Her Christmas Wish

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Micaela Smith was just a young spirited girl who loved the holiday season and gave to deployed soldiers who were never able to make it home for Christmas. As an antique store owner who took after her father in every way possible. She was pretty lonelt except for the friends and other shop owners. She makes a christmas wish this season without thinking about it.

Peyton Andrews was an officer in the war who barely makes it home for christmas, but not before him and the other soldiers in his group recieve gifts from a stranger. The letter he receives among the gift sparks his interest, and out of curiousity the gift takes him to the address of where the gift came from. Where there he finds a young beautiful girl with the most amazing smile he'd ever seen.

Peyton and Micaela both were lonely, until Micaelas wish and her kindness brought them together. Now for them both, the Christmas season sparks belief and wonder in each of their hearts. Intertwined together with the emotions they feel towards each other, they seek out to give eachother the greatest Christmas gift of all - Love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Her Christmas Wish

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



 Every year Micaela sent 120 completely filled stockings to deployed soldiers who didn't get the chance to make it home for the Christmas season. This year because of the increase in her customers she was able to buy enough stuff to fill thirty more stockings. Each year she would have a small get together with her friends and their kids who she had decorate each stocking, now all that was needed to do was get them sent off in enough time for soldiers to recieve the gifts She knew it wasn't really much to offer, but she hoped that it was enough to help each man and woman serving in the army to get by. Micaela loved this time of year the most, when the ground was covered beneath a soft white blanket of snow, and the cold tickled your nose. The time when it was so cold, you yearned for a fire place but no matter how hard you wished one would never appear.

She loved being able to walk down the sidewalk and hear Christmas music playing in the shops, and when the shop owners would be on a ladder decorating their stores with lights. It seemed to always make the holiday season brighter when people and neighbors were in the spirit. She could still remember being a little girl and visiting her father in the city, walking from the subway to his apartment and passing the Santa Clause standing outside ringing the bell around. She'd always ask her dad for a couple of dollars to slip into the bucket that were made for donations. Together they'd visit the Rocketfeller center at night when it got closer to Christmas night, and spend the rest of Christmas break on the ice skating her day away.

But that was years ago, it all had stopped when Micaela turned twelve and her mother had told her she'd been too old to visit her father and spend her time on nonsense. Then when she had turned fifteen, her father had passed away. She'd blamed her mother for not letting her see him before, never getting the chance to say her last goodbyes. Still today, there was a little part inside that blamed her mother. But she knew even if she had been allowed to visit, her father would still have died. Richard had a weak heart since before she had been born, it had been what tore her parents apart. Her mother always made other excuses, saying he had worked too much, or was never home. Which was somewhat true, but he'd always been there for little Micaela, no matter how busy he always seemed to be. Her mother had been a fashion consultant but started staying home once she was born, and always seemed to find a way to make it Micaela's fault, not ever letting her forget she was the reason her mother never worked or had no life. Her father was a wealthy businessman and owned several of his own companies.

As she grew older she'd resented her mother, and they grew further apart from each other, though her mother never seemed to mind. Once her father died she started dating, and going out leaving Micaela with the nanny or the butler, or anyother houseworker. After awhile it got to where they never seen one another, or barely traded words. The moment she graduated from highschool she had left and went to college for business, and eventually opened up her own store among the ones on fifth avenue in Reno. It was smaller than New York, but she liked it. It was still big enough to give her a rush, but small enough to get around by walking, which she liked to do often, especially on the days it snowed. It was a short enough walk from her apartment to her shop where she sold beautiful antiques. She'd put up the christmas tree in another week, and have it decorated within the next day or two. She'd already decorated the outside of her shop the day before, white lights hung from the windows. The beauty of Christmas always seemed to take her breathe away. She never got used to it, and somehow every year something new would find a way to move her in someway it would sadden her, yet rise her spirits. And like something unlocked a special part inside of her she realised this would be an amazing, beautiful holiday season. Different in someway, something special was bound to happen, she didn't know where the instinct had come from, but she was certain as she was with her first customer of the day...


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