When Summer Ended.

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This story is a Mikey Fusco from the boy band To Be One fan fiction. It's a heart lifting story about a girl who moves next door that Mikey soon finds to be the one he loves. But, can a visit from his cousin ruin it all? How would you feel if you found the one you love betraying you with a family member.

Mikey Fusco is a 16 year old "jock" who isn't quite a "jock" because he's a dancer. He's very well known in his school and a pretty good looking guy. His sister, Nicolette and him have the house to themselves for the whole summer break. You'd expect them to have a party every night right? Wrong. They're more into going places for activities such as mini golf and amusement parks. Who would Mikey take on the journey?

Alyssa DeFarrio is a 15 year old sophomore who just moved into the small state of New Jersey from a big town in California. She hardly ever cried and she was so strong, could a certain someone break down her walls? Every one always thought she was so perfect, everyone but herself that is. Maybe it's because she's never really had anyone prove to her how amazing she really is.

Follow Mikey and Alyssa in their journey of friendship, love, and breakups in When Summer Ended.

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Submitted: September 03, 2013

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Submitted: September 03, 2013



New neighbors.

(Mikey's POV)


I was sitting in my house playing Call of Duty with Vinny and Madison. My parents weren't going to be home this whole summer, so I had big plans. Parties, girls, and pure fun. But, right now, I'm just playing xbox. 

"Hide around the corner, that guy's trying to shoot at you" I said to Vin.

"Alright, alright" his man moved across the screen.

"Guys, there's a moving truck next door" Madison yelled.

"Okay, you don't have to yell" Vinny said.


I paused the game to look out the window, seeing, there was indeed a moving truck. A man stepped out of the truck, opening the door for the passenger, who was a young woman around her late twenties. Next the back door opened and long legs stepped down. My eyes traveled up the small body to find a cute girl. Her hair was long and blonde, semi-wavy. She had a suave body and big blue eyes. Nicolette came running down the stairs, breaking all of our trances.
"Spikes, we'll be bringing the new neighbors welcoming gifts once they're settled in" she said.
Behind her was Vanessa. Vanessa was a tall "soon to be senior" like Nicolette. She's like another sister to me because her and Nicolette were best friends since the sixth grade. She was really different from Nicolette, so I never understood how they were so close. My sister is really girly and a drama queen, Ness is laid back and chill. She's into skate boarding and biking, while my sister is into dancing and shopping.
"Okay" I told her.

"I didn't know Ness was here" Madison winked.

She blushed, "Hello Madison."

"And hellllloooo Vanessa"

Nicolette rolled her eyes, dragging Vanessa back up the stairs. I looked back out the window and saw that girl and her family unpacking. She looked over to the window and saw me staring. I smiled and waved, she just smiled back.
"Did you see that?" Madison asked, "She smiled at me!"

"No, dude she was smiling at me" Vin told him.

"Um, guys I waved at her, I'm pretty sure she was smiling at me."

"Whatever, let's get back to the game."


"Mikey, I finished the brownies and they're ready to go" Nicolette said from the kitchen.

Madison and Vinny left already, including Vanessa. Nicolette insists that we bring stuff over for the new neighbors and I'm not protesting. I grabbed my hat, slipping it on. I was wearing a red Vlado's t-shirt, cargo shorts, red Vlado's, and a red Bull's hat. I always have to match. I took the brownies from Nicolette, helping her and we walked out side. It was the first day without school, so it felt amazing. We got over to their house and Nicolette knocked on the door. The man I saw before appeared, opening the door.
"Hello, we live next door and we thought maybe we should bring you some nice brownies as a welcome to the neighborhood gift" Nicolette stated.

"Oh wow, thank you so much" he said, taking the box of brownies, "Come on in."

We walked through the door and I examined the empty walls. The house was furnished, but had no personal items hanging up.
"I have a daughter, she looks around your age. Honey! Alyssa, come here!" he yelled.
Nicolette and I looked at each other and back to the stairs. The young woman I saw outside was walking down the stairs.
"Yes darling?" she asked.

"This is my wife, Laura. Laura this is-" he looked at us, for he didn't know our names.

