Life does not make sense

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not everyone is shit but some people just are....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life does not make sense

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010



My name is Charlie Mindy. my mom is dead and my dad is wanted bythe police, I don't have any friend and I am creative and artistic and I love chocolate.Right now I live in Spain and have know idea how to speak spanish, see since my dads a criminal we have to ,move all the time to avoid the police. I was born in Johannesburge in South Africa and had lots of friends , then my dad started stealing and my mom wanted a divorce so he killed dad did not want anyone to find out so he fled South africa and we went to live in Kenya, that went on and on from the U.S.A to Mexico to Holand to Portugal, most people say they would like to travel all around the world, its not living the dream. I am always moving so I have never been to school, I always have to leave my friends and they never keep in touch I have not stayed anywhere long enough to be in a relationship since my dad is always either stealing or murdering someone he doesn't like. I was in love once, he was cute he had blonde hair and blue eyes and his name was Jayden Collins. He loved Chocolate and he was a vegieterion like me. He loved cartoon shows and comedies, he always knew the right thing to say. I met him in Johannesburg, my kitten had climbed over my wall into his garden, he was my next door neighbour and he found her and gave her back. It was only 7:00 in the morning when he gave her back ( he is a morning person, though Im not)and I had been so worried. I was only 13 then and because or him I had my first kiss and it was wonderful. But I found out he was cheating and I dumped him. I wouldn't ever date again after him. He broke my heart so I broke his arm and both legs. Serriesly I saw him making out with an older girl called Hillary and I walked in on him, started crying and kicked him inhis legs realy hardand twisted his arm,I am realy strong, I get that from my father, that and the fact I took karate, boxing, kung fue and kick- boxing. He was crying from the pain, but he couldn't be in anymore pain thenI was because of that I got expelled and thats how the trouble started.

Unlike my Dad I have never actualy stolen anything 'sept for when I was nine and I nicked some candy from a sweet store across my street, I mean I was a realy person, I cheated on a test, punched the girl who had been mean to my BFF when I was small, I had kicked and shoved and laughed at other peoples expanse, I mean I was the Queen of Pranks but I wouldn't ever steel or murder anyone. I am not anything like my Father and I will never be.

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