi asked her mother to become a model of this statue so he used her mother’s face for that statue. He made this metal statue in twenty year’s time. It was inaugurated by American president Grover Cleveland on 28th October 1886. In 1986 its centennial ceremony was celebrated. This statue of liberty which is 93 meter high, it has become the sign of America. On this statue’s head there is a crown and it has seven pointed parapets on it which indicates the seven oceans and seven continents. So everyone understands like this that people from all these seven continents and ocean can come to America because it’s calling you. So one of that crown’s parapets was pointed towards Adam and was calling him to America to try his luck.

Since he had British passport from A.B.C. there was no problem for him, he passed all the hurdles easily.

There are many flights for New York every day. Adam reserved his ticket for New York and he was supposed to be landing at J.F.K. airport.


Adam came at Heathrow airport in time. Abul Kalam Bajwa, Rizwan Sheikh Nadeem Kazmi, and Wahid Shirazi all of them came to airport to say good bye to him. Adam said Allah Hafiz to everyone and he entered in the lounge. Adam passed through immigration counter without any problem. He was very prudent, egoist, over confident. He was seeing his destiny in front of him. No one was able to stop him now. He was thinking that this is the best decision of his life. In the aeroplane he started knitting different plans. He will do this, he will do that. As his aeroplane touched New York airport’s run way, he felt very strong. He was feeling relax and chill. This time he wanted that he should pass the immigration counter as soon as possible so he can take some domestic flight for Canada and see Rafih there. He was very confident and he didn’t realise there are so many hidden cameras at the airport. They were watching everything in their security room. Everyone was passing from immigration counter one by one when Adam showed them his passport they asked him to stay there. Adam was dam sure that they know that his passport is counterfeit. They took him in a separate room. They got his baggage as well. Immigration officer said, we will check your passport, if everything is okay than we will leave because we are suspicious that you are drug smuggler or may by working for someone. They were doubtful because of the name which was on Adam’s passport. They had the bio data of this passport already in their computer. After investigation they discovered that this isn’t Adam’s passport and the photo has been changed. The holder of this passport was arrested last year in drug smuggling case. The immigration officer understood everything because this wasn’t first case. Adam was frightened and panicky. He was lacking confidence. He thought if he won’t tell them everything truly than he would pass his whole life in jail as a drug smuggler. He was afraid of Paris what he did there. They will discover that fraudulence as well. He told them everything. He was thinking that they will send him back to England but he was wrong. They deported him to Pakistan from J.F.K. airport. This time he has Lahore airport. As he came out from the aeroplane they arrested him like he was some great smuggler of culprit. When Adam left Pakistan the government of Pakistan was changed once again and it was kind of martial law. As there were federal investigation department at the airports now army intervened as well. It wasn’t the first time that Pakistan has martial law or dictatorship; it was since Pakistan came into being. In these fifty or something more years we had martial law or dictatorship after a little span of time and this is still going on. Islamic republic of Pakistan has seen more martial law than democracy so if we call Pakistan, Islamic martial law Pakistan or martial law Pakistan, it should be wrong.

At all the airports army was working with federal investigation agency and an army major was more valuable than a director general of federal investigation agency. The people who used to be arrested with counterfeit passports they used to take their passport and they were allowed to go after paying some baksheesh but now it was different they were considered spies or terrorists. Now it wasn’t in the hands of airport officials so they were unable to do anything even though if they wanted. People used to pay a lot of baksheesh to get posting at airport but now nobody was willing to work at airport.

They arrested Adam and allegation upon him was that he is spy. They collected all proves against him like where he used to live, where he studied, what he did in Pakistan. When he left Pakistan first time than he was deported from England than he travelled to America on counterfeit British passport and they deported him as well. Army accused him of so many cases which he didn’t even know.

They tortured Adam very badly but he didn’t tell anything about A.B.C. and he didn’t tell them anything about other people. It was useless. According to them Adam was spy and terrorist as well. They tied a band on his eyes and he didn’t even know where they brought him. They locked him in a dark and small room. The roof and walls they were his friend.

They used to come every day and used to tie his hair with ceiling fan and they used to investigate, who are you? You are working for whom?

Sometime they used to through cold water on his whole body, they used to hit on his face and asked, who are you and why you change your name and go to different countries.

