The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Ethan

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Chapter 17: Ethan

Zoey came to find me thirty minutes after I choked Ava, or tried to. She said it was time to go, to grab all the stuff. So I did. I thought I went pretty fast and it was all good until Zoey left me to go check on Ava and started screaming for me again.

"Ethan get your butt over here now!" Zoey continued screaming that until I found her in her room - alone, the map sitting on the floor. "She's gone." She muttered, her eyes staring at me like a deer caught in headlights

"She's not anywhere else? Here I'll go check-"

"No. Don't. It's pointless. She's gone. We need to go now, Ethan, before we lose her completely. Here toss the stuff in whlie I hold it open, hurry up c'mon c'mon..." I picked up one of the bags and tossed it in, hoping that that bad wasn't the one full of water and soup. Then I put on my backpack took a deep breath, and was about to step through when I was pushed through by an annoyed and rather rushed Zoey.

Before I thought it wouldn't really be such an experience as it as. First it felt like I was glowing, like I was being transported to Antarctica. I felt cold... and yet at home. It was like I was being enlightened or something, but I wasn't quite sure what I was being enlightened with. When I got that feeling that I was about to figure it out, the feeling was lost and it got hot- then cold, hot, cold, and ket going on like that. THen after it being as though I were standing in broad daylight with my eyes closed and the sun's light was just penetrating my body, it stopped and went dark. Pitch black dark, that familiar 'trying to going to sleep' familiarity. It seemed to be a normal temperature so I opened my eyes and found myself in a forest.

Considering the hard push Zoey had given me I expected to land on my face, but here I was standing on my geet in the forest. Nearby was the bag of food I hhad tossed in earlier was sitting perfectly on the ground, seemingly untouched.

I rushed to the bag and unzipped it open; everything there seemed to be perfect, as if it were just packed. I sighed of relief surprisment, and anxiety. When I turned around there was Zoey, just as she opened her eyes. She seemed not as surprised as I was, but I picked up the bag immediately picked up the food bag and followed Zoey's gaze to footsteps leading away from where she stood.

"C'mon," She muttered, "let's get moving before she gets to far."

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