Zombies Attack

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When Annabella finds out that the city she grew up in has been over taken by Zombies, her and her best friend she grew up with and others try to survive the hell that has broken loss. Will she live? Or will she die. Read and find out. Also comment I wanna know if I should continue writing or just stop.:3

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Zombies Attack

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012




I felt like I have been running for hours. I need to rest, somewhere, anywhere. But if I do, I

may become one of them. The sun is starting to set and everything just seems to get worse as

things become dark. Only one more block I think to myself. One more block and I willbe safe. I

will be with everyone. Just as I am about to turn the corner, there it is, waiting for me. I stop

to a hault, as it charges at me, mouth open and ready for a taste. I quickly jump to the right, its

body bearly missingmy own. It thud's into the ground, sliding intill it finally comes to a hault,

just feet away. As it starts to stand flesh falls off of its face and hands, hitting the ground. As it

is just about stood completly up i am already half a block away. I continue another have block,

where I arive at my destination, the apartment building. I bang on the door until if finally is

open from the other side, I bolt in with what strength I have left, as I fall to my knees. I hear

the door slam behind me as moans and clawing begins from the other side. I look up at who is

left and say, "Shit they found us."

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