You Can't Just Come Back

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To Be Honest this is a test story, i dont know if i'll continue it.

Isabella was 20 when he fiancee left her at the altar but 3 years later, she finally has her life set out, she has a boyfriend that melts her heart and she has decided to go to university, but what happens when her fiancee comes back and expects things like the way they were.

Will Isabella leave her life now and go back to Ian or will she stay in the life she has fought for and built on her own with Josh?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - You Can't Just Come Back

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013





I’m getting ready for what women are usually excited about; I am getting ready to walk down the pale purple carpet to where my future husband is standing. The back of my dress was all lace, and it was strapless and floor -length, my soon-to-be step mother picked out the colour of my dress and it was bright pink.

I know right? Who wants a bright pink wedding dress, but she helped me with everything and this is the only thing she wanted, I just couldn’t say no.

I have loved the man I’m about to marry for 3 years now and finally I’m going to marry him. I Isabelle Scott is about to marry the man of my dreams. You see I am 23 and lost my parents in a car crash when I was sixteen and my brother Justin had to take care of me, that was a hard time in both our lives, I went into a deep depression and I just didn’t want to live anymore, I dropped out of school and moved. I moved to Los Angeles and got a job at a cafe just across from a university when I was 18. When I just turned 20 I met him, the man of my dreams Ian Richards.

I hear the music start and I start to get my shit together, I grab my flowers and turn to the doors, the next thing I know is that I’m being pulled down the hallway.

“Bell I have to leave and not return, you know I love you and I might come back one day but I have to go” Ian said to me. All I could do was stand and not moved he kissed me and left me standing there staring after him.

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