The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Zoey

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Chapter 9: Zoey

Ava told me we weren't going to bring an entire hiking type bag when we left. We were going to bring a tent, supplies for all of us, and a backpack for each of us. "You can cram whatever you want in here, but it's got to be reasonable. When you're done tell me and I'll check your stuff. Go pick out a pack from under the bed and go on and start, okay? I'll be there in a minute; I've got to get the tent. GO on, I'll be right there." Ava pointed to our room, put on shoes, and went outside and into the garage.

I went into the room and pulled out the second largest backpack, leaving the bigger one for Ava. Well technically since there were only two backpacks to choose from I chose the smallest, but who likes to think of it like that? I grabbed the second largest.

First I stuffed two extra shirts and some pants in the pack, then a few extra pairs of underwear, and a thin blanket, and then whatever else I thought might come in handy. I packed an extra pillow, some string, and clothespins I found under the bed.

After I finished with my room, I went into my parent’s room to see what I could find. I mainly rummaged through their desk drawers, and what do you know, I find one of those things where its a knife, scissors, and almost any other sharp object - even a tiny working pen. The thing would get me busted the moment I walked through a metal detector, but seriously; what were the chances of that happening?

Then the idea hit me. I ran back to my room with the backpack and reached deep in my pants drawer and pulled out the plastic snow white I kept my savings in. I pulled out the wad of cash and poured out the coins over the floor - a wave of copper and silver covered the floor in front of me, and I started counting.

Then Ava walked in. "The tent's in the living room. It's not set up but if you want to go and take a look at it - what the heck are you doing?"

"We're going to need money, aren't we? So I'm counting up what we've got! Or what I've got, I don't know where you keep your cash. But so far I'm at fifty bucks, and I've got this much left, plus all this change, so I don't know how much I've got in all..." I continued to count the money as Ava shrugged and started packing, pushing and pulling drawers open and closed.

About ten minutes later, I stopped counting, finished. The number amazed me. "Ava," I squealed, "I have $247.81 right here."

Ava got all wide-eyed and squealed right along with me. "Holy gravy, Zoey! How on earth did you get all that?"

I shrugged. "...Lemonade stands?" I guessed. It was a reasonable guess, for I had a lemonade and snow conerush last summer, but $247.81? That just wasn't possible.

"Okay, well, you keep that money safe for now and put it back. We'll bring it along, but keep it safe for now alright? And go wash your hands, that stuff is really filthy." Ava nagged. She was smiling, but she still nagged. I nodded anyway and cleaned up the money wonderland, then went to go wash my hand when I ran into Ethan.

"Hey, kiddo. Seen the tent yet? I completely forgot we had that thing."

I shook my head, no, I have not seen the tent yet, so Ethan took my by the shoulders and guided me into the living room to where the tent was. "Here's a picture of the thing, remember we used to use this for camping? Then again you might not remember it was a long time ago and you were kind of young..."

It was a medium sized tent, not very big but not really small either. By the look of it, I could tell Ethan was going to me a little cramped in there, but it was the best that we had. "It's cool." I smiled.

"Yeah. So what's this about you having over $200?"

"Well I figured we're gone need some money, so I broke out my savings from last year, and, well, that's just what I found."

Pause. I couldn't tell whether Ethan was mad or surprised. Probably both, from all those times he asked me for an extra buck or two and I had said that I was broke. Then he smiled and ruffled my hair.

"Good thinking, I would have completely forgotten about money if you hadn't told me. We're going to need money, definitely, but how much I don't know. Whether or not we'll be able to buy food or hunt it, we're going to need loads of money."

"So I can bring it along?"

"Well, not all of it, but half. I'll bring half of mine too, and I’m sure Ava will pitch in. Now go and finish packing, I'm going to start now." Ethan walked to his room and shut the door, so I went into the kitchen, washed my hands, and grabbed two knives, a flashlight, extra batteries, and just for the heck of it if I could fit in, a frying pan. I had seen that Disney movie ‘Tangled' and boy did I believe that frying pans weredeadly.

After that I made a note to myself to go out walking with Ava or Ethan, so I could look for stuff handy outside, or get an idea at least. Then I put everything in my backpack, set it aside, and noticed it was now nine at night, changed and went to bed.

Or tried to, rather.

Right when I laid down, I got right back up again, and made a beeline to the bathroom - only I didn't make it. Instead I straight out threw up right there in the hallway, splattering my feet with little bits of regurgitated chicken soup.

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