I Am Flame

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Chapter 25 (v.1)

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



I looked in the mirror that had been clumsily propped up against the wall. I was wearing deep red and gold robes that shimmered without light. I didn’t feel particularly manly, but the robes gave me a sense of power that I felt as if radiated from me. Or maybe it’s just the fact that they make me look taller.

I have two ghosts now. Eva continues to follow me every where, offering me small, sad smiles and touching me gently on the shoulder, her bright green eyes always shining, a beacon in the night.. But now, Spark follows me as well, giggling and smiling and shooting arrows with insane precision. There is a dark stain on her shirt. They are always there.

I don’t feel like much of a teenager, these days.

The ghosts took care of that.


I was sitting in the front row, a seat of honor. I don’t know what I did to earn myself a seat of honor at Spark’s funeral. I barely knew her, nor did I do anything terribly important for her. We were sitting in rows in high backed wooden chairs, outside in the same field that Star and I had trained in. I was pretty sure that I could see my blood on the grass from last week, a permanent stain on the pretty landscape. It was a beautiful day, the kind of day that even YouTubers and video gamers and lazy ass people get up and go for a walk. The kind of day that should make you smile. Unless, of course, you’re at a funeral. That’s the exception.

Kathryn’s body was lying peacefully on top of a marble stand. He clothes were all white, not red, and the silver dagger that had claimed her life was held loosely in her hand. Her hair was braided with bright gold thread, probably the same that was woven into my robes. She looked so serene, while her ghost looked regretfully at her body, most likely wishing she had had more time to enjoy her life. This isn’t fair, I thought. None of this is fair. These people don’t deserve to die. These were good people, who did nothing but think of others and the greater good, and the survival of this earth. They did nothing but put their hands up against that boulder and push with all their might. They gave their life a purpose, only to have their time cut short, to run out of life far too quickly. It wasn’t fair.

I didn’t know what to expect, because I had never been to a funeral in my life. But I’m pretty sure what happened next isn’t what happens at human funerals. Actually, I’m positive this doesn’t happen, because suddenly, bright flames of abnormal size burst up around Spark’s body. They were bright blue, and quickly consumed her body. For a moment, all you could see was the bright flames. The next moment, the fire disappeared as quickly as it had come, leaving behind three small piles of rich, dark soil. Each mound had a different flower in it.

“Daffodil, for chivalry.” Called out Starfire, loudly and impressive sounding.

“Freesia, for spirit.” Said Luke next, whose voice was constricted.

“Pink rose,” said Hannah, who had tears rolling silently down her face. “For friendship.”

Then three picked up the flowers they had announced, and planted them in the freshly dug earth I had not noticed before, connecting to a field that I had never been allowed to walk on, one full of millions of different flowers.

The most beautiful graveyard in the world.


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