The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Zoey

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Chapter 12: Zoey

A small, faint cough could be heard from a small distance away. You could just see it though - a girl around seven tied to a tree. She was struggling against the rope bonds, which looked thin but strong. About five men sat around the place. Two say on more stumps near that tree, and more guards were just around what seemed like a swamp. Somehow they had gotten a fire going. It seemed completely unrealistic, but somehow they had got one going even though they were in a swamp.

A swamp.

That's right. A swamp.

"Let me go. Now." The little girl ordered, but the men just laughed.

"You're in no position to order us around, my dear Guardian. You're at the mercy of us, I'm afraid."

The girl continued to struggle against her bonds, but seeing that there wasn't any hope of them breaking, glared at the men with pure hatred. "You will be stopped. The kingdom and world of Britannica won't stand for my absence, no more than my fellow Guardians. You will be stopped by heroes, and the sun will rise again."

The biggest man, the one who seemed to be the leader, chuckled. "Your words and vision mea nothing. Master ordered the stop of the attack on the sun for a while. These 'heroes' you speak of are nothing but imagination that will not come to your air, my dear Guardian. I suggest you make the best out of these last days - they're all you've got left."

The girl huffed as the men stoked the unrealistic fire and the two men at the base of the tree fell asleep. She seemed to b muttering something, or mouthing it at the least. She kept doing this until all the men fell asleep - most of them with weapons near or in hand. "Finally." The girl was relieved, but didn't smile. "Creator. Creator. Please, can you hear me? I cannot speak any louder for fear of waking my enemies. Creator, please, can you hear me?"

Though I couldn't see myself, the dream-me spoke. "I hear you." I said.

"Thank the sun! Creator, might you know who I am?" She asked. I tried to get a good look at her. She looked around seven years old, with short strawberry blonde hair that probably used to be in an elegant style until messed up by the thugs. She was tanned, but fair so it didn't look horrible. Freckles spotted her nose. A tiara - rather small one but a tiara nonetheless - was in her hair, crooked but unharmed. Her eyes, however, the most interesting of all her features, were yellow. Now a pussy yellow or a deprived of sleep yellow, but a middle of the day sunshine yellow.

"You're a Guardian. One of the Strong Sun Seven. A Protector."

"Yes. I am Elidi, one of the younger Guardians. I'm, as you can see, at a bit of a... I'm in a situation. You must come save me and my brother and sisters to save Britannica’s sun from setting." I eyed her tattered jeans and blouse, and the flats just made me want to laugh. "Have you had contact with the others yet?" I shook my head, and Elidi sighed. "I expected my older sibling to gain contact with you before myself. But since they have not, and their locations are still a mystery, I suppose that you must come and free me of my bonds first. Then I will assist you in aiding my siblings."

"We're on our way, Elidi. We'll save you soon."

"Then I await you arrival, Creator." Elidi smiled, but then one of the men rolled over in his sleep. "My captors awake. I must break the connection. I may or may not be able to make his connection again. So for the time being, Creator, I bid you farewell. I trust that you know where to find me." Elidi waved her hand and my dream self was staring into nothingness.

"We'll save you," I muttered. "I promise."

When I woke up, I saw Ethan looking at one of the family's old photo albums, the one about the summer trip to the lake house two years ago. When he noticed me he smiled and slid over next to me. "Hey kiddo, how you feeling?"

"Okay... That was a good summer. It was before all this happened."

"Sure was."

"I liked those times better."

"Yeah. They were better. A lot better, weren't they? Let me get Ava, and then you can tell us what's up, okay/" I nodded and Ethan left the room to o get Ava. Then I wondered what really was going on. The first location of the first Guardian had just been revealed. But how could I be sure? It could havejustbeen a dream. Just a dream. Ava was the true Dreamer. There couldn’t be two. Maybe a Visionist, but that's practically the same as a Dreamer. And a Seer, like Ethan said. So what was I then?

What was I?

Then Ava burst into the room, interrupting my thoughts, and plopped down right next to me. "Hey buddy," She coaxed, "what's been going on?"

I shrugged. Why I threw up I didn't have a clue. But it was a sign. I can tell. I shrugged. There wasn't really anything to tell - except my dream.

"I know where the first Guardian is."

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