I Am Flame

Status: Finished

I Am Flame

Status: Finished

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I Am Flame

Book by: SashaStorm97


Genre: Fantasy



Alex isn't who he thought he always was...


Alex isn't who he thought he always was...

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 21, 2011



She was in chains. Her eyes were a bright, vibrant green, but they looked sad and empty. I felt like I could get lost in those eyes forever, like if I fell in them, I would fall in bliss for all of eternity. I can't fully describe what made her so perfect. She was no super model. She was average height, but muscular, and had long brown hair that looked like silk. Her clothes were simple, brown and green, but they shimmered even when they weren't reflecting sunlight. I began walking swiftly towards her, but was stopped short by then men who had been holding her chains. I hadn't noticed them before. They glared at me, but then looked confused as they realized who I am. I glared back defiantly.

"Sir," one of them said, "what do you think you're doing?"

I answered the question with my own. "Why is this girl chained up?"

They chuckled and answered "She's a prisoner from the Earth tribe sir. A prisoner of war. "

I gaped at them for a moment. Nobody had said anything to me about a war! What the hell is going on?

"Well, where is she being taken?"

They glanced at each other, then at me, like the answer to that was obvious. "To the prison, until she is called in front of the court."

"And then what?"

They both raised their eyebrows. "Her sentence will then be decided."

I don't know why I was so scared for this girl, why I wanted so desperately to free her from the chains and watch her fly away, but I knew that I couldn't let her be harmed. I had to go back to Tamwyn and Sarah/Starfire and make them tell me everything. I cannot be kept in the dark any longer.


I stormed into the training center with a sense of purpose I never knew I possessed. All I knew is that I had to save that girl. I guess the fact that I didn't know what crime she had committed, let alone her name, didn't register. I had to save her, no matter the cost.

Sarah/Starfire and Tamwyn looked up at me in surprise. Maybe my anger showed on my face, because Tamwyn asked "What's happened to you?"

"Why didn't you tell me there's a war? Or that we're taking prisoners? Why is no one explaining anything to me? I don't know what's going on!"

"Flame," Sarah/Starfire began. "You need to understand, you've only been here a day, not even. We were waiting for you to get used to it here and then - "

I cut her off. "You're a little late for that Sarah, because I just met a girl being held prisoner and I know she didn't -"

"DON'T," Sarah/Starfire suddenly shrieked, "CALL ME SARAH!"

But she couldn't sway me. My anger matched hers completely. "Fine then Starfire, as I was saying, I know that she doesn't deserve to be captured and inprisoned."

"Do you know what she did?" asked Starfire coldly, skeptically.

"Well, no, but - "

"Do you know her status or heritage?"

"Well I don't but does that really matt - "

"Do you know her name?"

She got me there. We both knew I was too ignorant to understand or make judgements. But now that's going to change.

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