The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Ava

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



Chapter 22: Ava

When the connection broke, I'm pretty sure I was knocked out or something for a few minutes. When I woke up, the lullaby that had been sung wasn'g being sung anymore. "Elidi?" I looked over to her tree and she looked up. "How long was I out?"

"Um, until about two minutes ago when I stopped singing, so.. Only about ten minutes or so, but I think the connection was a good hour or so."

"Ah. Do you think Ethan and Zoey are on their way?"

"With any luck, I certainly hope so."


It got graduallly darker, and soon enough it was pitch black. When Junker and everyone woke up, Elidi and I pretend to be asleep - then Elidi started to hum another lullaby, and soon enough they all fell back asleep.

"Elidi... Does your inging... Your singing can affect how people feel, can't it? That's whow you make the gaurds sleep... How you accidentally broke the connection... It's how you do tons of stuff, isn't it..."

The Gaurdian ndded. "Usually I can direct it to only certain people... But there's no gurantee it'll stay to whoever that is... I'm afraid that since my energy is being drained the strength of it isn't as strong... When Zoey and Ethan come I'm afriad it'll effect them two as well." Elidi continued to hum as Dill kept tossing and turning in his sleep.

A few minutes later, I heard a crack. "Elidi," I whispered, "I think they're here." I looked around for some sense of movement - and sure enough, I could see a pair of eyes - no doubtedly Ethan's - and the small gleam of a sword a good twenty yards away, behind a bush. He caught my eyes and gestured across the swamp - only ten yards away was Zoey, coming towards us as quietly as possible. "Elidi, stop singing, let her get over here." I advised, knowing Elidi could tell the plan as well.

The humming stopped, and Zoey made her way over. "ehy," she muttered, "our stuff is  a little ways from here, about a ten minutes run. Be up for it. Can Elidi sing to keep those guys asleep while I cut you free?" Elidi, overhearing us, started to hum softly as Zoey pulled out her knife and started to cut the rope. "I can't plug my ears to keep from fallinga sleep myself - there's a gaurd missing over there and I have to know if he comes up behind me. But you cna't stay here and wait for me to cut Elidi free either, you'll probably fall asleep. So when you're free go over to where Ethan is - he should've found your stuff by now, so go to him, get a weapon in case, an dwait. Got it?" Zoey instructed, and I nodded.

When I felt the rope fall, I sprinted off to where I had seen Ethan as quietly as I could. When I got behind teh bush, Ethan wasn't tehre, but my stuff was, so I grabbed my own knife and watched the swamp with what I hoped were hawk eyes.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder - I automatically turned, shipered "stay back!" as quietly but as firmy as I could, and pointed my knife at - Ethan.

He smiled. "Hey, squirt. You okay?"

I slowly nodded and lowere the knife. Then turned again, in time to see Elidi run up beside us. She nodded to Ethan. "Creator Ethan, it's a pelasure."

Ethan gave her a weird look but nodded as well. "Glad you're okay, or alive, at least. Where's Zoey?"

"She told me she'd be here as I ran off. I didn't hear any footsteps following, though."

I looked over to the two trees Elidi and were tied to, but there was no sign of movement, which is exacctly what I was afraid of. "She's asleep!" I yelled, as I saw Zoey's shoe peeping out from behind a tree. Then Ehan clasped his hand over my mouth before I realized what I had done.

"No! Dang you!" He muttered, as all gaurds woke up - and soon eough, all gaurds started to yell at each other that their two prisoners were gone. "I'm going to get Zoey..." Ethan broke into a run, but I watched himm stop and crouch down as Von wentaround the trees and found Zoey sleeping.

"I've got one!" He yelled, as Zoey woke up and tried to crawl away. "Don't even try, Princess." He warned, as he picked up the knife she had left on the ground. He rose it above his head and prepared to strike - when suddenly he collapsed, revealing Ethan standing behind him, who had struck him with teh sword on the back of his head.

"Don't even try, Idiot." He muttered, smiling as he kicked th eknife out of Von's hand and to Zoey's, whom had risen and now prepared to right. "So, who's next?"

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