The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Ava

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Chapter 19: Ava

I honestly thought I was helping by going alone to save Elidi first.

Now I realize I probably should've thought things through.

Thing were easy until I realize I didn't know the actual plan. Even then, I didn't stop walking. The only time I did stop was to guess which was I was going.

Of course there was that one time I stopped just to stop, beneath this giant tree... Which probably wasn't the best idea, seeing as how I got kidnapped by being gagged, blinded, and bagged. And dragged, actually.

That's how I got here, tied to a tree next to a girl that look about seven, who was looking at me. She had short strawberry blonde hair, slight tan, freckles on her nose, and a tiara on her head. She was to far away to see anything else, but she was glaring at me. Not a bad glare, just a stare.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"...El... Elidi?"

"You are not Elidi. I am Elidi, Gaurdian of the Sun, one of the Strong Sun Seven, a Protector. Who are you?"

"You're Elidi! You're Elidi.. Elidi, I'm Ava. Zoey's sister!"

"Creator? Creator, I truly hope this is part of your plan because otherwise this tree really rather itches and I don't like it." Elidi muttered. She had that kind of properness that a royal person should have, but seeing as how she was only seven she did have that innocent, complaining like voice, as a seven year old should have.

"I'm.. Kind of working on it..." I looked around. "Who are all these guys?"

"They're part of the rebellion. Though if they keep it up there's not raelly going to be anything to rebel against. There's plenty more of them through, and what stinks is that these fools are some of the weakest, so they'll just get stronger everytime. one's name is Junker, he's in chage. The other are Chum, Jack, Von, and Dill. They're smarter than they look, naturally, but I bet if you worked with the other Creators - where - are - the - other - Creators, Ava?"

I gulped. "They're coming. I think."

"You think?"

"Okay look, this isn't exactly part of the plan. But I know for a fact that Zoey and Ethan are on their way, alright?"

"Creator, if they're gonna stumble in camp that's not going to do us much good. We need to warn them, somehow."

"Zoey and I don't exactly have telepathic connection, Elidi."

"We still need to warn them!"

"All we can really do is just try to figure out where all the other Gaurdians are while we wait for the other two to come and save us. Which one did you saw was JUnker, Elidi?"

"That one, in the red, sniffing his pits... What a pig, I mean honestly..."

I gathered up all the courage I had. For Brittanica, right? "Hey Junker!" I yelled. Of course Junker looked up. I could hear Elidi near my ear begging me to shut up, but naturally I didn't. "I bet you small like crap. Cause that's what you look like." He walked over - of course - and glared at me. He was breathing heavily, his breath going directly to my nose.

It smelled, like gralic and skunk. That, my friend, is a very sucky smell. I coughed sarcastically and exaggerated. "Dude. Freaking close your mouth. You need a freaking breath mind. Actually, do you naturally have suckish breath or do you have to work at it?" Junker freaked out. He growled, kicked the tree, and probably wanted to punch me.

Ah wait, he did. And it really rather hurt. RIght in the gut. Honestly.

I suck in air, pretending I needed air from laughing too much. "That all you got?" I braced myself, for I was sure I was going to get punched again, when you could hear tiny Elidi's voice.

"Would you leave her alone? I'm the one you want, honestly. THis is just a girl around and about - don't hurt her." Elidi squeaked. I opened my eyes as Junker; stinky breath, hair arms, and 5 o' clock shadow - turned away from me and towards Elidi. He smiled a sarcastic half grin tooth midding smile, and laughed.

"Is that right, Princess? I swear I heard you call this little princess a Creator? She's exactly what we need, my dear - along with you, of course. Yes, I am smarter than I seem, aren't I, Princess?"

"Not smart enough to detect sarcasm, obviously." Elidi muttered, make me snicker. Junker looked around at his mates, making sure no one else could hear. THen the fool looked at Elidi and I both, warning in his eyes.

"Soon," He whispered, annoyed, "Brittanica will seize to exist. You both realize this, don't you? Thre's no point in arguing - Brittanica, very soon, will come to an end."

By that time, he was all up in my face, so I did the first thing that came to mind: burped, then spat at his feet.

"Seriously," I sighed, "Get a breath mint. As a Creator - yeah, don't act all surprised that I admitted it - I know for a fact that freaking breath mints exist. So get one, would you?"

Junker grinned. "You got spunk kid. See how long that lasts."

* * * * *

"Hey Elidi," I asked, late a night. Junker and his crew were asleep, Junker atop two logs to make a sort of bed. Two others had their feet in the swamp, their shoes or bare feet getting soaked. THe other two weren't in sight - perhaps those two were off telling their idiot boss or whoever they caught me - a Creator, how stupid am I to come barging in camp alone? THe three left were snoring like heck, making it hard to sleep. "How do you sleep through this? It's like a tornado right in your ear, gosh..."

Elidi smiled, or at least I think she did, she was looking down so I couldn't see her face. "I don't, usually I stay up durin the night and sleep in the day so they can't bug me anymore then anyway."


"Creator, I still believe we need to tell the other Creators about this. THey cannot just stumble in on camp, we'll be doomed and they'll kill us all off immediately anyway. You don't have any connection with Zoey or Ethan? I once communicated with your sister through her dreams, you cannot do that? The connection would be stronger if you two did it, seeing as how you're sisters."

"I don't know how to make the connection though, Elidi."

"i must teach you then, tonight. I would do it myself, but I'm too weak, I spent all my energy on telling you where I was. Ava, Creator, you believe you can make the connection, right?"

I nodded, then thought. I knew I was ready, gain a new skill or something. "Yes," I confirmed, looking at Elidi, "I believe - and certainly hope I can."

"Good," Elidi looked up at me, and this time I knew she was smiling. "Because that's all you need." And for the first time I could put her entire face togheter, because for the first time I saw Elidi's eyes: A great, bright, middle of day sunshine yelow that shones so brightly, you could see her eyes so clearly, even in the middle of the night.

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