The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Ava

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Chapter 10: Ava

I heard it before I saw it.

I jammed whatever I was packing - I think it was a sweatshirt - into the backpack, and ran to where I heard a lovely vomiting sound. Then I saw Zoey. There she was, the middle of the hall, throwing up bits of chicken and carrots all over the wooden floor.

I don't really do well with that kind of stuff. I wanted to throw up as soon as I saw Zoey hunched over. "Ethan, get your butt out her! Now!" I yelled, and farther down the hall Ethan opened his bedroom door.

"Wha - oh. Oh my gosh. Oh god, that's disgusting. Oh my god, Ava, get cleaner and paper towels and a bunch of... Stuff and make it go away. Zoey - oh god Zoey, stop. Zoey - Zoey - ew god Zoey. Okay. You done? K, Ava, I think she's done, let me go and get her on the couch, you get cleaner and whatever Mom gets to clean crud like this up..." I did what I was told, and got everything I needed, put on some rubber gloves, and started to clean as Ethan took Zoey to the couch to lie down.

The process wanted to make me throw up, but eventually I got all he stuff off the ground. The only thing that was really noticeable was the stench, but that could be covered up easily enough, right?

So after getting all the muck cleaned up, I threw away the rubber gloves - I wasn't comfortable washing dishes with those things anymore, alright? - I went to the living room to check on Zoey and Ethan. Tee girl was green, yeah okay, but other that she was sleeping soundly with a worried but peaceful look on her face.

"Is she okay?" I asked, feeling her forehead. No temperature.

"i think so. I cleaned up her face a little and set her down on the couch, then she just crashed. I think we should just let her sleep here tonight. Don't wake her. But other than that everything's fine... I hope.."

"What do you think happened anyway? She doesn't just.. Throw up like that. No one does, come to think of it."

I don't know. But she'll be fine. We should make her something when she gets up though, she threw up her dinner."

"If anything we can just heat her something up. But if we do it now it's going to get cold. Just leave her alone, like you said."

I looked at sweet Zoey again and turned to Ethan. "So we're leaving in a couple days, huh." He muttered, gazing out the window.

I nodded. "Yeah. Excited?"

"More like petrified."

"Reasonable. I think I'm just numb."

"Why's that?" He asked.

"I've known we're going to have to go for a while now, right/ At the beginning I suppose I was terrified. But now that it's been so long and the moment's practically here, the effect has gone numb."

Ethan nodded, as though he knew exactly how I felt. There were a couple minutes of silence, which were filled by Zoey's little sleeping breaths and snorts.



"What if we don't come back? What if we don't make it?"

"We're going too."

"But all I'm saying iswhat if?"

"Enough with the 'what if's, Ava! We're going to make it. We're all determined. We can save the Guardians and make it back home in time so Mom and Dad will never know we were gone." He took me by the shoulders and gave me a light shake. "We're going to make it Ava. Don't you dare say otherwise."

Tears filled my eyes. I looked at Ethan straight in the eye. "I'm scared, Ethan."

Ethan wrapped his arms around me, trapping me in a hug, and I felt his tear slide down my back. "Me too." He muttered. "Me too."

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