"Nicolette and Michael" Nicolette told him.

"Right. This is Nicolette and Michael."

"Nice to meet you, m'am" I said holding out my hand for her to shake.

She shook my hand, smiling, "Nice to meet you both" then she shook Nicolette's.

"Where's Alyssa?" The man asked.

"She's in her room, I think she's hanging up pictures."

"Alyssa! Please come down here" he yelled.

Then you could here the light shuffle of feet, she finally appeared at the stairs.
"Yes dad?" she asked.

"We have company" he told her.

She looked at me and Nicolette, finally reaching the end of the stairs. She was wearing denim shorts and a flowing white top. Her hair was up in a pony tail now and she had no shoes on.
"This is my daughter Alyssa. Lyss, this is Nicolette and Michael."

"Hi, nice to meet you guys" she spoke softly, shaking both of our hands.

"You too!" Nicolette squealed.

I smiled at her, showing her that I think it's nice to meet her, too. 
"You should all go hang out" her dad said.

She nodded, "If that's cool with you guys."

"Totally" Nic said.

She slipped on her shoes and hugged her dad and waved to her mom? I don't know if that's her mom or not. We walked out side and stopped in front of our house.
"What do you wanna do?" Nic asked.

"We could go to the park" I suggested.

"That sounds cool" Alyssa said.

We decided on the park and soon started walking over to it.
"So that's your mom and dad?" Nicolette asked her.

"No, that's my dad and my step mom."

"Ohh, what happened to your mom?" I asked, Nicolette hit me, indicating that I was being rude.

"No, it's fine" she laughed, "My mom died when I was six."

"I'm so sorry" I said.

She nodded and we made it to the park. We sat on the swings and Nicolette found Grace, so she left us.
"So, are you usually called Michael or?" she asked me.

I smiled, "Nah. Mikey or Spikes. Either one."

"Spikes?" she questioned.

"My hair's usually spiked up."

She nodded, "Ahh"

"Yeah. What grade are you going into?"

"Tenth. You?"


"Oh, cool."

I nodded, "You're 15?"

"Yeah, and you're.."

"Sixteen" I told her before she could guess.

She laughed, "I was going to guess that."

"Do you wanna get ice cream?" I asked.

"I didn't bring any money."

"I'll pay."

"Oh no, I'd feel bad. It's okay, you can get ice cream. I won't have anything."

"Nah, I'll pay. It's only ice cream."

"Ugh, fine! But, I will be paying you back" she said defeated.

I winked, "Mhm."


Getting to the ice cream parlor only took five minutes. We walked and talked about random things. I told her I wanted her to meet my friends and she agreed, since she had none here yet. I told her how Madison is in her grade, so he could help her out. 
"Hey there Fusco, what could I get you?" Mr. Valsquez asked me.

"Could I have a double scoop of Chocolate Chip in a cone" I asked.

"And for the lady?"

"I'll have one scoop of Mint Cookie Crumble in a cone please" she asked.

"I'll be back with both of those."

I looked to her, "You should have gotten a double scoop"

"That costs more, I'm not gonna take advantage of your money" she smiled.


"And here are your ice creams" he said handing them to us, "That'll be $7.86"

I handed him a $10, "Keep the change"

"Thank you Spikes, enjoy your Summer."

"You too, Mr. Valsquez."

We started walking back to our houses.
"Thanks" she said.

"For what?"

"The ice cream and the day. I didn't think I was going to get any friends this Summer."

"It's no problem."

"Hey, you were the one who was looking at me through their window, yeah?"

I laughed, "Yeah. My friends saw the moving van and we looked to see who it was."

"Yeah, you waved" she laughed.

"Just to get this straight, you did smile back at me right?"

"Correct" she told me.

"Score" I said raising my fist to the air.

She laughed, "Well I should get going. Thank you, again."

"I'd like to hangout with you tomorrow" I told her.

"I'd like that, too. But, I must get your number so I know when to wake up."

We switched phones, putting in each others numbers. I smiled at her as I got mine back.
"See ya" she said.

"I'll text you."

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