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In the midst of crisis, the country suffers fatal blow of psychological warfare which then turns out to be the first base of attack.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - RETALIATION : Chapter 1

Submitted: March 12, 2013

Reads: 165

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Submitted: March 12, 2013




In year 1991, chaos was at the peak in the country. In the midst of such environment crime thrived. Poor needs to feed the family and so they were used in criminal activities and then used as a scapegoat provided that their family will be given a huge amount to live their life properly. But there were some other people who hoped genuinely to help the nation by providing the basic necessity.

Entire teams of such people were made. Everyone took a part of work and helped the needy. The owner of several companies which participated in 28% of per capita income, Aryan, provided the funds. Sunita, wife of Aryan, was responsible to distribute the funds to the local authority. Others -Avinash, Vishwas and Subhash- each of them seasoned in battle, were three persons appointed for the audit of funds usage and riot control. They used to report to Sunita about the fund usage and the outcome.

Few months passed on but the conditions didn’t change as expected. The nature of people was not good. They were provided with the basic necessity and in turn they were asked to work in company with whatever skills they have got. But they didn’t oblige. Aryan called a meeting of six.


Meeting took place in the company. It consisted of several buildings painted white. All persons were to go to the conference auditorium. The auditorium consists of a large space where a public discussion takes place. Apart from that it had several small rooms. The room consisted of several chairs and tables. One table was unique among them, obviously for conference. It was round in shape and to that were attached 6 chairs. The room was covered with concrete walls from three sides and exposed towards one side with bulletproof glass which can handle .50 BMG round fired from sniper.

At 8:00 am Avinash, Vishwas and Subhash arrived. Avinash was tall, fast walking and always chest popped outwards as if he is showing off. No one remembers when he smiled last. On other hand Vishwas was like bird, parrot, used to talk more, calling Avinash a dominant guy who doesn’t care of what others think of him. Subhash was quick witted but always waited for his turn to come.

Aryan and Sunita also arrived. Both were guarded by security as there were many threats to kill them because the noble thing they were doing such as supporting the country in time of crisis.

‘5 of us have arrived. Why is he always late?’ said Aryan.

‘Let us start the meeting. He will come in some time.’ said Avinash.

‘Why are you always punctual about time? Why don’t you take a day off?’ asked Vishwas sarcastically.

‘How much will you take to keep your mouth shut?’ asked Avinash seething with anger.

‘Give me everything you have got, I will be satisfied by it.’

A person called Shail arrived. He was as fair as white paint on wall, bald, looked short and fluffy. He had a book in his hand with a black hardcover which supposed to be the project report. He looked serious even though he tried to suppress the seriousness of the matter.

Everyone laughed except Shail.

‘Let us start,’ said Aryan.

All sat on their chairs and meeting started.

Sunita started, ‘So I guess the audit is proper but the people now only want the money and other necessity and in turn they don’t want to work. They want everything by just…’

 ‘It’s ok Sunita. People are suffering and we are here to help them,’ replied Aryan and turned towards Shail.

‘What have you got?’

‘Sir, precipitated by the Gulf War, India’s oil import bill swelled, exports slumped, credit dried up and investors took their money out. Large fiscal deficits, over time, had a spillover effect on the trade deficit culminating in an external payments crisis. By the end of 1990, India was in serious economic trouble. Before few months bank run took place. We know this. Ok, so it means that either people need those money or they are feeling unsafe about their money. After that the spending reduced to scale of nearly 16 percent. If this continues than foreign exchange reserves will be dried up to the point that India could barely finance three weeks worth of imports.’

‘What? 16% is much more. How did this happen?’ asked Aryan. He knew that if spending of people reduces then no one will buy the products. And in turn the money will stop rotating in market.

‘I don’t know sir but this is just the start. Due to bank run many depositors has lost handsome money as bank was not able to handle so many requests at time. Now we have a problem of industrial production, wholesale prices, foreign trade and unemployment?’

‘Have you estimated?’ asked Aryan.

‘Yes sir, I have,’ saying this Shail flipped few pages and showed the page where future downfall was calculated based on current condition.

Aryan was looking at the figures.

It showed industrial production -27%, wholesale prices -12%, foreign trade -38% and unemployment -42%.

‘This is too high. Have you checked it properly?’ asked Aryan his voiced choked.

‘Yes sir, I am afraid. I have checked the numbers 3 times and I had also contacted the higher authorities to give the proper solution for this but they seem to be least interested stating that they will figure out some way, in time.’

‘In time? They are people who can sell their mother and daughter in pleasure house if they get better return. Tell them that I am summoning them and if they don’t come in next 24 hours in this room I will take my support from their ruling party’ thundered Aryan.

‘Sir but…’

‘Did you remember the words that I just spoke?’

‘Sir I do, but we can’t do anything. It is just matter of time and everything will begin to fall.’

‘Tell them my words. Go, make the calls.’

Shail went away.

Sunita was checking the report.

‘Aryan, these figures are far too much then what we can spend. We can’t help all. You know this.’

‘Sunita, we have to try. And yes you three,’ turning his face towards trio he resumed, ‘You have maintain peace. I don’t care how many or how much man or resources you need, use them. But I don’t want any kind of public outrage or any of riots in street. Do you understand?’

Aryan knew what will happen in street if conditions aren’t handled properly. He has been in city when it was in siege. No book can explain that conditions. He knew fighting won’t kill most of people but hunger does. Food’s worth much more than gold. Women’s sells their diamonds and gold for the food as they can’t see their young links starve. By the end of the day person handling food is richest and person having diamond is poor. But the person having diamonds and food is the chaos maker.

