The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Ethan

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012



Chapter 26: Ethan

We split the rooms. At first I suggested boys and girls, so naturally I would have a room to myself; but then Ava decided it should be Zoey and me and Ava and Elidi in the other toom, so those two can think of what to do next.

The rooms were rather old school style. Or more like exactly how the inns or motels should be - two beds side by side, a dresser in between them while in front of them, dark rather dingy curtains and a small slightly cramped bathroom that smelled funny. That weird kind of funny where you don't know what is it, but then again you're not quite sure that you really want to find out in the first place.

Zoey claimed the bed nearest to the window and set her single pack down, then flopped on the bed. Within two minutes I could tell the girl was asleep.

I decided to take some notes. I hunter thourhg Zoey's backpack until I found the map, unrolled it, and focused my attention on the town. We didn't make the town very complex from what I remmember, but when I looked at it again, aparenlty the ciry of Birttanica  had been growing rapidly. A bunch of new stores have popped up - things were more advanced that I had remembered. I didn't even know where to start taking "notes", must less where to begin when we start seaching tomorrow. 

We were going to have a long day.


After taking a power nap, Ava and Elidi came by asking if we wanted to go now. I loked past the two in the dorrway and saw the sun up - as if nothing was going on, and yet several of us knew the actual truth. Zoey was still sleeping - turns out my "power nap" was more of an all our sleeping rage = while Zoey's was still however much longer.

"Oi! Zoey! Up!" I yelled and Zoey started to get up, only to fall off the bed.

"What! What!" 

"Let's go, Sleepyhead." Ava smiled, and Zoey nodded and grabbed her backpack along with the map. "Why are you bringing your backpack?" Ava and I asked, and Zoey just gave us a look. 

"I thought you wanted to go, hotshot." Zoey muttered, and we decided to just move on.

As we walked through town we didn't know where the heck we were going, and y the time we realized that we also realized that we should have waited for Mark and Chris to wake up or something so that they could show us around town.

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