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\"Shelly your late \" Cassandra told Shalom.Shalom sighed as she walked away from her best friend.\"Dude what's wrong? Why aren't you answering me?\" Cassandra asked stubbornly with her hands gesturing to the other direction \"Wrong way,we've got English first \" \"Oh ..right,I'm not in the best mood today\" Shalom said solemnly.She didn't want anything to do with school.In fact she wanted to go home and find her sister smiling and waiting for her like nothing ever happened,but she knew that wasn't possible.Cassandra was a good friend of Shalom with light brown hair and hazel eyes,Cassandra had known her since second grade.She was on the girls basketball and swimming team and a teachers pet.Her twin brother Jr,however was the opposite with darker hair and darker eyes he was a teachers nightmare and the type of kid who always went to the principals office for god knows what,his real name was Vladimir,named after his great grandad.The only thing in common was they both loved basketball. \"We can discuss it in English,come on\" Cassandra said dragging Shalom towards English .As both of them entered,Shalom quickly went to her desk and brought out the note and her sisters notebook.\"What's that?\" Cassandra asked,leaning towards her.\"Oh nothing\" Shalom said ,quickly hiding it.She didn't want anyone to find out her sister left.Not even Cassandra.\"Tell me at lunch\" Cassandra said as she took out her Rubik's cube and eagerly started solving it . Shalom took out the note and carefully read it, it said: \"Dear Shalom,I have left for Moscow . It is now 5 am as I'm writing.I don't know where dads taking me,I had asked dad whether you could come along,he said no. Im sorry I couldn't wake you up for our last hug and goodbye.Btw Yuri's come along and I have no Idea why.Send my love to Ava. Love ya, Sasha\" Shalom felt as if she was going to cry \"No.Don't cry Shalom,imagine how Sashas feeling\" she thought to herself.She felt like something was hurting her,hurting her inside ,like an ache.She felt homesick all of a sudden. \"OOKAAY! How is everybody today morning?\" Mr.Romanov said with a thick Russian accent, walking in and slamming his books on his desk,making a few kids jump and some wake up.\"Open your literature books to page 231\" He said again,this time louder.Shalom took her books out,opened it to the page and left it on her desk and took her sisters little notebook and opened it. On the first page was a sketch of d their mum.Shalom was shocked to see this as her mother had left them when she was only nine and Sasha was four.It wasn't the best ,because Sasha was only nine but you could make out it her mum alright.It was the portrait of the picture in the drawing room,which had been there for ages.The second page had math,which made Shalom smile,her sister always loved math.As she kept flipping the pages,she missed her sister a little more and more.\"Shalom Derevenko,would you like to share youre little notebook with all of us ?\" Mr.Romanov said loudly.Shalom shoved her notebook under her desk,and looked into the textbook .Mr.Romanov leaned down,\"Last warning Derevenko,you don't want to end up like your sister\" he sneered.Shalom turned white as she felt a chill down her spine .'How does he know about Sasha?' She thought to herself,she wanted to yell at him but felt like her throat was on fire \"Wh-What do you know about Sasha?\" She whispered trying not to sound scared.

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