The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



Chapter 21: Zoey

I laid out the map on the ground when we took another break. We had met Red an hour ago, and that was one interesting event, but we still needed to find out where the heck we were going.

"We didn't make this thing so we could see wherever we are, we just made it. So, I'm guessing we're around here, and the swamp is a good five or so miles away. Think we can make it today or should we go till we're one or two miles from it and sleep?"

Ethan looked at the sun, setting low, and unaturally close the ground of course. "We'll keep walking and see what happens. In the last miles we're going to need to be careful though, there might be even more spies as get closer to their ground."

"Sounds good. Okay, it seems we'll probably get within a two mile range of the swamp by seven. I'm betting you if we ambust camp during the night we won't even have to ambsuh, just get the Gaurdian and Ava and get our - by morning whoever's gaurding them will be toast cuase we'l ve long gone. Sound good, Ethan?" I rolled up the map and put it back in my backpack, then looked at Ethan who was looking at me like I was a compeltely different person. "What. You got something better, hotshot?" I stuck my tongue out at him and stoff up from the floor, brushing the first off my knees.

"Since when did you become that wisdom and battle strategy goddess Athena?" Ethan teased, and I laughed.

Then, just to make him uncomfortable, stopped and said "since you made me grow up." Then I turned and kept walking towards the swamp. "C'mon, let's keep moving."

"Woah, wait, what does that mean?"

I rolled my eyes. "It means we need to keep on walking so we can get Ava and Elidi, yes?"

"No, the other thing. Before that."

Usually when I'm asked a question I answer it without another though. This is what I could tell Ethan was thinking, so I stopped myself and decided not to answer. I just waved my hand as a signal for him to hurry up, and so hurry up he did.

Without the benefit of having my answer.

* * *

I had to pull the map out again when we noticed it was getting considerably dark. "We're within a two mile range with the swamp, Ethan. Let's stop here for a while, okay?"

Ethan nodded in agreement. "Don't bother setting up camp or anything. We're leaving in an hour or so."

Thus we ended up sleeping with our backs and neck in uncomfortable positiions against tree trunks, and we dozed off.


It all looked too familiar. The swamp, the bratty men, the girl - now girls - struggling against bonds. The other men that I had seen before were - again - on the floor sleeping. The girl - or the Gaurdian, Elidi, looked worse than before, but not completely out of it yet. The other girl tied to another nearby tree - 

That was Ava.

"Ava?" I yelled, making sure she coudl hear me. 

The two stopped fidgeting, and Ava looked up. "Elidi. Stop. I got the connection. Zoey? You can hear us right?"

I nodded, and looked around more. The men were asleep, the swamp was dark and gushy, and the Gaurdian seemed even more drained of energy. "How did you get there, Ava?"

She gave me a look. "Seen any guys in trees lately?' I shrugged in return, and examined the layout more. "These guys are a llot smarter than Elidi and I want to admit, Zoey."

Elidi spoke up. "You and your brother can't just come barging into the cam. Ava and I are always awake at night - you can sneak in then if you have some type of plan. Usually they sleep around us though - and usually one's always awake."

"Sounds easy enough - I mean, you know, from a hostility break, you know?"

Ava shrugged. "How's Ethan...?" She asked awkwardly.

"Fine. Sleeping. He'st trying to pretend he's not completely worried about you, but it's amazingly obvious that he does care and is - is. um." I stopped, losing my train of thought. All I could hear was someone singing, and I'm almost positive that only the Gaurdian's mouth was moving. I yawned. The vision got blurrier, clearer, then blurrier again. "Ava?" I asked. "What's happening to the connection?"

"I..." Ava yawned as well. "I don't know... I think I"m getting tired so the focus on the connection isn't.... Isn't..." Ava yawned again, but then this the vision didn't just get blurrier. the connection was lost.


I opened my eyes imeediately. Ethan was snoring, slumped up against a tree just as we had started sleeping. I was going to wake him up to tell him what Ava and Elidi had told me, but I decided against it. I could tell him later, and it was around six anyway. We could fit in another hour or so of sleep before it got completely dark - before we cwouold have to get on the move again to go and save the first Gaurdian - and Ava.

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