I Am Flame

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Chapter 30 (v.1)

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



The next day, everyone knew what Blaze had done to save me. For once, I wasn’t the center of attention, which was a relief for me. This way, the ghosts weren’t all pissy at the various girls who usually follow me around all the for freaking time. All those girls who used to love me were now positively fawning over Luke – I mean, Blaze. It’s hard to get used to it. Ember was sulking in the back round, not looking to pleased with all the attention that Blaze was getting.

I was left alone, to my pleasure, so I headed back to the training center, exhausted from the day’s events. I got in and lay on my cot, completely alone. After a bit of laying in silence (and boredom) I sat up and noticed a book in the corner of the room. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was called The Child of the Dark Prophecy, and it was part of the Avalon series. I opened it up and skimmed it at first, but then really began to truly read it. It had to do with war, and Merlin, and a freaking gigantic tree that everyone in this book lived on. Best part? Main character’s name is Tamwyn. I remembered hearing something from those three water people when I was first attacked, back in human land. That guy – River, I think his name might have been – had said something to Starfire about Tamwyn’s name, how it was stolen out of a human book and how she hated it a lot. Oh course, I could be making shit up, but I am pretty sure it went something like that, at least. I kept reading for what I assume was hours, because before I knew it, night had fallen. Starfire and Tamwyn entered the training center, while I finished the book. Back in human land, I had never read that fast in my life. Honestly, I hadn’t ever really read unless forced to for class or something.

I hadn’t thought about my human life in a while. In fact, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t thought about it at all. I mean, that was the majority of my life so far, and I had pretty much completely forgotten about it! I guess that everything had happened so fast, that I hadn’t even had time to be upset about leaving my life behind. That was probably the tactic devised by Tamwyn and Star, I concluded. Keep me busy, jump right in to my new life and training and what not, so I can’t think about the old life, or be properly confused or terrified of what was happened to me. I had accepted all this quite easily though, I noted. I wondered why.

I mean, I can’t really say that I ‘knew I was different all along’ because that would be a straight up lie. I mean, I was never cold, even in winter, but I didn’t think anything of it. I had really great senses when I was in the forest, and I had always been able to build a kick ass fire, but I had attributed those skills to years of (unwanted) boy scouting. Boy Scouts, while we are on the topic, sucked very much and it is one thing that I was not missing at all.

In fact, there were very few things that I missed from my old human life. Every thing about it seems so unimportant now, looking back. Petty and stupid, all of it was. I can not believe I cared about what girls thought of me, or whether or not I could win a stupid game in which a bunch of men chased a ball and rammed our sweaty bodies in to each other like barbarians. I seriously can not believe that I ever thought that was fun. Like, seriously, what the hell was I thinking? I clearly wasn’t, not at all. And algebra I was quite glad to do away with, that is for sure.

I missed my parents, but not as much as I would be expected to miss the people who raised me from birth. I mean, they were never really around all that much, and I was always out with friends, so we never really came in to contact all that often. I had friends to be with anyway. Friends that I no longer care about at all.

I laughed at the thought of them, my old friends I mean, seeing me the way I am now. I mean, I talk the same as always, but I’m a completely different person now. I’ve learned to lead. I’ve learned to fight. I’ve seen war.

I have seen death.

I have seen a friend die before my very eyes, watch the blood drain from her body, watch her take her last breath.

I guess you can say I have changed quite a lot.


Hi! Pretty much from here on out through the book, it does not show breaks in the chapter where there should be breaks - you'll just have to pull through! Also, words like something, anyway, anybody, everything etc. may have a space between them - have fun decoding it!

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