The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Ethan

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



Chapter 23: Ethan

I hoped I hadn't killed that guy just yet. I didn't want to become a murderer, I mean, who does?

...Don't answer that.

I don't know where Ava and Elidi went - all I hoped was that Elidi was safe and Ava wouldn't be an idiot and go off fighting.

I was hoping all this while one of the gaurds pulled out two swords and ran at me, swiping them like a pure maniac. I dodged by gonig behind a tree - both the swords got stuck in the wood - and that's when I figured Zoey could take this one from here, so I went to the uy rummaging around "secretively" looking fro Ava and Elidi.

Sneaking up behind him was easy enough, honestly it was the bringing myself to actually hurt the guy that was the problem. But I had to do it - he could have killed either Ava or Elidi by now - and just swiped my sword at his legs. Blood can down his calves, and after that I coulnd't llook. I turned and saw Zoey stab the fourth guy in the arm with her knife, the guy I had left her with at her feet nearby.

Four down, one to go.

The last one, the leader, had somehow ended up in the very middle of the swamp, the yuckiest and swampiest spot of hem all. He was fighting Ava - where Elidi had gone, I don't know - but one moe Ava did brought them bothdown on Zoey and I rushed over.

Ava kneeling waist deep in the swamp, holding the guy down with both arms bove his head as he lay in the much trying to keep from going under. When Zoey and I stopped in front of hiim we splashed water into his face, making him sputter. Ava snickered. "So what's up now, Junker? What now?"

As I kept my sword steadily pointed at him I looked at his eyes. They told a story. He was daring us to kill him, e knew we had the guts, and he was daring us to kill him off - but you could tell he didn't want to die, he'll trade anything for it, but he'd get killed by the leader of the rebellion anyway for saying anything and giving the Gaurdian as well as Ava up, so why not just kill him now?

"Where's the other Gaurdians?" Zoey demanded. "Tell us, or  you know we'll-"

"No." I muttered, interuppting Zoey. "We can't kill him. Torture him, sure. But we can't kill him unless we get information out of him. Otherwise we'll be stuck."

Zoey huffed. "So we can't kill you. But both my siblings  know I've got quite an imagination, torture could be my very best specialty."

Junker choked. "The boss didn't tell my anything. Nothing. Said I had to work my way up to get the trust that I wanted. Only told me some stuff that basically anyone in the rebellion knows."

"So who's the boss." Ava tucked his arms, making Junker squirm.

"Said to call him Mr. D." 

"What's the 'D' stand for?" Zoey asked.

"You want what I was told? He told me it didn't matter. Said it could stand for whatever you wanted - Daises, Daffodils, Dim, Darkness, Death, and even mentioned some nasty things as well, As long as it started with D, he didn't care."

Zoey stood in silence. 

Ava coughed. "So what's this thing that 'Mr. D' did tell you."

"Didn't make sense."


Zoey prepraed to strike as Junker screamed "Okay! Okay!" Ava and Zoey smiled. "The boss said something about the groundskeeper being an old friend and knowing what to do or something, That's all I heard, and honestly I didn't even hear it directly from him, he was telling one of his better servants it as I was standing nearby. But that's all I heard, honest. Now would you let me go?"

"And let you go off to tell your boss what's happened? No, I think we'll let the news be delayed for a bit." I smiled, my way of teling him that no, thank you very much, we're no idiots no matter how much we may look like it.

"Agreed." Elidi came out of no where, scaring me like heck, but I managed to keep a straight face. "We are no idiots. I, Elidi, secenth Gaurdian of the Sun, forbade you to communitcate with anyone whom may speak back. Things that will not be able to communicate ack are the only things you may speak too. YOu will die alone. The phrase 'forever alone' will now truly apply to you. For what you have done, you have deserved that much."

I wanted to believe that not just simple words could do that, but when Junker opened his mouth, no sound came ou.

"There is a way to communicate with us. But I'll leave you to figure that out. NOw be gone." Elidi ordered, and Junker scrambled to his feet as Ava let go of him reluctantly.

"That was so gross." She muttered, standing in the swamp and looking disgusted.

"So," I mumbled as we all stood in the swamp watching Junker scramble off, "Where to? Did anyone actually understand what that fool said about a groundskeeper?" 

Elidi though for a while. "We must grab our belongings. In the old times - no, not really old Zoey, jsut old before the world of Brittanica was finished -there were a ffew more people part of the rebellion, but that rebellion was not nearly as extreme as the present. However, you must wait. Things are still not safe here. I shall tell you everything I'm assuming on the way to the town."

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