I Am Flame

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Chapter 37 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



I took my time walking back to the prison. My heart was still pounding like insanity, and I wanted to sleep and run simultaneously. I could not believe what had just happened, what I had just done. I had a good laugh at my self for the final line, because calling him a douche bag was hardly heroic. Ah well, it served its purpose. I still won, regardless.

Starfire’s sword was dragging along in the dirt beside me. It felt like after I took down that man, all it’s power was gone, like it had sapped all of my energy and that was not even enough to feed it. It felt like it was going to go for a nice long nap now, at least until it was reunited with Starfire. I wondered if I should ask her if her sword has magical properties or not, because it seems to me like it knew it needed to help me, because that would help Starfire, but now the job was done and it could ignore me once more. I got the feeling that she would not tell me any way, but I resolved to ask her in the extremely near future.

“Flame! FLAME!” I heard some one call, and I looked up to see Blaze running straight for me, with the rest of the gang following close be hind him. They all ran right over me, hugging me tightly, and I practically could not breathe, there were so many of them packed together against me. But I did not complain, because I could finally be known for doing some thing use full.

The only person who did not join in to the massive hug was, you guessed it, Starfire. She watched, smiling widely, probably the only time I would ever see her smile that big. I detached my self from the group and handed her the sword. She raised her eye brows at me.

“They must have thought that being the prince, I would have the most impressive sword, so they assumed it was mine. Though some thing funny happened when they handed it to me, you know.”

Her eye brows rose even higher. “Oh? And what exactly was that?” she asked, and she sounded almost scornful, though I was not deterred.

“Well, I don’t know exactly, but it felt, I don’t know, alive. Like it recognized me, and understood I needed it’s help.”

Starfire looked down at her sword with an expression that was a mixture of shock and pride. “Yes.” She murmured. “Yes, I suppose that can happen.”

“Starfire?” I asked cautiously. “Is your sword – is it enchanted?”

She smiled at me. “No, Flame, it is not enchanted. It just knows me very, very well.”

“So…” I said, hoping to sound nonchalant. “Does this mean the war is over or some thing?”

She sighed heavily. “No, Flame, it does not.”

When we arrived at our city, there was much celebration. Fires and Waters alike partied and ate and drank and ran around like mad men, drunk on joy. I was suddenly the coolest of the cool again, but I noticed that Eva and Spark seemed to have gone some where else. I wondered if they would come back. Part of me hoped that they would come back, and another part of me was glad that they were gone. I could do with out some ghosts for a while. They were not all that helpful towards my sanity.

I skipped out on most of the celebrations, because the fight had been so draining and I just did not want to be around that many people, though I was glad that I had finally given them some thing to celebrate. It was a nice feeling.

I headed to a sword smith on the edges of the town, hoping that who ever worked there would be home, and not out celebrating. I opened the shop door, the bell tinkling, and walked in.

It was a tiny room, with swords of every different kind all along the wall, as well as quivers full of colorful arrows and bows made of every single type of wood imaginable. There was a counter with an old man behind it who was sharpening a long sword with a blade that appeared to be made of onyx and the hilt pure platinum. There was one small ruby in the hilt, and no words were carved in to it.

“Hello, sir.” The old man said with out looking up at me. “What can I do for you today?”

I paused for a moment. “I would like a sword please.”

He laughed and looked up at me. “My dear prince, if you were in here for any thing else I would be worried. Now, is there any thing you had in mind?”

“Um, not really. I was just hoping that I could get some thing a bit more exciting than the one Starfire gave me. Her sword is, well, it knows her. I guess that’s because they’ve been working together for a long time or what ever, but it’s really nice, made of gold and rubies and such. Mine is just, I don’t know, boring.”

He smiled and tilted his head to the side ever so slightly. “I think, young man, that you came in here hoping to find a sword with which you gain the same kind of connection Miss Starfire has. You are right, however, in guessing that it is a connection that is built up over a long period of time. Not to mention, the particular sword that she uses has been passed down from generation to generation. Who ever is the strongest warrior gets to wield the sword. When that person dies, the sword is passed to the next strongest, and so on so forth. That particular sword knows what it is doing, that you can be sure of. I will make you a new sword now, but understand that you may never have that kind of connection for as long as you live.

“Now.” He said, and clapped his hands together. “How tall are you?”

After measuring my height and the length of both arms, then looking around at all of the swords along the wall and deciding he would just have to start from scratch, we were in a back room full of gemstones and types of rock and smelting tools. It was dark and cramped, but the sword smith seemed to know where every thing was and could navigate the room with ease. After sifting through huge blocks of every kind of stone and metal in existence, he turned back to me.

“You will be getting a sword with a mahogany obsidian hilt and a copper blade. Being the Fire Prince, I will make sure that rubies are put in there some where. Does that seem alright with you, young sir?”

“Well, it sounds great, but wont obsidian break really easily? Doesn’t seem like that would made a sturdy hilt.”

He laughed. “My dear prince, I can make a sword out of any thing I feel like, and no matter how hard you try, it will not break. I can promise you that. I can also promise that no matter what type of metal seems like it would work better, they will all work equally well, depending on how they are used. Understand me, young sir?”

I smiled at him. “Yea, I understand you. Will it be done by tomorrow?”

“You can bet on it, Flame.”

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