Adam has nothing to tell them. He went to Europe just to sort out his life. In Europe they caught him many times but they never treated him badly. Never tortured him even he was guilty and culpable. They were his own people, same religion, culture, language and were citizen of Islamic republic of Pakistan. He wasn’t allowed to sleep, wasn’t allowed to eat properly. They used to torture him with electric shocks. They used to pluck hair from his whole body. They were suspecting that Adam belongs to some very dangerous group of terrorists. They heard about him that he knows many languages and he was students of philosophy. He was man of many talents. They used to switched light many times which was dark like a grave, not because of reading books just not to get sleep.

Adam became a skeleton during his stay in this detention cell. Once they tortured him very badly and he stops breathing. They call doctor and told them that somebody hit him at his head so his brain has been hurt and he doesn’t remember anything. So from this torture cell they sent him to mental hospital. As he came here his health was improving and he put on some weight. It seemed like that he was normal but sometime he used to have fits and he used to say strange things like, “i going to see Anna. She has invited me in a restaurant called Jules Vernes. You know where is this restaurant? it’s on the Eiffel tower. You know who is Jules Vernes? He has written, Around the World in Eighty Days. He has written other novels as well. You know who made Eiffel Tower, Gustauve Eiffel. After this i will go to see Pisa tower and then Hagias Sofia, i will see statue of liberty. You all are jealous of me.

They tried to find Adam’s relatives and but they didn’t find any of them. they went to Ratta Amrall and to Sarwar roads address but they didn’t find any clue because at Sarwar road’s address some other people were living and they didn’t know nothing about Adam and his family.

It has ten years that Adam was in mental hospital but he used to talk about things which were happened with him what he was being caught at Lahore airport.


In mental hospital seventy or eighty percent people were mentally all right but some of them hadn’t had any care taker and some of them were sick of their parent’s old age. So they were ashamed of leaving them in old homes. It will bring them bad name in society and having good contacts with mental hospitals doctors they found place for their parents there. There are so many children they force their parent for begging. According to doctors report of this mental hospital all the patients are mentally sick but very strange no one hurts any body. There were some patients they got the health certificate that now they are mentally fit and healthy but they refused to leave this mental hospital. How strange it is that parents provide food clothes and shelter to their children even i they are eight or ten but all these children can’t provide food, shelter and clothes to their mother and father.


Rahim chacha (uncle) was mentally all right. He got job as a clerk in some government office. After doing lot of flattery and he bribed his high official, he arrived at seventeenth grade so he became gazetted officer a kind of white collar job. He provided everything to his kids, never lacked anything. He earned a lot of money by unfair mean like taking baksheesh. His children got higher education they found good jobs and they were married and Rahim chacha spent money like water. After retirement he used to spend time at home. Rahim chacha was unbearable for his bhahos. (daughter in laws). Rahim chacha gave them everything whatever he has to his children in his life like house, bank balance and property. One of his sons had good contacts with doctor so he left his father here in here. That doctor needed money and Rahim chacha’s children needed tranquillity. He wasn’t the only person, more or less most of them had same story.

There was good friendship between Rahim chacha and Adam. They used to stay together in this mental hospital. Adam used to think that Rahim chacha is very old man and he is young man but he never realises that he is an old man as well because his all hair were white. After staying in this he was recovering day by day. Doctor Badakhshani sahib said once it’s quite possible that Adam khan chughtai should be freed from this hospital. He was condemned by army court and army’s is no more in power. They are not getting any funds so they have to get rid of some patients. Anyway the new government has decided to forgive all those people who have cases like this so he is out of allegation as well. He passed his enough time in jail and mental hospital. If commit crime like killing someone the you are culprit according to Indian and Pakistani penal code 302 and sentence for this to be hanged till death or life imprisonment. They should have arrested him and he should have stay in jail for six months and he could have out of jail on bail. He could have been defending him with the help of lawyer or solicitor. They detained him because of terrorism and spying.

Finally one day doctor Badakhshani sahib gave him certificate that he is physically and mentally all right. According to law he wasn’t allow to stay in this mental hospital. Doctors couldn’t allow him as well even though they have admitted many patients by taking baksheesh from their families.


Adam came to Rawalpindi and he came home where he was used to live. He knocked at the door. Somebody opened the door and very muscular man was standing in front of him. As he came out, he said, “Whom you want to see. Ruby bibi doesn’t see his customers in the morning”.

Adam didn’t get him; anyway Adam was an old man so this gentleman slammed the door. He went to the provision which was a small kiosk long time ago no it was a big general store. A young boy was sitting there whose complexion was very fair. As he saw Adam he looked at him suspiciously and said, “what you want baba jee”?

