The Day The Sun Rose In The World That Never Existed

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Zoey

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Submitted: November 15, 2012



Chapter 27: Zoey

Okay, so Mark and Chris weren't exactly the best tour guides - when we asked them about the history of one of the stores and who ran it they ginored us, and when we asked them again they said that they had no idea - but they were rather funny, making quick and random uncalled for remarks here and there.

Ava pulled me aside and scared me half to death while Mark and Chris were doing a seemingly staged joke about the street of which we were walking on. "These guys don't know half of what we're looking for, but they're all we've got. We need more information about the rebellion - the old one, say nothing about the present one - and who some people are. Maybe they know more about this kind of history than their own town's history."

Elidi, who had either been eavesdropping or included in the conversation without my knowing, nodded. "I can give you some time to ask." She ran of fto talk to Mark and Chris.

I watched Elidi talk to the two guys as she pointed to a shop down the street, which we went into.Elidi lookd around the shop - a random trinket shop that seeme dto amuse her enough - and started playing with several of the trinkets. Ava and Ethan went off to go join her, fiddling with some trinkets as well, while I went with Mark and Chris to wait in the corner.

"What Zoey, you're not going to go off and play too?" Chris teased, gesturing to all the little toys.

"No... I wanted to ask you guys a question actually."

Mark and Chris kneeled down to my eey level. "Ask away then, little lady."

"I took a bread. "The rebellion." Chris and Mark's face stayed as confused as when I said that I wanted to ask them a question. "The one that happened a long time ago. Ava won't let Ethan tell me a thing about it.. .But she can't forbid you... The people in the rebellion that still live today - I hear they did great but terrible things to a great extent from my friends.. But they didn't or don't know who did what or anything. And I obviously can't ask Ava or Ethan. And my parents wouldn't permit telling me either...."

Chris and Mark looked at each other and for a second I thought I had said the wrong thing ar asked the wrong people - it certainly seemed like it - but then thye took a breath.

"It's a long story," Chris started. "From who's still alive, we'd say.. there's the baker, the blacksmith, the... oh ther's some middle school teacher but they're not really anything, they're pretty old too, practically dead. There are a few others, but we'll start with the baker. He... His history is long and hard. People say that he was just in the rebellion, and somehow he was really important... I think the only thing he really did was recruit people, and those who they tried to recruit and didn't want too, the baker probably hit them hard enough to have amnesia and forget everything that had happened, including himself so that he wouldn't get caught.

He still works as a baker though - not at the bakery we work at, there's one on the other end of town. He would switch occupationns, only he doesn't know what else to do."

"I head some people are on probation. Is that true?"

"Where'd you hear that?"

"Friends," I muttered, watching Ethan and Ava play witha wind up toy. "Friends tell me a lot of things, but not necessarily enough."

"Oh. Well anyway, yeah, the baker's on probation since he won't get another occupation, though I have no idea why he can't just be an accountant or something."

Mark snorted. "He obviously doesn't have the IQ, his brain is hardwired for bread."

Chris laughed as I gave him the look. "Okay, okay. So that's the baker that works on the other end of town. The blacksmith... also on probation, by the way... I'm pretty sure he was the one that hid the fort, the main base, and he also turned off the power in the entire town once just... for a plain part of the rebellion, just like a signal or symbolism or something. There's more to it though, he was... From what I heard, he was just kind of an intimidation type thing to keep everyong else in line... That may not be the best possible job, okay, but it was pretty dang important, he had to make sure he didn't lose any followers. Thus he's been having an eye kept on him also."

"Why don't you learn this stuff in school anyway?" Mark interuppted.

I jumped. "Uh... I'm part of... I'm homeschooled. Did I not mention that? Sorry. My parents cut all this stuff out of the crieteria for history. But I stil want to learn more than what they tell me, at least."

Chris and Mark shrugged. "Well alright then. Did you still want to know about the teacher? THough... She's practically dead, though she did also do some stuff. Why no one charged taht woman with treason I've got no idea, but anyway.

"They say she practically stole a bunch of kids from the younger generation and their parents and tried to teach them the 'good' of the rebellion. If you controlled the kids of the future, then you literally controlled the future. In every evil genius's plan there should really be that factor. Of course, seomtimes the kids were too smart for that tecaher's likings, so instead she would try to hypnotise the kids but things went wrong or something in her hynotic ways or something of the sort.. But some children died of her mistakes."

I gaped. "The heck, how does that work?"

Chris and Mark shrugged. "We don't know what kind of metho that lady used, but she's definitly still on probation." Just then Ethan and Ava, along with Elidi, couldn't take being bored and listening and playing with the exact same trinkets over and over again.

"We're done!" Elidi siled, looking at me with a glare though the comment was aimed at Chris and Mark.

"Excellent!" Chris and Mark exclaimed in sync, smiling brightly. "Let's move on then. Where are we?" Chris asked and Mark shrugged.

"Tommy's Toys, right?"

"Oi! We're good on time then! Down the street is the best friend chicken joint, we can get some grub there. My treat." Chris smiled and led us out the door of apparently Tommy's Toys and down the street to the chicken joint, me, with new information in my head.

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