The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Ava

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Chapter 13: Ava

"What! Oh my gosh, Zoey where is Eli?" I felt estatic. WE were one step closer to finding the first Gaurdian. WE were close. I could taste it. And boy, it tasted good.

"It's not Eli. I... I'm figuring that since she was the leader, they're holding her with stronger forces. The one that contacted me is younger - my age. Her name, her name is Elidi. She... she was gaurded by really strong looking men, like five of them. And... And..." Zoey wavered off, face glum.

"Cmon' Zoey," Ethan coaxed, "Where was Elidi?"

"i... I need the map. It's in.. It's under... It's under my bed."

I jumped up and ran to my room and dug under Zoey's bed, under the mattress. When I felt something wrinkly, I pulled out the map gently and ran back to the living room. "okay, here. Zoey, where's Elidi?"

Zoey took the map and ran her hands over it. She slowed down when she got to the forest, and finally stopped when she hit the swamp. It wasn't far from where we would come in - ten to twleve miles at most. The only problem was that it was over the river and on the other side of the forest. "The swamp? She's in the swamp?" oey nodded.

"The swamp? Oh cool. The swamp. Now why the hell did we make a swamp?" Ethan groaned. "It's like gas stations. Why the heckd id we make gas stations?"

"We didn't."

"Oh. Well still, why the heck did we make a stupid swamp?"

"It doesn't matter, Ethan! EIther way, Elidi's being held in the swamp and we need to go help her. We should go tomorrow, Zoey, if you're up for it. We need all the time we can get, and frankly we've wasted anough time. We're all pretty much done packing?" I asked, and Ethan and Zoey nodded. "Then we leave tomorrow." I kissed the top of Zoey's head and put my hand on Ethan's shoulder like Mom would. "Get some rest. I don't know how much time for sleeping we'll have in the future."

* * *

The next day I got up and went straight to the kitchen. I had already packed some of the food we'd need earlier, but we'll need more. As I walked through the living room, I noticed Zoey still sleeping on the couch and Ethan not to far away, also sleeping. I smiled and draped a blanket over Zoey and another over Ethan. Then I got an extra bag and started tossing random cans of soup and orange, apples, more ariety of fruit, and even some of those stupid canned vegtables I found in the cupboard.

I was tossing in a can of Cambell's soup when EThan opened up the sliding door and rubbed his eye. "I thought you already got food."

"Morning. I did, but we're gonna need more, I can tell. Hurry up and eat some cereal, I'm only bringing along the boxes but I can't bring the milk. Today might be your last decent breakfast for a while." I warned. "DO we have any canteens or a lot of Cop of Noodles?"

Ehtna pulled out the box of Fruit Loops. "That stuff is in the garage. Look in Mom's emergency kit too while you're in there - there might be some decnt stuff in there that only requires hot water or something."

"K. Be right back - make Zoey a bowl of cereal too, okay?"

"Sure. What about you?"

"I already ate." I called back from the back door, even though I hadn't eaten since last night. I closed the door and unlocked the garage door, opening it into darkness. I dug around the corner of the garage devoted to food, finiding a few canteens I'd use for drinking fresh water and maybe one for soup. I found a bunch of cup of noodles; shrimp flavored and regular old salty. I looked around and found Mom's emergency kit, looked in, and sure enough there were a couple packs aof lasanga that would expire in a few years, and some food that would come in handy.

I grabbed everything I could and turned around - then the automatic light went out, and he door must've closed, because I couldn't see a thing. At first I didn't think anything of it, just tried to make my way to the door best I could. Then of course I tripped, spilling everything on the floor. I looked around but everything was pitch black, I couldn't see anything.

My first thought was that it was very dark.

Then: I'm such a klutz.

Next: How do I get out of here?

Last: This is what it's going to be like when we're camping out there at night. Pitch black and lonely.

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