The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Ethan

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



Chapter 20: Ethan

"Morning, Silly Goose. You sleep in a really awkward position, you know that? Why don't we get some breakfast, yeah?" I greeted Zoey, who was finally popping o ut of her sleeping bag, messy hair, reminding me of when she was even younger than she is now.

Zoey shrugged. "You... You haven't called me SIlly Goose in forever."

"I haven't?" I asked, stretching. "Hmm. Well. Then we'll have to make sure I call you it more often then, yes?"

Zoey smiled and nodded. "Ethan, do you think Ava's alright?"

I got out of bed (or the sleeping bag, rather) and tossed Zoey an apple from the food bag. "Sorry, that's your breakfast today, eat up."

Zoey took a giant bite of the apple and swallowed, realizing I avoided her question all together. "Ethan, do you think Ava's okay?"

I tok a couple oranges from the bag and started to pell them for myself. "I'm sure she's fine, Zoey. Start putting away your sleeping bad, would you? We really need to get a move on." Zoey agreed and held the apple in her mouth pig style, and starteed packing up her sleeping bag.

I rushed rather fast through my answer because i wasn't even sure where Ava was in the first place, and if I didn't know that how was I supposed to know if she was okay or not? It was a complete mystery, to be honest. Wherever she was, we would find her - and save her, too, if the need came to that.

I packed up my own sleeping bag while thinking about this. Eventually I heard an odd chopping or something, so I looked at Zoey, who was cutting a nearby tree trunk with her knife.

"What are you doing?"

"I want more food."

"Get another apple."

"I want real food."

"So you're cutting a tree?"

Zoey shurggued. "I just want to get our of here already."

"We've only been here a day. And the first day wasn't even that bad - we walked, like, two miles, that's it. We ate cup o' noddles, and made a campfire like a milke back before someone got scared because of some weird creature aand walked like another mile before we stopped for the night. Look, even Ava's footprints are still there, we can go and follow her still if we wanted too. I mean really, Zoey, it's only the first day and you're already complaining."

"Ethan, shut up for a minute, would you? There's... the... footprints.. They stop over here..." I hadn't even eralized she had been walking away. "They just stop. A struggle, but they stop. Ethan, Ava's in trouble."

Zoey bent over and felt the dirt as I walked ober when suddenly leaves fell from the trees above, which wasn't all that right. Zoey looked up and caught a leaf, examining it. "Ethan, get out a sword or something. We're being watched." Zoey dropped the leaf as her hand went to her back pocket, where she had replaced her knife earlier. Then in a swift motion she threw the knife into the tree at a seemingly nonexistant target. We could hear it rustle through the trees, and when we expected the knife to come down, a burly man in a red shirt and blue jeans came down instead. Zoey was already prepared - she pulled out another knife and grapped her first knife before the man had time to react. "Don't both getting up, you'd fall back downa fter we kill you anyway. And dude - you really shouldn't wear a bright red shirt like that if you're gonna try and camoflauge, alright?"

The guy grunted, on the floor slowly backing away like an idiot. "So? Not like you have the real guts to kill me."

I pulled back my sword further, threatening to strike. "I wouldn't be sure about that if I were you, that's my sister you're talking about after all. Sides, you think you have the guts to kill us if we just happened to let you? Now are you just a pussy up in the trees or you got someone that you're actually working for?"

The guy coughed. Zoey pointed her knives at him. "You know, I'd answer within the next five seconds if I were you."

"The rebellion, alright?" The guy got up as Zoey and I followed his motions with our weapons at te ready. "Some people ain't liking how thing are here. They think it sucked, or sucks rather. THey'drather end it all than keep living, thus the rebellion. Found out a little history, got a little knowledge, figured out who to take down the dang sun. So that's what's happening."

Zoey looked at me. I just looked at the man, but I could see Zoey looking at me out of the corner of my eye. "So you're just on patrol here alone? how stupid is this rebellion anyway, don't they know anything about battle tactics?"

"Basically. And obviously, not much."

"Obviously. So you seen someone get taken then? Like, oh I don't know, another Creator? You know where they took her?"

"We didn't have time go back to base - they took her back to the swamp where the Gaurdian is. BUt she already seemed to know that."

"Where are the other Gaurdians?"

"Hey man, look. I'm new to the rebllion. I never cared, they recruited me by practical force, I didn't join. They didn't tell me anything important, they just needed another pair of hands. I don't know any more than you do."

Zoey, hearing this, lowered her knives a bit whiel I kept up my sword. "I'm guessing you'd like to start over, then?" She asked. The guy nodded as a tear went down his cheek. "What's your name."


I chuckled. "Is that why you're wearing this shirt? Would've been better if you're named Green."

He nodded again. "It's what the guys call me. I've got a brother - a twin - named Grey, wears all grey."

"Red, go. Leave. Start again, when you left your good life. We're gonna try and stop he rebellion. EVerything is going to reutrn to nromal soon, okay?" Red nodded, smiling, crying, and thanking.

I"m going to try and find out more for you guys. Maybe we'll see each other and I can fill you in."

I finally lowered mjy sword and stepped forward. "Thank you."

"Save your sister Hurry. But be careful, they didn't even tell me what kind of security they had there."

Zoey nodded and shook Red's hand, thanked hiim, and walked back to camp to get our stuff. "Red," I asked, wondering, "do you have a family?"

Red shrugged.

"You don't know?"

"Define family, Creator."

I didn't say another word, just another thanks as Red turned and started walking back home, wherever home to him was. Zoey brought the stuff back and handed me my sack as I slung it over my shoulder.

"So she's at the swamp with Elidi?" Zoey asked, and I nodded. "You're right, you know. Why the heck did we make a swamp?"

"I think it was Ava's idea, actually."

Zoey smiled and snickered. "Well that backfired on her, didn't it?"

I laughed along. "Yeah, pretty much."

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