‘Yes sir,’ said Subhash. Avinash walked away without saying anything. It was his style to work. If he agrees to certain command he simply walk away and start preparing for work. Subhash also stands up from chair, bows his head in respect and walks towards the door he entered.

‘Are we prepared for this kind of..’ Subhash asked.

‘We will be Subhash. We just need sometime. Nothing else’ lied Aryan.

Subhash just smiled. Aryan understood he is caught.

‘We will figure something out’ assured Aryan.

Subhash walked away. Sunita was still analyzing reports.

‘This reports! They are just..’ Sunita was not able to find any words.

Aryan got up from his chair and went towards the exposed portion of the room. He looked towards the city.

‘Report is forged, I assume’ said Aryan slowly.

‘I think that too. According to statistics the spending is reduced to 7%, but it is incremented to 16% more than double.’

Aryan knew someone was interested in their company’s downfall so he was playing blind. The night before Shail printed the report he called him and told him to increase the number 7 to 16. Aryan knew this will trigger some kind of event. But he wasn’t sure what that event would be? Who would try to destroy his company? What was the outcome? He knew coming days would be bad even worst for what he is still not prepared.

‘Why don’t you go home Sunita? I have some work with the defense research team.’ Urge Aryan.

Sunita knew something was wrong but didn’t interrupted. She just walked away with report trying to figure out what was wrong. But she was not able to find it out as forgery done by Shail was tricky.

Aryan had several businesses which included foreign trades, road construction, telecommunications and also his unknown firm used to supply the illegal raw materials to the defense research team and in return he was given security and intelligence information from secret services.

Aryan went to the intelligence center. It was massive building painted blue which consisted to several staff members. Of course, Aryan was not stopped for the clearance and was directly taken to senior member of secret services.

‘Aryan’ said Mr. Subramaniam raising his had to meet Aryan.

They shook hands in firm manner.

Mr. Subramaniam was senior member of secret services who wished well for Aryan. He looked tall, few hairs on head and too much fat which forced him to walk slowly. He used to have a decent office which would fit him properly. A desk which was pretty messed up with files and folders and office was filled with smoke of cigarette.

Both of them had seats. Aryan took up the paper weigh from the table

‘So what was it that you called me urgently?’ asked Aryan playing with the paper weight.

‘I got few calls from higher authorities’ said Subramaniam coughing.

Aryan knew that cough was because of cigarette. ‘You should not smoke. It will consume you.’

Subramaniam look at his belly and laughed. Due to his laugh his chair rocked so hard that Aryan was afraid that he doesn’t break a chair.

‘What did higher authorities said?’ Aryan knew that people with higher post always says and never asks.

‘They said that I must not give you any help, henceforth. The impact on the word henceforth was more.’

‘So you won’t help. Do I get this straight? And who told them that we are helping each other?’ asked Aryan.

‘Look Aryan, I want to help you. And I will I promise. But why were they so angry. What did you said?’ enquired Subramaniam with a puff of smoke.

He knew Shail would have called them using the words which he spoke.

‘Ignore that. What is pressing concerns that you called me for?’

‘It is bad. Much worse than what was anticipated. I got a call from unknown person. He wanted to talk to you.’

‘What is bad in it? And why are people calling you?’ asked Aryan. He coughed because of smoke in room.

The phone rings. It was hectic tring-tring ring that Aryan used to hate.


‘Give phone to Aryan I am interested to talk with him not you, fat man,’ said the person on other side.

‘It’s him,’ said fat man whispering.

‘Hello.’ Said Aryan wondering who was at other end.

‘I haven’t called you for a hello. What I say you have to listen. Do not speak in between. Is that understood?’ said the unknown in speedy tone and in aggressiveness.

‘Loud and clear’ said Aryan. He was disturbed. The voice was not familiar.

‘Country is in chaos and you are trying to help. Authorities and politicians need your help and then they will cast you out as outlaw. You are a person of knowledge, power and money so listen to me properly. The nation is getting split up within itself. We had provided circumstances for the country for same. But now we need to get this thing done quickly. Things are breaking apart and we want new home. This is all I have to say. You can ask 2 questions?’

Aryan didn’t understand that how country is getting split up and what are circumstances.

 ‘Speak wisely. You can’t go back on your words,’ said the unknown person.

‘Ok. Why is nation getting split and why are you doing this?’

‘Answer to first question is people’s mentality and second question you asked is wrong. Think of it and I will call again, In time.’

The connection was disconnected. Aryan didn’t understand much.

‘What is link between people’s mentality and splitting up of nation?’ asked Aryan to Subramaniam.

Subramaniam came to a thought which was indeed a disturbing one.

‘I have a theory Aryan. it can be a psychological attack’

‘Psychological attack? It can’t be. It is too dangerous to implement on such a large population’ said Aryan.

‘Aryan, it is possible. What if the idea is contagious? It will be in rapid movement and no one can stop it. Apart from all no country provides law against this kind of attack. It is just a thinking but still..’

‘I understand.’

Aryan got up from chair. He knew he has to investigate the situation. If the stranger is right then there will be madness all over the country.

‘What should we do?’ asked fat man.

‘Don’t know. What about the mobilization?’ asked Aryan.

Subramaniam smiled. ‘Mutual thinking Aryan, but we are not ready for it. I can speed up the procedure.’

‘Sure. I will sent my man’

Saying this Aryan went away. As soon as he reached the outer edge of building the front west corner of building exploded

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