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a story about a girl who makes friends with a bull and trys to make her change her ways even though she kind of injoys shopping instead of class.lolz

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tomorow

Submitted: April 08, 2010

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Submitted: April 08, 2010



I walk to school my backpack swinging behind me.I daydream happily no taking notice of anithing around me, until I bump into the most popular girl in school, Roxaane, I try to meet her glaring eyes but she is not only popular shes also a bully. "ss sorry" I manage to choke out before I quickley make a run for the school, but not before she clutches on to the hood of my school jersey, "where you going kid?" she says in a mean tone.i wait for her to twist me into a very painful position, can a idiot say 'no one messes with me' and walk off.  I embrace myself for pain but instead i just hear her say "well if your not going anywhere you can just hang with me at the shop"  "sure, right after school" saying nervousley knowing that she is not going to say cheerfully "ok,see you later","no i mean now, come to the shops with me now!" she says in a bit of a threatining way "you mean bunk?" I say all ready knowing the answer to my question the answer to my question.  "yes I mean  bunk,dont tell me you have never bunked before" she says putting on a mock shocked face then she grins pulling me by the arm to the shopping centure I sigh  misserably as I look back at the school, hearing the bell ring for class to start.

We enter the shopping centure and Roxaane drags me to the clothes boutiqe. "you sure we wont get in trouble if they see us in our school uniform" I ask feeling woried "nah the owner of the boutiqe is cool she lends me an jersey so I don't get caught by some grouch-mouth,she will probally lend you a jersey to.

We go into the clothes Boutiqe where a very fashinable girl greets Roxaane "hi Roxy!! how are you doing?, come right in I have a very cool jersey you can borrow!" she says in a cheerful voice then she notices me and says "Roxy you brought a friend, well i guess she can borrow something to." then she turns to me and says "Hi I'm Miranda, who are you?" she asks me, "Im samantha" I say.

"Well I will go get your jerseys" Miranda says and wlks off to go get them.

When she gets backs with jerseys, we take off our school ones and exchange them with these,iranda takes our school jerseys puts them in a pile and says "come back later to fetch your school jerseys" 'ok" we reply in unsion  and leave the store.

"so do you want to go to the music store" Roxaane asks me, 'sure" I reply and we go to the music store. I admire the cds but know I cant afford them so instead i listen to the song they are playing on the shop's radio, its Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance, one of my favourite song.I try my hardest to resist opening my mouth and singing along to it,then i turn around and see Roxaane randomly dancing around the shop she grabs my hand and we have lots of fun dancing like crazy people.

we spend the rest of the day walking around the shopping centure the we say goodbye and go home.

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