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After school,Shalom Jr and Cassandra were at Shalom's house in her bedroom.Jr. was lying on the bed with Cassandra next to him and Shalom was on the bean bag. \"So she's heading for Moscow\" Cassandra said slowly,flipping through a magazine. \"Yeah..and she's in trouble\" Shalom said.\"Yeah but why would your dad drive? Other than pick up the lady....he could've just taken the plane to Moscow,faster the better for him,right?\" Jr said.\"I agree...but I can't do anything unless I know what dad plans to do with her in Moscow....he told me he's putting her in a better place than here\" Shalom said.\"Shalom I don't understand,your dad has everything you and your sister need, ,how could it be better?\" Jr.asked again.He saw worry play on her face and could see she tried not to show it,he could sense something was clearly wrong.\" Jr....Cassandra,how do you think my dad has a Porsche,hummer,range rover and a Jaguar?\" Shalom said softly.\"Uh...he has a good job...and he works really hard?\" Cassandra said sarcastically.Shalom shook her head.\"No....he's a con man,he cheated a lot of people\" she said gulping.She saw Jr. And Cassandra's mouth hang open.\"Wait a minute ....your dad got all this money...through cheating?\"Jr asked.Shalom nodded,not sure of what to say,she felt ashamed to tell her friends about her father. \"He thought he could shift my sister to Moscow for her to be safe... A few years after Sasha was born ,he nearly got into jail,but it was a lucky escape and thats when my mother left because she was so sick of my dad and this place didn't suit her,I never saw her again.My dad wanted me to go with Sasha but the family he wants to send her to accepts only one child,also my dad knows he'll get caught in sometime soon,its just a matter of time until the Russian police get enough proof and my dads in jail and we have no where to go,my sister knows nothing of this..only me and Ava.Anyways this was how the plan was supposed to go...but it's changed course after my sisters note and phone call in school today.\" \"Ok...ok but why Moscow?Why not Omsk or anywhere closer? What about your other family?\" Casssandra asked shocked out of her wits.\"I asked my dad,he said he only trusts very few families and they're spread all over Russia and the rest of his family...he doesn't talk to them anymore..also when he drops off Sasha he'll find somewhere to put me...\" .\"Shalom does your dad ever regret getting into the con business?\" Jr. said feeling bad for her.Shalom nodded as tear rolled down her cheek. \" I would always think that she would be in a better place than here....after our father went to jail\"

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