Adam said, “Where is your dad, my son”.

This little boy wanted to get rid of him so he said, “he is in Islamabad at another store”.

He just finished his sentence and Adam saw a man coming from other direction. He recognized him but that gentleman didn’t recognize him.

Adam asked him, “in this street used to live Khaqan Khan Chughtai there”.

The owner of the shop said, “It has been ages that he is dead. His daughter and son looked after very well but his wife ran away with some other guy but why you are asking”.

Adam muttered something in Arabic and he controlled himself that he was fatherless. He said, “Khaqan sahib was good friend of my father”.

The shop owner looked at him in a strange way and said, “Oh I see”.

Adam said, “He had another son as well, Adam Khan Chughtai”.

The shop keeper said, “He was a nice man, he used to come to me quite often than he went abroad. He came once stayed here for two months and then he went back. I think he is married with some gori (white) there. He did the right think, he should have done this. His girl friend deceived him”.

Adam said, “It quite possible that she must have some severe problem”.

The shop keeper said ironically and sardonically, “bazurgho (old man or respectable person because of white hair) they don’t have any problem. These rich girls are like this. They love someone else, play with someone else and marry with someone else”.

Adam wanted to change the topic so he said, “Who lives in Khaqan sahib’s house”?

The shop keeper said in murmuring voice, “bazurgho you know Khaqan sahib lived all his life in rented houses. It was on rent you new people got it on rent, now ruby bibi lives there. She looks after her patient only at night time”.

Adam said curiously, “so she has her clinic at home”.

Shop keeper said, “Bazurgho, you didn’t get me, she looks after other kind of patients, you know what i mean”.

Now Adam understood what he was talking about. The shop keeper continued his conversation, “she looks after the patients at home but there are some lady doctors they have their mobile clinics on muree road and in front of G.P.O. (general post office). You can see some doctors over there as well”.

That gentleman was out of track so Adam wanted to leave. He said, “Thanks anyway, i am very sad to hear about Khaqan sahib. I wanted to ask one last question if you don’t mind”.

The shop keeper said, “why not”.

Adam said, “Khaqan sahib had little son. Where he is”?

That shop keeper said in mocking way, Adam felt his irony and satire, “Oh! That podery, aeroplane, heroine smoker, he (the one who smokes heroine powder and powder becomes poder and the one who smokes called podery)

He is a big man. He completed his education and has become a journalist. I see him quite often on T.V. he takes interviews of politicians and he baffled them with his questions. He comes here sometime. This is the game of god. You never know when he bless you and you become a respectable man. Nobody knew that the boy who used to smoke heroine next to that which you see over there, will become one day a famous journalist”.

Adam said, “You are very right. It’s god’s will. He wants to give respect to someone he gives him and if wants to disrespect someone he gives him. He knows what we have in our brain. He is omnipotent”. This was the last phrase of Adam and he left that shop. Now Adam was passing right in front of Najma Begum’s house. There was some other name plate outside the house. He kept on walking and he came at the corner of the street. He had a quick look at the corner. There was a modern and newly built house where there used to be an old fashioned bungalow. Adam was devastated and shattered. Everything was changed. He decided to see his sister and brother in law. He crossed the road and started walking hurriedly on the pavement. He was walking for quite a long time. He thought he is very far perhaps he forgot the way. He asked one person, “excuse me Mr. If i am not wrong there used to be servant quarters here”.

That gentleman said, “What are you talking about. They are no more. They have been demolished long time ago”.

Adam said, “And the people who used to live here”.

That gentleman with whom Adam was asking he said, “I don’t know anything about them”.

Adam asked him further, “there used to a person live called Abbassi and he used to write application in kachery (court)”.

As he heard the word Abbassi he got shocked and said, “Oh! You are talking about Abbassi sahib. He is very rich man now. He used to write application in kachery (court). Apart from that he started sorting out property matters of the people. Like that he got a big land in Islamabad and now he is building Abbassi town there”.

Adam said, “He has kids”.

That person said, “Yes he has two kids, a boy and a girl”.

Adam felt very good inwardly that he is mamo (uncle from sister side) now but he didn’t know that he is taya (uncle from brother side) as well.

© Copyright 2016 sarfraz baig. All rights reserved.


Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



Status: Finished

Genre: Travel



it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut

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